project room 121 scarlet oak school oak forest illinois 60452 n.
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Flat Stanley PowerPoint Presentation
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Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley

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  1. Project Room 121 Scarlet Oak School Oak Forest, Illinois 60452 Flat Stanley

  2. This is the teacher Mrs. Pletzke. Flat Stanley is outside our school, Scarlet Oak School.

  3. Mrs. Pletzke and Stanley are best friends.

  4. All the Flat Stanleys are in the hall with the girls at Scarlet Oak School.

  5. Flat Stanleys and the boys from room 121 are in the hall.

  6. Flat Stanley is thirsty. He needs some help. Janeen helped him get a drink from the fountain.

  7. Mr. Murphy and the class are in the gym. They are getting a workout with Stanley.

  8. Flat Stanley is in the office. He is relaxing in a chair. He is waiting for Mrs. Jorgensen.

  9. Flat Stanley is asking Mrs. Jorgensen if she needs help.

  10. Flat Stanley is in the workroom. He is printing papers for Mrs. Jorgensen. He is doing a good job!

  11. Flat Stanley is in Dr. Sala’s office. He is asking Dr. Sala to make a call for him. He forgot his homework.

  12. Flat Stanley needs help with speech. Mrs. Foster is helping him read words on the paper.

  13. Flat Stanley is in the art room learning how to paint. He will paint a self portrait to bring home and hang on his refrigerator.

  14. Flat Stanley is in the library reading books about himself. The stories are about his adventures.

  15. Tyrea wants to help Flat Stanley with the lunch box bin. Flat Stanley is strong and doesn’t want help.

  16. Smile Flat Stanley. It is picture day.

  17. Flat Stanley is on the swing set. He is having a good time. He will swing over the pole!

  18. Weeee ! This is fun!

  19. Flat Stanley broke a rule. The rule is, no hanging upside down on the bars. He could break his arm.

  20. Flat Stanley is with Mrs. Forrest getting patched up. His cheek hurts.

  21. Flat Stanley wants to go home to see his Mom. Ms. Linda will drive him home.

  22. Flat Stanley is happy because he is going home. Flat Stanley sits in seat 17 with Sponge Bob.

  23. THE END