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  1. FLAT STANLEY Flat Stanley Explores the Health Sciences

  2. Mission Statement Moorpark High School, through the collaborative efforts of staff, students, parents and community, guides all students to become Mature and Humane Scholars. • Maturityis defined as a state of being fully developed. • Humanityis defined as the qualities or characteristics considered as a whole to be characteristic of human beings. • Scholarshipis defined as formal study, academic learning and achievement. The Moorpark High Staff provides opportunities for the Moorpark High School students through their course of study and through their high school experiences to: acquire good study habits, meet or exceed State and National Standards, develop higher order thinking skills, and use informational technology as a tool to enhance performance in learning.

  3. Background: • Flat Stanley is a 1964 children's book written by Jeff Brown (January 1, 1926 – December 3, 2003). Stanley Lambchop and his younger brother Arthur have a big bulletin board that is hung on the wall over Stanley's bed. During the night the board falls from the wall, flattening Stanley in his sleep. He survives and makes the best of his altered state. One special advantage is that Flat Stanley can now visit his friends by being mailed in an envelope. Eventually Arthur reverts Stanley to his proper shape using an air pump used for football.

  4. Flat Stanley Project The Flat Stanley Project was started in 1994 by Dale Hubert, a third grade schoolteacher in London, Ontario, Canada. It is meant to facilitate letter-writing by schoolchildren to each other as they document where Flat Stanley has gone with them. Since then, Flat Stanley has traveled across the digital universe onto Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, and beyond :)

  5. Flat Stanley meets the Prez!

  6. Flat Stanley gets an App!

  7. Flat Stanley & Physiology?? For this 2 part project, Flat Stanley is going to travel and explore a career choice that interests you. He will visit places and people related to this career and then you will relate this career to anatomy and physiology.

  8. Health Sciences…

  9. Project /Portfolio Requirements: • You will create a Flat Stanley that will need to travel to varies career locations. • He can accompany you, or he can travel with friends/family to distant lands to explore a career. (It helps to make a few Flat Stanleys, or use a Flat Stanley App).

  10. Health Sciences….etc. • 5K/10K fundraising race (specific to HS) • Blood drive/bank • MRI/X-ray lab/ultrasound • Morgue • Physical therapy center • Chiropractor • E.R. • Operating room • Pharmacy • College field trip • EMT • Doctor's office • Nursing home • Paramedic/Fire-station • CPR class • Hospital • Funeral • Amgen/Baxter • Lamaze class • Psychiatrist • Addiction/Rehab center • Gym • Dialysis center • Crime scene

  11. After he has traveled to the various places, you will need to expand upon his visit. • Each Semester, you will need to create a portfolio explaining ONE of his visits. • Using the template provided, you will need to research more information regarding this particular place/career. • Discuss how anatomy and physiology relate to this field. • Include a photo of the visit.