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Animal Farm Chapter 1 Old Major’s Speech PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal Farm Chapter 1 Old Major’s Speech

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Animal Farm Chapter 1 Old Major’s Speech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animal Farm Chapter 1 Old Major’s Speech

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  1. Animal Farm Chapter 1Old Major’s Speech Old Major calls a meeting (man is evil so don’t adopt his evil ways) Dogs vs. Rats, Dogs vs. Cats Revolution and rebellion Animal vs. Man … and Animal vs. Animal

  2. Chapter 2Animal Rebellion: The Takeover • Old Major dies • Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer take charge • Animalism • The Seven Commandments (copy them down) • Who will milk the cows? • Where did the milk go? • Foreshadowing of future trouble

  3. Chapter 3 • The Rise of the Pigs • Some animals work (Boxer), some animals don’t (Mollie, the cat) • Since some animals can’t read very well, Snowball comes up with “4 legs good, 2 legs bad” • Squealer justifies the pigs getting milk and apples (propaganda)

  4. Chapter 4 • The Battle of the Cowshed • Rumors spread to Foxwood (Pilkington/China) and Pinchfield (Frederick/Germany) • Snowball is the hero of the Battle of the Cowshed – his ideas lead to victory • Mollie and Napoleon are nowhere to be found during the battle • The strength and kindness of Boxer (worry over hurting the stable boy)

  5. Chapter 5 • The Windmill • Mollie leaves (the beginning of the animals’ “unity” falling apart) • Snowball wants to build a windmill (“the three day workweek!”) • Napoleon disagrees and says they should focus on increasing food production (“the full manger!”) • At the vote, Napoleon’s dogs (Jessie and Bluebell’s puppies) chase Snowball away

  6. Chapter 5 • The Windmill (cont.) • Napoleon announces that the windmill will be built after all • Squealer says the idea for the windmill was Napoleon’s idea all along…he just pretended not to want it so that they could get rid of Snowball

  7. Chapter 6 • The Rise of Napoleon • Building the windmill is very hard (Boxer says, “I will work harder!” and “Napoleon is always right!”) • No work on Sundays, but food rations are cut because food supplies are low • Napoleon announces that they will begin working with Mr. Whymper to help them trade with neighboring farms

  8. Chapter Six • The Rise of Napoleon (cont.) • Squealer says, “We never wrote down anywhere that we wouldn’t trade with humans, did we?” • No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets. • The windmill is destroyed in a storm (probably because it’s poorly built) but Napoleon says that Snowball did it • Napoleon proclaims a death sentence on Snowball

  9. Chapter 7 • Napoleon Tightens His Grip • The Egg Rebellion – the hens don’t want to give their eggs to Whymper…9 hens starve to death • Rumors spread about Snowball • The Battle of the Cowshed – Snowball is portrayed as a traitor and Napoleon as the hero

  10. Chapter 7 (cont.) • 4 pigs, 3 hens, a goose and a sheep are killed in front of everyone after “confessing” to crimes • Climate of fear keeps animals in line • Animals still believe they’re better off than they’d be if Jones came back • Squealer says that “Beasts of England,” the theme song of the rebellion, should no longer be sung

  11. Chapter 8 • The Battle of the Windmill • “No animal shall kill another animal without cause.” • Napoleon tries to play Frederick against Pilkington with the selling of the timber and he himself gets played (symbolizes the dishonesty that exists in international relations as countries only try to do what’s best for them).

  12. Chapter 8 (cont.) • Frederick and his men blow up the Windmill • Squealer tells the animals that they won the battle and Napoleon gives himself another medal • The pigs get drunk to celebrate • “No animal shall drink alcohol • to excess.”

  13. Chapter 9 The Death of Boxer • Animals must stand aside when a pig passes • Pigs are allowed to wear ribbons • Moses reappears and talks more and more about Sugarcandy Mountain • Boxer collapses and is taken away to the “vet” (but in a Horse Slaughterer’s van) • Squealer tells another lie about how Napoleon was with Boxer when he died • The pigs get money and get drunk

  14. Chapter 10 • What Have We Become? • Animals live day to day and most have forgotten about life with Farmer Jones • Pigs begin walking on their hind legs • Only one commandment now: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” • Pigs and humans look exactly alike as they drink alcohol and cheat at cards

  15. Major Themes of Animal Farm • Absolute power corrupts anyone • Governments are able to manipulate people because most people are not very smart • There are good, honest people in the world (Clover, Boxer), but unless they are careful they will be taken advantage of because there are also very bad people (Napoleon, Squealer) • Seeing something wrong and keeping your mouth shut (Benjamin) is a terrible mistake