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My Million Dollar Project. By Cade Moon. Taxes (20%). Before I do anything with my million dollars, I have to pay $200,000.00 for taxes. This leaves me with $800,000. Foster Care Support Foundation (10%).

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Taxes 20
Taxes (20%)

  • Before I do anything with my million dollars, I have to pay $200,000.00 for taxes. This leaves me with $800,000.

Foster care support foundation 10
Foster Care Support Foundation (10%)

  • I want to make a charitable donation of $100,000.00 to the Foster Care Support Foundation. It is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that gives free clothes, toys, and safe infant-care equipment to Georgia’s foster children. I now have $700,000 left.

College 4 years at usc
College (4 years at USC)

  • I want to go to the University of Southern California.

  • Out-of-state tuition $171,272

  • Room and board $ 48,312

  • Personal expenses $ 4,000

  • Transportation and supplies $ 6,000

    Total: $231,984

    I need to get a collage scholarship or I will have to pay all of this myself. I have $468,016 left.

Epal visit round trip flight
Epal Visit (Round-trip Flight)

  • I want to bring Ben, my epal, to Georgia for a visit and show him some things I like to do, and I think he will enjoy. The round-trip flight will cost $1,800.

Epal visit coca cola zoo atl
Epal Visit (Coca Cola & Zoo ATL)

  • I would like to take Ben to the Coca Cola Museum. Cost $40.

  • Next we will go to the Zoo Atlanta for $30.

Epal visit stone mountain
Epal Visit (Stone Mountain)

  • I would also like to take Ben to visit Stone Mountain. We would take the Skyride up to the top and watch the laser show. It will cost $50.

Epal visit georgia aquarium
Epal Visit (Georgia Aquarium)

  • I told Ben about the Georgia Aquarium, and we will check it out for $80.

Epal visit lanier canopy tours
Epal Visit (Lanier Canopy Tours)

  • On Ben’s last day here, I would like to take him to experience the fun of Lake Lanier Zip Lines for $150. The total for my Epal visit is $2,150 which leaves me with $465,866.

Vehicle gibbs aquada
Vehicle (Gibbs Aquada)

  • Also I need a vehicle for transportation, what I want is a Gibbs Aquada. The cost is $100,000 so I have $365,866 left.

Gift for dad four wheeler
Gift for Dad (Four Wheeler)

  • I decided to get a gift to my dad for fun so I got him a 2012 Yamaha Grizzly 350 Automatic 4x4. The cost is $5,500. Now I have $360,366 left.

Gift for mom kindle fire
Gift for Mom (Kindle Fire)

  • I know my mom likes to read so I got her a Kindle Fire with a special case. The cost is $245. I have now $360,121 left.

Gift for brother airsoft gun
Gift for Brother (Airsoft Gun)

  • I also want to get my brother a gift so I got him a Echo1 (CAW) M134 Minigun (Long Version). The cost is $3,500. I have now $356,621 left.

Family vacation destin fl
Family Vacation (Destin, FL)

  • I want me and my family to go on vacation so I decided to take us to Destin, Florida for two weeks. We are going to drive there to see our cousins, the gas will be about $70 and the cost to rent the house, food, and entertainment will be $8,000. I have now $348,551 left.

Gift for mrs simmons
Gift For Mrs. Simmons

  • I want to get my teacher a gift, so I got her two $5,000 gift cards, one for Hobby Lobby and the other for Michael’s, for a total of $10,000. I have now $338,551 left.

Entertainment for family
Entertainment for Family

  • I decided that we need a boat. So I got me and my family a 2004 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer. The cost is $32,500. I have now $306,051 left.


  • I decided to buy a house in Hilton Head Island, SC. It cost $285,000, has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a basement with an extra room. I now have $21,051 left.

House rooms
House (Rooms)

  • I have four rooms, so I bought 4 beds, 4 dressers, and 4 mirrors. The cost was $1,592. I now have $19,459 left.

House kitchen
House (Kitchen)

  • After I add furniture for the rooms, I then added furniture to the kitchen. I bought a kitchen table set and 4 bar stools. The total cost for the kitchen was $1,010. I now have $18,449 left.

House living room
House (Living Room)

  • I also need to get furniture for the living room. The total cost was $4,796. I now have $13,653 left.

Home basement
Home (Basement)

  • I want to add some furniture to my basement. My total was $3,514. I now have $10,139 left.

House appliances
House (Appliances)

  • I need some appliances for my home. The total cost was $9,710. I now have $429 left.

Gift for me
Gift for Me

  • Finally for my last purchase, I bought a G&G GR300 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG Gun for $429!


  • What I learned from my million dollars is that, its harder than you think to spend your million dollars. If I ever get to have a million dollars I would know what to spend!