the earth charter an introduction n.
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The Earth Charter: An Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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The Earth Charter: An Introduction

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The Earth Charter: An Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Earth Charter: An Introduction. Values and Principles for a Just, Sustainable, and Peaceful Global Society in the 21st Century Earth Charter International Secretariat. Values. What are values? How do they inform us individually?

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The Earth Charter: An Introduction

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the earth charter an introduction

The Earth Charter:An Introduction

Values and Principles for a Just, Sustainable, and Peaceful Global Society in the 21st Century

Earth Charter International Secretariat

  • What are values?
  • How do they inform us individually?
  • Can you think of a value-based decision you made recently?
  • Do you make value decision when you buy something? When you throw something away?


  • The social dimension of values
  • Why are ethics important?
  • What questions do they help us address?

i.e. How can we live together?

  • Different ethics for different times – XXI Century ethics
  • The EC provides an ethical framework for our present time.
what is the earth charter

What is the Earth Charter?

Document/ Ethical Framework


Network/ Initiative

the earth charter
is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century. The Earth Charter…

Represents a Global Consensus on Shared Values and Ethicsfor Building a More Just, Sustainable, and Peaceful World


The Earth Charter and its Systemic Nature

Ecological Integrity


and Care for the Community of Life

Democracy, nonviolence

and peace

Social and Economic Justice

content of the earth charter
Content of the Earth Charter
  • A Preamble that describes the major challenges and choices facing humanity.
  • 16 Principles divided in 4 parts, with 61 sub principles.
    • Principle 1 on respect for Earth and all life is the foundation of all the other principles in the Charter.
    • Principles 2, 3 and 4 in Part I deal with relations between human beings and the community of life, relations among human beings and between present and future generations.
  • A Way Forward that is a call for commitment and action.

Those involved in the Earth Charter Initiative participate in implementing its principles in practice in different areas, including ...

Education for

Sustainable Development

Youth Action

& Empowerment

Business Engagement

in Global Ethics

Religion &


Climate change

Media, Arts & Culture


The mission of the Earth Charter Initiative is to promote the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace.

earth charter initiative
Earth Charter Initiative





Youth Network




EC Commission


key themes of the earth charter
Key Themes of the Earth Charter


EquitableEconomic Development

Universal Responsbility




Environmental Protection

Respect for Nature

Sustainable Living

Peace and Non-Violence

Community of Life

Common but Differentiated Responsability

Common Good


Transnational Responsibility

Gender Equality

Eradication of poverty

how to use the earth charter
How to use the Earth Charter?
  • As inspiration to change our lifestyle.
  • As a values framework for creating policies and plans.
  • As an education tool to teach what is sustainability. Also as a ethical framework for national curricula.
  • As foundation for companies’ codes of ethics and as assessment tool.
  • As a tool for interfaith dialogue.
be part of the earth charter community
Be part of the Earth Charter Community!
  • Make the Earth Charter values part of your daily life
  • Promote the vision of sustainability
  • Endorse the Charter
  • Volunteer your time for Earth Charter International
  • Join the Earth Charter Youth Initiative
  • Use Earth Charter Tools
  • Take action to realize Earth Charter values in your community, organization, and personal life
engaging with the earth charter
Engaging with the Earth Charter
  • Please, read the Earth Charter and write a paragraph about your response. What moved you? How can you see it informing parts of your lifestyle? Your work? Your family? Your community?
  • Endorsement is an expression by an individual or organization of commitment to the spirit and aims of the Charter. We invite you to join with us in active engagement towards the realization of the values and principles of the Earth Charter here.
www earthcharterinaction org

Charter International

Join the






Earth Charter International Secretariat and

Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development

at UPEACE, Costa Rica

For general enquires: info [@] earthcharter [.] orgContact the youth coordinator: youthcoordinator [@] earthcharter [.] org