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Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley
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Flat Stanley

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  1. Flat Stanley Unit Portfolio Presentation Jennifer Prince-Smelser

  2. Unit Summary • Compete with your classmates to see how far and how many places Flat Stanley can travel Electronically. Flat Stanley is a third grade fiction book. The story entices young readers and also incorporates real life experiences into their learning experience. • At the same time students will be learning how to identify/describe the literary elements of a story and identify the problem/solution in a reading selection.

  3. Curriculum-Framing Questions • Essential Question How do people communicate? • Unit QuestionsHow can we communicate about our Flat Stanley’s electronically? How do you identify the problem and solution in a reading selection? • Content QuestionsWhat happened to Flat Stanley in the beginning and in the end? What was the problem in this story? What was the solution?What is mail? How does mail travel in the United States or around the world?

  4. Flat Stanley Project This project will help my students develop 21st century skills by: • Collaborating with peers. • Demonstrating originality in their work • Making decisions about the design of their Flat Stanley and how to communicate with another person. • Communicating with others through a piece of U.S. Mail.

  5. Gauging Student Needs Assessment • By answering the three questions below I will have a better understanding of • where my students stand in their progress towards their reading comprehension • goals and how I will need to proceed. • What reader strategies have my students been taught? • Do my students understand what a problem or solution is? • Can my students identify a problem and a solution in a reading selection?

  6. My Goals for the Course • To continue to find lessons/UNITS that keep my students engaged while learning • To provide my students with the necessary reading strategies to be successful • Learn about different kinds of technology my students and I can use • To collaborate and share great new ideas with other teachers

  7. Goals for My Students • To learn to use their reader strategies in all areas of reading. • How to use the tools learned to identify the problem and the solution. • To learn where mail can travel by using technology. For example: visiting the Flat Stanley website and scanning a Flat Stanley to be sent electronically • To continue to incorporate their life experiences into the learning environment.