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Video Games in the Classroom

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Video Games in the Classroom By: Group 1 Amy Comisiak, Trisha Bents, Mike Anderson, Julie Lyst Why Video Games? Teachers are interested in using video games as a way to capivate young students in a way that they can’t.

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video games in the classroom

Video Games in the Classroom

By: Group 1

Amy Comisiak,

Trisha Bents,

Mike Anderson,

Julie Lyst

why video games
Why Video Games?
  • Teachers are interested in using video games as a way to capivate young students in a way that they can’t.
  • As a way to grasp their attention and reinforce taught subjects like Reading and Math.
kinds of video games
Kinds of Video Games
  • Hand Held Games
    • every child has their own
  • Computer Games
    • less expensive because not every child has to be at the device at the same time
  • Virtual Reality
    • Very interesting, but costly

In 2000 a benefit and cost-analysis was done to find that spending one dollar more on portable video game systems would provide a greater benefit to the students then spending that same dollar on teacher training.

The Problem

With the average $532 spent per year on each Chiliean student and 91% of that money going to teacher salaries; the $50 Sugoi (the handheld video game tested) is just not attainable for the public school system.

New technology is only good for approximately 5 years- so then they would have to invest all over again.

Chilean Classroom Case StudyA study was done in Chilean classrooms (K through 2nd) to see how efficient hand held video games would be

Children who used the programs, their scores had a dramatic jump in reading and math.

Each student still has their own device.


It costs about $600 per student PER YEAR and that doesn’t include the $92 Playstation system that may or may not have to be purchased (depending if the fmaily already has one)

Due to low income families, the Playstation system was offered to be payed for.

The US and LightspanA San Diego based company (Lightspan) teamed up with Playstation to develop software that could be used in the classroom as well as be taken home

computer games
Computer Games
  • Games on the PC seem way more effective then the previous mentioned options.
  • On a PC every child has the opportunity to play the game but just not all at the same time.
  • Though a little outdated now, games like Civilization I, II, and III, Oregon Trail and others are fairly inexpensive and still educational
brain age an educational computer game released in japan and has sold more then 3 million copies
Brain AgeAn educational computer game released in Japan and has sold more then 3 million copies.
  • It involves different levels of thinking including Sudoku puzzles, Speed Reading and others.
  • There is no guns or violence and at only $50 a piece it doesn’t require a separate system
  • For already selling 3 million copies, this sounds like a pretty cost effective and cost benefit game.
leap frog
Leap Frog
  • Leap Frog is one of the more widely known educational video games out recently. They have a range of products like Explorer Guide and Mind Mania that range in prices.
  • Leap Frog ranges in subjects from spelling to math to information about countries and cities around the world.
  • They are interactive and don’t allow the player to just memorize answers
virtual reality
Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Reality games are still very new. It allows a child to put on a pair of “goggles” and a glove and they are suddenly in the place they are learning about.
  • For example, if they are learning about the Declaration of Independence, the virtual reality system would make them feel like they were actually in the actual room as it was being signed.
  • Amazing technology but entirely too expensive.
so are they really effective
So Are They Really Effective?
  • No true scientific research has been completed on the effectiveness of educational video games, all has been done on the marketing of them.
      • Hopefully the more effective ones sell the most
  • One thing is for sure-

Educational video games will never be more effective than…

active play
  • Without a doubt active one-on-one play will never be taken over by any video game. A developing brain will always take to interpersonal relationships and could never develop the same with just a video game teaching them.
since these games are linked to kids what do they like
Since These Games are Linked to kids- What Do They Like?
  • The title of a game really plays a difference. Lately games have been more fun sounding then before. The more fun the game sounds the more inclined the people are to use it.
  • Kids like more 3D games but the most effective game is 3D WITH a mentor (or someone who knows what they are doing). It is the most beneficial way to play any of the video games.
  • Training also has its costs.
  • The video games themselves are expensive but someone also needs to be efficiently trained.
    • The game alone will not be of help if no one knows or can teach the kids how to properly use it
  • Video games sound like a great idea.
  • They act only as a reinforcer- not a lesson by itself.
  • They can be educational, but the overall cost of them makes it out of reach for just about all schools.
  • Video games turn out to be less cost effective then expected especially when training and technology maintainence are accounted for.
  • Everyone must pick a video game that is effective for them. Just because one is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to work better for you.