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Bullying. By Alex Kebbell. Bullying.

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  1. Bullying By Alex Kebbell

  2. Bullying Bullying is where someone picks on someone on purpose. It is ongoing and it can have a big impact on people. A person can act and stop being bullied. This is what I will be talking about. I hope you will learn about bullying and if you are bullied this might help.

  3. Tell someone This is one of the simplest things to do when being bullied and what is recommended. But it is not always the best solution . The good : The good is that people will not want to get in trouble and if they get in trouble they will not bully you any more . The bad : There is the chance they will annoy you more because they can tell others that you told on them for bullying and you may be lonely .

  4. Fight back Bullies pick people that won’t fight back. They want easy targets. This is not recommended. The good: Bullies pick people that won’t fight back. They want easy targets but if you fight back the bully might stop bullying you. The bad: The bully might fight back because you punched him and if you don't beat him you will still be bullied and you will have made him mad and that might makebullying worse. You could be seen as a bully by a teacher or other kid and you might get into trouble .

  5. Deal with it Find a way to ignore it. Bullies want a reaction. The good: Bullies want reaction and not reacting makes them not want to bully you. The bad : They might not care about you reacting. They just do it and then it can get worse because you don't tell on them.

  6. Fogging Say come-backs like • If you say so • Maybe • So what • That’s what you think • I didn’t know you were so interested

  7. Bystanders should; Say stuff like • stop it • That’s uncool • quit it

  8. Stay in the Neutral Zone • appear confident • Say what you want • Speak clearly • Stand strong • Keep eye contact • Don’t use put downs

  9. STAY POSITIVE! • Remember you are a good person • People CAN help you • Confident happy people attract friends • Don’t listen to negative put-downs • Don’t give the bully any satisfaction

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  11. Points of view

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