no witchcraft psychological evaluations see pgs 909 914 n.
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“No Witchcraft Psychological Evaluations ” (see pgs. 909-914) PowerPoint Presentation
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“No Witchcraft Psychological Evaluations ” (see pgs. 909-914)

“No Witchcraft Psychological Evaluations ” (see pgs. 909-914)

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“No Witchcraft Psychological Evaluations ” (see pgs. 909-914)

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  1. “No Witchcraft Psychological Evaluations” (see pgs. 909-914) Get in pairs. Now, imagine that you are psychiatrists, and that you have been counseling the Farquars and Gideon. (They haven’t been getting along because of the whole “medicine in the root” thing, and you’re the group of top-notch shrinks that are going to make it all better!)

  2. As their psychologists, you are going to do a well-rounded evaluation of the family and the servant, and make predictions on how they will turn out. Your evaluation will come in three sections….

  3. First • Put a heading on your report • Who are the doctors? • What’s the date of this evaluation? • Case number? Location? • Are all characters being seen together? Why/Why not? • State your purpose for evaluation. • You are trying the help the Farquars and Gideon heal after the “medicine incident.” What do you hope to accomplish? What do they hope to accomplish? Do you have the same goals? Why/why not (in your esteemed opinion)?

  4. Second • Complete a pithy physical and emotional/psychological description of Gideon, Mr. and Mrs. Farquar, and Billy. • Choose any point of the story for the starting point of your evaluation. • Be sure to discuss: • Age, appearance – how could that have affected the family’s state? • Character/habits/emotional state – how could these have been affected by the socio-historical context of the setting? Example: The result of my test tells that Jem's personality is very rich. He is a smart and thinking boy. He likes to make friends and help other people and possesses sympathy. When he does something, with learned knowledge he has clear ideas how to complete a project successfully. He is a boy with sense of responsibility. He is a well self disciplined boy, most time he can control himself well enough. But his capacity of bearing outside pressure is not very strong, which may be resulted from his young age, therefore he is easy to lose his temper. Also, he is lack of imagination which is important for creation and he is not liberal in psychology.

  5. Third • Using a discussion from just one of the characters, document an interview of “the medicine incident” from his/her point of view. • Make sure that you use proper dialogue format. Or you could write the dialog as a play script. • This dialog should confirm your previous evaluation of the character.