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Bullying. What is bullying?.

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What is bullying

What is bullying?

Bullying is when a person hurts or harms another person. It can be when people swear or be racist. Many people can not control themselves in certain situations. Most people bully others without knowing. If you are bullying anyone in anyway that hurts them, please stop immediately. Thank you.


There are lots of people that get bullied, people, different people get bullied for different reasons .

Some people could get bullied because they are succeeding better than the bully and they are jealous .

Gay people and lesbians also get bullied because of there sexuality.

If you are having problems with any of this, then go to the ten top tips page.

Why do people get bullied

WHY DO PEOPLE GET BULLIED? different people get bullied for different reasons .

Usually people get bullied because of their looks, behaviour, or because they’re rich. Also people are bullied for their sexuality because they’re gay or a lesbian.

The first thing I am going to talk about is looks. Sometimes people are bullied because they wear glasses or something on their face is small, big or different.

Some people get bullied for being a geek because they are good or clever. People will call them a geek or nerdy.

Some people get bullied for being rich. This is because people are jealous of the rich people.

How to stop bullying

  • Stay away from the person who is bullying you. different people get bullied for different reasons .

  • Tell the school police officer, your parents,

  • form tutors or your Student Progress Leader

  • about it.

  • Write a statement about what happened.

How to stop bullying

Top tips if you get bullied
Top tips - If you get bullied … different people get bullied for different reasons .

Tell an adult.

Tell your parents or carers.

Tell a teacher.

Ask an agony aunt.

Call a child bullying line.

Tell a friend.

If these do not work, please tell your parents - that is the first thing you should do!


Thanks for watching this has been made by different people get bullied for different reasons .