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VUMC Content Manager. Sponsor Dr. Doris Quinn Advisor Dr. Andrew Dozier. The Role of the ACGME The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is a private professional organization responsible for the accreditation of nearly 7,800 residency education programs.

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vumc content manager

VUMC Content Manager


Dr. Doris Quinn


Dr. Andrew Dozier


The Role of the ACGMEThe Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is a private professional organization responsible for the accreditation of nearly 7,800 residency education programs.

The Accreditation ProcessTo gain and maintain accreditation,

1- Institutional Accreditation

2- Program Accreditation

On average, each accredited residency program is site visited every 3.7 years.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  • Last Site Review Date: November 18, 2003
  • Next Site Review Date (approximate): April 1, 2009
  • Ownership or Control Type: Other Non-profit
  • Type of Institution: Teaching Hospital
  • Requirements:
  • Institutional Responsibilities
  • Institutional Responsibilities for Residents
  • Internal Review
  • Graduate Medical Education Committee Responsibilities
  • Duty Hours



Institution Requirements

  • Sponsoring Institution: Responsibility for the program
  • Participating Institutions:
    • Faculty with specified responsibilities for teaching supervision and formal evaluation of residents.
    • The duration and the content of the educational experience
    • The policies and procedures governing the resident education
  • Program Personnel and Resources
    • Qualified and Certified Program Director
    • Sufficient number of qualified faculty members to instruct and supervise
    • Specialized physicians
    • Additional staff members
    • Adequate resources and funding
institution requirements continued
Institution Requirements Continued..
  • Eligible Residents
  • Curriculum
  • Resident Duty Hours (80 hours per week) and Environment
  • Evaluation of the Residents
  • Experimentation and Clinical Component (an average of 125 major operations per year)
  • Certification

Thoracic Surgery

Residency Program

Original Accreditation Date: January 27, 1956Accreditation Status: Probationary AccreditationAccreditation Effective Date: January 16, 2004Accredited Program Length: 3 years Last Site Review Date: April 15, 2003Next Site Review Date (approximate): January 1, 2005

resident education program in thoracic surgery
Resident Education Program in Thoracic Surgery
  • No moonlighting is allowed
    • (moonlighting: the circumstance of working as a physician outside of one's authorized training program is called "moonlighting".)
  • Duty hours: 80hours/week
  • Maximum continuous onsite duty: 24 consecutive hoursOut of the hospital and free: 1day/week (no beeper call, no in-house call)
  • Maximum duty period: 30hours
  • Minimum rest period between duty period: 10hour
  • Each resident need to take the American Board of Surgery In-Service Training Examination (ABSITE) in January.
  • Evaluations
ways programs have adapted
Ways Programs Have Adapted
  • Stretch Model
  • Night-Float Model
  • Apprentice Model
  • Mastery Model
ways to monitor hours
Ways to Monitor Hours
  • Electronic Evaluation System
  • Weekly Progress Reports
continuing research
Continuing Research
  • Mentioned Last Time
    • New Innovations
      • Offers the Residency Management Suite
        • Used in ¼ of all ACGME Programs
    • Akcia Incorporated
      • Offers several specific programs
        • Gives Institution ability to customize their software package
    • Research of these products is still continuing along with some new products
new software products
New Software Products
  • MedHub
    • A secure, encrypted web-based application
      • Uses a stakeholder method, promotes communication
      • Each stakeholder is able to manage their own data and the system validates the inputs
      • Seems to have a very good scheduling system along with all the other requirement tracking elements (such as duty hours, evaluations, etc.)
      • Emphasis Security on the Site
      • Pride themselves on the System being rather intuitive
new software products1
New Software Products
  • VerinformRM
    • Also a Web-based system
      • Does everything that is known to be needed
      • Nothing to really distinguish it from the others, yet
  • More research to be done, future plans include
    • Acquiring product demos and more specific information (cost, hardware needed, etc… )