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The President

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The President
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  1. The President • Is the club's CEO; • Coordinates Club Success Plan – Distinguished Club Program • Coordinates and delegates duties to the Committee Officers; • Supervises that all these duties are carried out; • Chairs the Committee and Club meetings; • Is member of the Area Council and of the District Council; • Inducts new members and presents each one with a TM pin and an Information Package; • Coaches team members; recognizes achievements; • Insures members’ satisfaction; • Inspires the Club with the aims of Toastmastering including attendance at Area, Division and District Conferences and participation in Area, Division and District Speech Contests; • Votes at Annual Business Meeting

  2. The VP Education • Sets up the education programme for the year; • Keeps records of member performances and progress; • Encourages members to participate in the various assignments in Club meetings, while providing educational information; • Assists and supports new members; assigns mentors for new members if required; • Insures members’ satisfaction; • Acts for the President, chairs meetings etc. when the President is absent; • Directs planning and implementation of the manual-based programs and educational seminars, scheduling members for speeches, and encouraging members to achieve their goals; • Is member of the Area Council and of the District Council; • Votes at Annual Business Meeting

  3. The VP Membership • Plans and implements a marketing effort to maintain and increase the membership level, working with groups both inside and outside of Toastmasters; • If applicable, coordinates an induction ceremony for new members; • Greets all guests and answers their questions; • Maintains contact with each member; Insures members’ satisfaction; • Follows up on guests, new members, and members not attending meetings; maintains attendance records; • Is responsible for the new members goal in the Distinguished Club Program together with the VP Public Relations and for the dues renewal report together with the Secretary and the Treasurer; • Is member of the Area Council.

  4. The VP Public Relations • Runs a program to maintain a positive image of Toastmasters for all members, guests and the general public; • Is responsible for the new members goal in the Distinguished Club Program together with the VP Membership; • Is responsible for distributing news releases regarding activities and works with (or is) the Newsletter Editor; • Promote the club in the local media; maintains a club web page; • Announces upcoming events and programs; • During the meetings, he/she greets guests and answers their questions.

  5. The Secretary • Is responsible for records and correspondence; • Manages the official Club documents, membership and officers records, orders for Toastmasters supplies, minutes of meetings etc; • Is responsible for the dues renewal report together with the Vice President Membership and theTreasurer; • During the meetings, he/shecirculates an attendance sheet; • Records the minutes of each club and Executive committee meeting; • Makes sure that all club relevant information reaches those members who do not have an email address.

  6. The Treasurer • Is responsible for the financial policies, procedures, audits and controls; • Is responsible of all bank related issues; • Receives and disburses dues and funds in payment of obligations, and plans a budget for the committee; • Is responsible for the dues renewal report together with the the Vice President Membership and the Secretary.

  7. The Sergeant at Arms • Serves as main host, welcoming members and guests to meetings (together with the VP Public Relations and VP Membership); • Makes the arrangements for meetings, including refreshments, seating, materials and equipment; • Organizes the collection and counting of ballots; • Controls the club property between meetings.

  8. The Immediate Past President • Provides guidance and serves as a resource to Club Officers and members; • Assists in the preparation of the Club Success Plan; • Promotes the Club efforts to become a Distinguished Club; • Chairs the Nominating Committee each year prior to the annual elections.