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South Korea

South Korea. By: Emily Eason. Fun Facts!!!!!. Fruit is a luxury. Fruit in Korea is already expensive but due to high levels of rain its costing Koreans even more than usual (watermelon is at about 30,000 won or 30.00 in Canadian. Koreans eat spam like its going out of style!!!.

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South Korea

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  1. South Korea By: Emily Eason

  2. Fun Facts!!!!!

  3. Fruit is a luxury • Fruit in Korea is already expensive but due to high levels of rain its costing Koreans even more than usual (watermelon is at about 30,000 won or 30.00 in Canadian.

  4. Koreans eat spam like its going out of style!!! • During the war soldiers were supplied with lots of canned foods, so they ended up creating something we know now as military stew it has, has water and spices as broth, with all of the various canned foods and vegetables boiled together to make a hearty feast. The population ended up picking up on the SPAM after this creation and starting adding it to other soups and recipes.

  5. Koreans LOVE sweet potato • Just to give you an idea here are some varies of sweet potato deserts and main courses , Deep fried sweet potato, sweet potato cake, sweet potato crackers, sweet potato chips, sweet potato bread, sweet potato latte, sweet potato salad, sweet potato pizza you get the point right?

  6. Survey of Korea and Japan

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  9. South Korea

  10. Facts about south Korea

  11. Tipping is not required in Korea • If you tip a server or the owner of a restaurant, they are more likely to chase you down the street with your change, than to think that you left it behind for them as a token of your appreciation.

  12. Stores, shops and services are open considerably later than in North America. • Most stores are open until at least 10:30 or 11:00 pm. Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Street Food vendors stay open even later. Koreans LOVE drinking until all hours of the night, so there is ALWAYS a place to grab a bite to eat if you’re craving something at 3 or 4 am

  13. Public Transit is clean, fast and extremely affordable. • In Korea, you have the option to take the subway, a bus or even the KTX train to help you arrive to your destination in a quick, timely manner. At about 1000 won per ride ($1.00 Canadian), it’s common to see most people taking advantage of the cost-efficient, organized public transit system in South Korea.

  14. Drinking in Public is one-hundred percent legal • You’re allowed to sit in the park, by the river, on a University campus and have a few drinks and some snacks with friends. Don’t think you’re being a rebel, though, a lot of other people indulge in this, as well

  15. Most homes in Korea are equipped with heated floors • An ondol, in Korean traditional architecture, is under floor heatingwhich uses direct heat transfer from wood smoke to the underside of a thick masonry floor. The more modern versions of ondol floors are heated by circulating hot water from water heaters, or an electrical heating system of dielectric heating or induction heating.

  16. The number four is extremely unlucky • For this reason, if you’re giving someone a gift, be sure it is not in a multiple of 4. Also, most buildings in Korea do not have a 4th floor

  17. Avoid using red ink • Writing someone’s name in red ink basically means they’re going to die, or that they’re already dead. You should also avoid writing a note or letter in red ink, as it does not send a friendly message to the recipient of said note.

  18. The End h

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