how come sch nheitsoperation or beauty surgeries very popular among women n.
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How come schönheitsoperation or beauty surgery very popular PowerPoint Presentation
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How come schönheitsoperation or beauty surgery very popular

How come schönheitsoperation or beauty surgery very popular

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How come schönheitsoperation or beauty surgery very popular

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  1. How come schönheitsoperation or beauty surgeries very popular among women?

  2. The popularity of these beauty surgeries can be due to the fact that people want now more than ever to stay young as much as possible. And, however, they end up with these schönheitsoperation since they are heavily influenced by the media to do so. Seeing a slim model on the TV or in a newspaper makes them want to look like that model. Their self-esteem goes lower and lower and this is true especially for women, mainly because they begin to think of themselves as being unattractive.

  3. There are lots of schönheitsoperation or beauty surgeries that can help patients recover their self-esteem and gain back self esteem and trust in themselves. The variety of these surgeries is very diverse and people can change the appearance of their entire body, should they desire something like this. Unfortunately, people who are going to undertake numerous cosmetic surgeries become dependent on these procedures and instead of improving their looks they end up looking even worse than before.

  4. Is this situation going to change? On the other side, it has been noticed that a lot of women prefer to enhance the size of their buttocks. It all started with Beyonce’s and Jennifer Lopez’s declarations in which they said that they are proud of their bodies’ shapes. It has also been noticed that lately the media advertises more and more those models who have curves. Moreover, the plus size models have already proven that fashion is ready to embrace larger women. Also, the media encourages weight gain and because of the enormous influence it has on both men and women, it is very likely that this mania could witness a switch.

  5. However, schönheitsoperation or beauty surgeries usually are not all about the size of one’s body. In the same classification are included procedures that reduce and even eliminate wrinkles, such as blepharoplasty, or other surgeries like face lift, rhinoplasty, otoplasty or ear correction surgery, gynaecomastia, or breast reduction surgery. All in all, while it is possible that women could embrace larger sizes and look at themselves as attractive despite the fact that they have some extra pounds, it is unlikely that they will learn to accept the defects on their faces. A nose that is too big or too small, deep wrinkles that appear with age and due to exposure to sunlight, or breasts that are too big and cause back pains are all problems to which modern medicine typically offer an answer. Schönheitsoperation or beauty surgeries are among them.