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Bullying. What Road Are You Taking?. What is bullying?. Bullying is. Doing something on purpose to make someone else feel sad, hurt or angry. Bullying is Deliberate, Hurtful Behavior . Bullying is Violence.

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  1. Bullying What Road Are You Taking?

  2. What is bullying?

  3. Bullying is Doing something on purpose to make someone else feel sad, hurt or angry.

  4. Bullying is Deliberate, Hurtful Behavior

  5. Bullying is Violence

  6. There is a power imbalance between the bully(the aggressor) and the person picked on I have really good talking skills but I use this to bully.

  7. It often happens over and over

  8. Even being bullied one time is really Hurtful

  9. The target of the bullying may be seen as • Quiet • Weaker • Smaller • Younger • or a person who may act different than his or her peers.

  10. Bullying The target doesn’t usually defend himself or herself.

  11. Types of Bullying

  12. Physical Bullying • Punching • Kicking • Kneeing • Slapping • Shoving • Pinching • Spitting is hitting • Tripping • Elbowing • Pushing • Hitting • Any unwanted physical contact with another student

  13. Verbal Bullying • Making fun of others • Name calling • Teasing • Racial slurs • Insulting others • Threatening others • Name calling lasts forever.

  14. Non-Specific Bullying is… • Blocking someone’s access • Taking things • Group bullying • Vandalizing • Spreading rumors • The “look” • Passing notes • Drawing unflattering pictures • Isolating students • Threatening gestures • Stealing • Cyber bullying • The list grows each year.

  15. On Purpose • When you do something on purpose you want to do it.

  16. Some bullies Like Making Others Feel Bad

  17. Digging Deeper into Bullying

  18. Physical Bullying

  19. Physical Bullying Makes People Sad and Unhappy • If you Push, Hit, Kick, Trip, Poke or Touch another person, your actions could be making someone unhappy.

  20. Think About It • How would you feel if someone was pushing or hitting you?

  21. Probably Not Very Good

  22. Imagine Using Your Energy To Help Others! Eastern School Students Donate to the CBC Christmas Turkey Drive

  23. Helping Others is Fun! Beachy Cove Elementary Students Donate to the S.P.C.A

  24. Helping Others Makes Things Easier Dunne Memorial Students Volunteer their time for Habitat for Humanity

  25. Helping Others Can Change A Life Cowan Heights Elementary students raise money for the cancer foundation through “Shave for the Brave”.

  26. Nice Actions Attract others! Students at Macpherson Elementary donate to the Happy Tree

  27. Kind Actions Will Make You Happy

  28. Words

  29. Words Have you ever been hurt by a word?

  30. Your Word Choice Can Hurt People For Life

  31. Words can Hurt What did I do?

  32. How Would You Feel?

  33. Do youregularlysay kind words to others?

  34. Words Can Hurt or Heal What did yours do today?

  35. Gossip

  36. Gossip is Relational Bullying If you gossip then you’re more likely to be gossiped about!

  37. Gossip is a bullying action

  38. Use Kind Words

  39. Actions

  40. Our Actions Can Bully

  41. People Know When They’re Not Welcome

  42. Excluding Others Is Hurtful

  43. Not Allowing Others To Be A Part Of A Group Can make a person feel really, really bad.

  44. It’s Not Nice To Exclude Others

  45. People Who Are Left Out Have Feelings

  46. Include Others When You Can In the classroom Outside of class

  47. The Just a Joke Just Kiddingexcuse

  48. Laughing At Others Doing mean things can make people feel really bad.

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