new trends in electronic security life safety l.
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New Trends in Electronic Security & Life Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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New Trends in Electronic Security & Life Safety

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New Trends in Electronic Security & Life Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Trends in Electronic Security & Life Safety. Ted Curtin, CPP, CPMR Repworks, Inc. 10/12/2011. Today’s Topics. The Four Pieces of the Security Puzzle Why IP? New High Definition Systems Low Cost IP Solutions Mass Notification Update. The Four Pieces of the Security Puzzle.

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new trends in electronic security life safety
New Trends in Electronic Security & Life Safety

Ted Curtin, CPP, CPMR

Repworks, Inc.


today s topics
Today’s Topics
  • The Four Pieces of the Security Puzzle
  • Why IP?
  • New High Definition Systems
  • Low Cost IP Solutions
  • Mass Notification Update
the four pieces of the security puzzle
The Four Pieces of the Security Puzzle
  • Intrusion/Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Visitor Control/Intercom Systems
  • CCTV Systems
why ip
Why IP?

Today’s trends

  • Network deployment of new systems into older facilities preferred to legacy & proprietary wiring schemes.
  • PoE powering preferred to separate low and high voltage powering of devices
  • Older technologies, such as intercom and sound systems now joining the network trend
  • Convergence and integration of different technologies now firmly established.
why ip5
Why IP?

Today’s trends

  • Customers expect their vendors to do everything…and to do it on a network
  • End Users and integrators are struggling to embrace “foreign” technologies
  • Wireless applications are now mainstream and growing…ASIS Show in September had dozens of new wireless connectivity exhibitors
why ip6
Why IP?
  • IP systems forecast
  • Analog vs. IP
  • Migrating from Analog to IP
  • ONVIF…ready for prime time?
  • The Next Big Thing…VCA
    • Video content analysis
    • IVMD…Intelligent Video Motion Detection
    • Can be added to existing analog and IP systems
new high definition systems
New High Definition Systems
  • Megapixel issues
    • No standards
    • Lower frame rates
    • Higher storage requirements
    • SMPTE international standard
    • Higher quality than analog…720p and 1080p megapixel technology
    • 16 X 9 versus 4 X 3 images
low cost ip solutions
Low Cost IP Solutions
  • IP CCTV less expensive than analog?
    • Install the cameras
    • Plug in an SD card
    • Free software connects to cameras
  • Software licenses…free, one time, yearly?
    • Types
      • Viewing
      • Recording
      • Archiving
      • Exporting
ip tactical stuff
IP Tactical Stuff
  • The five items to discuss when deploying a system onto a network…
    • Bandwidth…SD, HD, Megapixel
    • Number of ports
    • PoE
    • Multicasting
    • Security


  • Mass Notification is an outgrowth of events in the last 10-15 years. The current DoD specification is UFC 4-021-01 dated 9 April 2008 and available from
  • A Mass Notification signal is the only signal allowed by NFPA 72 to override a fire alarm system.
  • Mass Notification was integrated into NFPA 72 as Annex “E” in 2008 release of the code and will be in the main body in 2010 release.
  • NFPA 72 will REQUIRE intelligibility measurements, which will REQUIRE more sophisticated transducers and other measures like acoustical treatments in order to meet the prescribed minimum values.
  • Mass Notification is not just for the military anymore. Hospitals, Airports, Educational Facilities, Malls, etc. are all potential users.

“It is estimated that 60% of people that lose their lives in an emergency situation, do so because they did not know what to do.”

-International Disaster Institute

…did not know what to do!

“Subjects had to choose between a normal exit and an emergency exit in different conditions. The results show that the majority of subjects choose the normal exit even if the distance is double compared to the emergency exit. Findings show that a ring/tone signal is often misunderstood but, a spoken message is understandable.”

-Evacuating people from facilities during an emergency, Facilities Magazine, Lars Benthorn, Håkan Frantzich

…a spoken message is understandable.

mass notification encompasses several systems
Mass Notification Encompasses Several Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Visual Observance Systems
  • Voice Notification Systems
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Regardless of what you call it, we now know that sounding fire alarms is not an efficient evacuation method…
  • An effective solution would be a SINGLE SYSTEM that integrates component systems together for facility-wide communication, notification and, if necessary, evacuation.
public address emergency sound systems
Public Address & Emergency Sound Systems

There are three primary uses for these types of systems:

  • Normal Communication (paging, local audio, etc…)
  • Urgent Notification (zone or specific building, etc…)
  • Emergency Evacuation (specific building or facility-wide)




open system topology
Open System Topology
  • Decentralized
  • Local Audio Processing
  • Global System Reporting and Monitoring
  • Automatic response to a given input (i.e. fire alarm, weather, human threat etc…)