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VUMC Content Manager. Sponsor Dr. Doris Quinn Advisor Dr. Andrew Dozier. Meeting with Thoracic Surgery Coordinator. Robbie Maki: coordinator Transferred from Critical Care Residency Program in May Not only accredited but also received recognition of excellency.

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Vumc content manager

VUMC Content Manager


Dr. Doris Quinn


Dr. Andrew Dozier

Meeting with thoracic surgery coordinator
Meeting with Thoracic Surgery Coordinator

Robbie Maki: coordinator

  • Transferred from Critical Care Residency Program in May

  • Not only accredited but also received recognition of excellency.

    • increased number of residents, maximum time for next review date.

  • Willing to implement a new technology to schedule.

    • Actually bought a software: GME Systems.

      • Evaluations

  • Prepared GME Internal Review Document 2 months ago.

  • Ultimate goal: Not only get accredited but also be able to increase the number of residents and accreditation period and create a manual for future coordinators.

Cardio thoracic surgery program
Cardio-thoracic Surgery Program

  • Number of faculty members (physicians): 9

    • 3 in Thoracic and 6 in Cardiac

  • Number of accredited residents: 3

  • Number of non-accredited residents: 4

  • Review

    • Date Last Reviewed: May, 2003

    • Next Review Date ~ March, 2004

Acgme report
ACGME Report

1- Non-compliance with the required duty hours: 110hrs/week instead of 80hrs/week.

Residents not given 1/7days free

2- Noncompliant institutional support:

2 new surgeons hired, duty hours still excessive

3- Lacking reorganization in the curriculum

4- Lacking improvement in the evaluation process

Acgme report continued
ACGME Report Continued

5- Developing goals and objectives

Not incorporated into the curriculum

6- Non-compliant balance of service and education.

7- Insufficient number of qualified faculty to instruct and supervise residents

**Request for an increase in the number of residents was declined.

Interview with neurology coordinator
Interview with Neurology Coordinator

  • Common Program Requirements

  • Program-Specific Requirements

  • Last Site Review Date: December 18, 2001Next Site Review Date (approximate): May 1, 2007

  • Meeting with Residents

    • 5minute clinical consult-- palm pilot

    • Tracking patients: Residents Case Log System

Interview with urology coordinator
Interview with Urology Coordinator

  • Residency Review Committee

  • Common Program Requirements

  • Program-Specific Requirements


  • 1. Do the residents have ready access to a major medical library? ( ) YES ( ) NO

  • 2. Does the library include the electronic retrieval of information from medical databases? ( ) YES ( ) NO

  • 3. Does access include nights and weekends? ( ) YES ( ) NO

  • 4. Is there a library at each institution participating in the program? ( ) YES ( ) NO

Urology coordinator cont d
Urology Coordinator (cont’d)

  • Site Visit

  • Provide List of Requirements

  • Could ask other things

  • Support with evidence

Software research update
Software Research Update

  • Meet with Robbie Maki, Thoracic Coordinator

    • Is currently using Akcia’s GME Management System

    • Has been installed since August

      • Profiles only

      • No ability for residents to use system yet

      • Was able to request customization of the program

    • Despite the fact that Mrs. Maki is not using the system to its full extent, lots of valuable info about system and established an IT contact with Akcia

    • As of now not particularly impressed with Akcia’s system

    • Meeting with Ms. Maki convinced me of these software programs being only a part of the final solution

    • Much more research to be done to investigate more of what the program can do

Software research update1
Software Research Update

  • Been in contact with Steve Reed, President of New Innovations

    • New Innovations is now used in 30% of all ACGME accredited programs

    • Have obtains lots of information

      • Most importantly contact information for other intuitions currently using New Innovations products

        • Including intuitions in Tennessee and intuitions of comparable size to that of Vanderbilt.

    • Anesthesiology is currently using New Innovations Products

    • Went through Demo with Mr. Reed, product is more than addressing the needs of the coordinators and their current job task

    • Will definitely be able to customize

    • Discussed possibilities of on campus demo, just need to set up time with Dr. Quinn

Software research
Software Research

  • Meet with several people in the anesthesiology office

  • The are still in the very early phase of set up

  • Once again training is in adequate (for this situation)

  • The office overall was very pleased with the system and the support Mr. Reed and others have given them

  • The did look at Ackia’s product, decided too expensive

  • Coordinator voiced her concern with training, especially with training of the residents and doctors

  • All of their residents have palm units