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www.cs.virginia.edu/vintlab. Jörg Liebeherr and Group University of Virginia Computer Science Department jorg@cs.virginia.edu ITL Seminar, June 13, 2001. Thanks. Theresa Ott Boisseau and the CAIDA Team. UVA Team: Peggy Reed Dr. Jianping Wang Haiyong Wang Nicolas Christin James Tsai.

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www cs virginia edu vintlab


Jörg Liebeherr and GroupUniversity of VirginiaComputer Science Departmentjorg@cs.virginia.eduITL Seminar, June 13, 2001


Theresa Ott Boisseau and the CAIDA Team

UVA Team:

  • Peggy Reed
  • Dr. Jianping Wang
  • Haiyong Wang
  • Nicolas Christin
  • James Tsai
uva material
UVA Material
  • Router Lab: Exercises from ITLab manual
      • ITLab primer
      • 1-pager with selected lab exercises
      • ITLab manual
  • Re-Boot Camp: IOS and Linux configuration
    • Linux installation and customization
    • Connecting routers and hosts
    • IOS issues (password recovery, updating images)
  • Background: VINTLab
  • ITLab Manual
    • Organization
    • Lab exercises
    • Workshop material
what is the vintlab about
What is the VINTLab about?

In a set of closed lab sessions, students conduct supervised experiments on the networking equipment of the VINTLab. Students gain hands-on experience with networking hardware and software, and learn how the protocols of the Internet interact.


Spring `98: Kevin Thompson indicates a possible donation of several Cisco 7000 routers by MCI

Aug. `98:Letter by Vint Cerf to Dean of Engineering at UVA:

“….MCI Telecommunications, together with Cisco Systems, Inc., is committed to forming an Internet laboratory at the University of Virginia … “

Dec. `99: First batch of 5 Cisco routers arrive

Jan. `99: Course started: CS551 Internet Engineering

April `99: Official ribbon cutting of the VINTLab by Vint Cerf

“VINTLab” is mentioned on the floor of the US Congress

Spring ‘00: Internet Engineering offered for the second time

Spring ‘01: … and a third time, this time with Linux

Since Fall ‘00: Adopted VINTLab to the ITL equipment

June ‘01: ITL workshop


Objectives of VINTLab / Internet Engineering course

  • Make education in computer networking more concrete.
  • Don’t teach a vendor-specific course on router configuration
  • Use science labs as model
  • Build on prior knowledge
  • Cisco 7000 routers are tools and not the object of study
  • Exploit students’ familiarity with PCs
  • Students should feel in control of the equipment
  • Closed lab sessions
  • Have Fun!
At the ribbon cutting of the VINTLab (April 1999):
  • Donald R. Upson, Virginia’s Secretary of Technology,
  • Jim Massa, Director of Global Government Alliances at Cisco, and
  • Vint Cerf, Senior Vice President at MCI Worldcom

April 1999

  • CAIDA’s NSF supported ITL program distributes routers to more than 20 institutions
  • Issue: Effort to generate course content is significant
  • UVA’s VINTLab manual was adopted to ITLab equipment


      • Provide a set of canned lab exercises to institutions
      • Jump-start courses on internet engineering
      • This workshop exposes instructors to the ITLab
itlab equipment
ITLab Equipment
  • Lab manual was written for a “standard” ITLab
  • “Standard” ITLab assumes 3 Cisco 7000 routers
  • We assume that some equipment will be purchased by ITL sites (PCs, FDDI cards, cables)
  • 3 Cisco 7000 Routers
  • 6 Linux PCs
  • 2 FDDI cards
  • Cables and connectors
lab structure
Lab Structure
  • Prelab:
    • Students read material needed for the lab and turn in solutions to exercises
  • Lab Session:
    • 2 hour-long supervised lab section
    • Students do not have access to lab equipment outside this block
  • Postlab (Lab Report):
    • Lab measurements are interpreted and used to answer problems
lab 1 introduction to the itlab
Lab 1: Introduction to the ITLab
  • Topics: Overview of the equipment, Unix exercises, basics of tcpdump and ethereal
lab 2 single segment ip networks
Lab 2: Single Segment IP Networks
  • Topics: Details of ethereal, configuring network interfaces, netstat command, experiments with ARP, snooping passwords
lab 3 multiple segment ip networks and static routing
Lab 3: Multiple Segment IP Networks and Static Routing
  • Topics: Setting up a computer as a router, static routing, update routing table update via ICMP, subnet masks
lab 4 configuring a commercial ip router
Lab 4: Configuring a Commercial IP Router
  • Topics: Access to routers via serial port, setup of a commercial router, basics of Cisco IOS
lab 5 dynamic routing protocols rip and ospf
Lab 5: Dynamic Routing Protocols (RIP and OSPF)
  • Topics: Routing updates, Convergence of routing protocols after topology changes under RIP and OSPF, split-horizon and triggered updates with RIP
lab 6 transport layer protocols udp and tcp
Lab 6: Transport Layer Protocols: UDP and TCP
  • Topics: IP fragmen-tation, throughput measurement of TCP, TCP slow start and congestion avoi-dance,TCP error control