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the civil war n.
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The CIVIL War. PowerPoint Presentation
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The CIVIL War.

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The CIVIL War.
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The CIVIL War.

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  1. The War between the North and the South. The CIVIL War.

  2. The Civil War??? WHAT? • The Civil War was the greatest war in American History. • Millions of people fought for the price of freedom • Freedom from the bondage and oppression of slavery and oppression. • Freedom that would look past the color of peoples skin and the borders of the North and the South.

  3. The Union and the Confederates. • The Union: Oregon, California, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Main, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware • The Confederate: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

  4. Devastating Battles Fought During the Civil War. (Casualty Count) • Seven days Battle • (Union): 15,849 • (Confederate): 20,614 • Vicksburg Campaign • (Union): 4,500 • (Confederate): 31,275 • Gettysburg • (Union): 23, 049 • (Confederate): 28,063

  5. One day in Gettysburg. • After the battle had ended in Gettysburg President Abraham Lincoln took action. • He wrote and sent a speech to Gettysburg. • Where the speech transformed the battle of Gettysburg from a scene of carnage to a meaning of sacrifice of the dead as an inspiration to the living.

  6. Slavery during this Time. • The roots of slavery began in 1619 when 20 Africans were brought to an English colony and sold to them. • In 1661 a reference to slavery was entered into Virginias law. • African Americans fates were sealed when the slave codes of 1705 was put into place. • This statues lasted for 160 years, until the end of the Civil War as people fought for freedom.

  7. Slaves in the War. • About 180,000 African Americans fought during the Civil War. • Soldiers that fought during the war were paid $10.00 and $3.50 for clothing allowance. • There was a discrimination in pay though comparing the slaves pay and white soldiers during the Civil War.

  8. A leader of the Confederates. • Robert E. Lee became the Commander and Chief in Virginia for their military and naval forces. • Lee Defeated many of the Unions Armies as they came to fight for freedom. • And on April 9th 1865 General Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant.

  9. A leader from the Union • Ulysses S. Grant was promoted by Abraham Lincoln to the major general of volunteers. • He was later appointed as General in Chief by Lincoln. • With Grants Army of the Potomac he fought and pinned General Lees army of Virginia.

  10. The End of the WAR! • In the month of May in 1865 the remaining Confederate forces had surrendered. • After this surrender the Nation joined together as one. • Over 620,000 Americans died in the war.

  11. QUIZ TIME! Are you ready?

  12. Question One? What were people fighting for during the Civil War? A. Freedom B. Equal Pay C. Immigration A B C

  13. Freedom is CORRECT! Slaves and people of the North were ultimately fighting for freedom.

  14. Incorrect! Try Again Although some slaves were fighting for equal pay during the war their main goal was for something else.

  15. Incorrect! Try Again  Immigration was not really an issue in the immigration. You may be thinking of another time period .

  16. Question Two What was the name of one of the Confederates? A. Harriet Tubman B. George W. Bush C. Robert E. Lee A B C

  17. Incorrect! Try Again  Harriet Tubman was an African American that fought against the struggle of slavery. She was a conductor in the Underground Railroad.

  18. Incorrect! Try again.  George W. Bush is currently the 43rd president and is irrelevant to this time period.

  19. Correct!!!  Robert E. Lee was the Commander and Chief in Virginia for the Military and Naval Services.