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Updating Data

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Updating Data. A Guide to SQL – Chapter 6. Instructional Objectives. Create a table from an existing table Commands: UPDATE INSERT INTO DELETE NULL ALTER TABLE. Create a table from an existing table. First, create a table:

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updating data

Updating Data

A Guide to SQL – Chapter 6

instructional objectives
Instructional Objectives
  • Create a table from an existing table
  • Commands:
    • UPDATE
    • DELETE
    • NULL
create a table from an existing table
Create a table from an existing table
  • First, create a table:
    • Create a new table named LEVEL1_CUSTOMER with following columns from CUSTOMER table: Customer_Num, Customer_Name, Balance, Credit_Limit, and Rep_Num
  • Then take data from CUSTOMER table and insert into LEVEL1_CUSTOMER for those customers with a credit limit of $7,500.
  • Change the name of customer 842 in the Level1_Customer table to All Season Sport.
  • Solution:
another example
Another example…
  • For each customer represented by sales rep 20 in the Level1_Customer table and that also has a balance that does not exceed the credit limit; increase the customer’s credit limit to $8,000.
using insert into to add a new record
Using Insert Into to add a new record
  • Add Customer number 895 to the Level1_Customer table. The name is Peter and Margaret’s, the balance is 0, the credit limit is $8,000, and the rep number is 20.
  • Solution:
  • Used to delete data from a database
  • Syntax:


FROM <tablename>

WHERE condition;

delete example
DELETE example
  • Delete any row in the OrderLine table in which the part number is BV06.
  • Solution:
  • Change the balance of customer 725 in the Level1_Customer table to null
  • Solution:
alter table clause
  • Used to change a table’s structure
  • Syntax:

ALTER TABLE <tablename>


  • Examples:
    • Add a column ‘CustType’ to the customer table


additional examples
Additional examples
  • Change the CustomerName field size to 50
    • ALTER TABLE Customer

Modify CustomerName char(50);

  • Delete the Warehouse column from the Part table
    • ALTER TABLE Part

DELETE Warehouse;