intelligence bell curve l.
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Intelligence Bell Curve

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Intelligence Bell Curve - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intelligence Bell Curve. Where did those numbers come from?. Individuals who wanted to quantify intelligence for specific purposes. Francis Galton wanted to quantify superiority so could selectively breed superior people?

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Intelligence Bell Curve

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where did those numbers come from
Where did those numbers come from?

Individuals who wanted to quantify intelligence for specific purposes.

  • Francis Galton wanted to quantify superiority so could selectively breed superior people?
  • Alfred Binet created a test to objectively identify children with special needs.
  • Lewis Terman created a test to administer to newly arriving “feeble” immigrants.
  • Lets try some. Remote associations test and uses test. Which one more accurately accesses “intelligence?”
you have exactly 2 minutes to
You have exactly 2 minutes to…
  • Write down how life would be different if we all had three arms instead of two.
  • Is this (or other tests) fair?
  • Would a person from another culture be at a disadvantage? (if it is not culture-free, then it is not a true measurement of intelligence)
  • Do they measure achievement (access what you have learned) or aptitude (predicting your ability to learn)?
does a standard iq test miss anything
Does a standard IQ test miss anything?

Gardener says yes. He says the traditional verbal/spatial testing in too limited. He proposed a list of 9 intelligences:

  • Verbal/linguistic intelligence
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence
  • Visual-spatial intelligence
  • Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (dances and athletes)
  • Musical-rhythmic intelligence
  • Interpersonal intelligence (sensitivity to other people’s feelings)
  • Intrapersonal intelligence (insight into one’s own inner feelings)
  • Naturalist intelligence (understanding of nature and the laws that govern natural behavior)
  • Existential intelligence (insight into the larger philosophical issues of life).
sternberg s triarchic theory
Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory
  • Analytical intelligence (the type of intelligence we use in academic courses)
  • Creative intelligence
  • Practical intelligence
emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-awareness: the ability to recognize our own feelings.
  • Mood management: the ability to distract oneself form an uncomfortable feeling.
  • Self-motivation: the ability to move ahead with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Impulse control: the ability to delay pleasure until the task at hand has been accomplished.
  • People skills: the ability to empathize, understand, communicate, and cooperate with others.

I already tested yours! “skinny marshmallow” test and facial recognition.

my perspective as a teacher
My perspective as a teacher
  • IQ can account for as little as 10% of a person’s success at work.
  • I’ve seen a lot of brilliant young minds that ended up…
  • Text definition of intelligence: the abilities to learn from experience, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with others.
  • How would you rate your own intelligence now? (high, medium, low)