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IH Teacher Training IHWO The Olympics 2011 General Knowledge PowerPoint Presentation
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IH Teacher Training IHWO The Olympics 2011 General Knowledge

IH Teacher Training IHWO The Olympics 2011 General Knowledge

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IH Teacher Training IHWO The Olympics 2011 General Knowledge

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  1. IH Teacher Training IHWO The Olympics 2011 General Knowledge

  2. Courses • IHBET • Choice of final assignments added • Content reviewed from feedback • By Nick Kiley • Small updates to be made in 2012, writers needed

  3. Courses • IHCAM • Small changes made from summer after consultation with the AU: • Compulsory homework removed (apart from M1) • Assignment rubric tightened up

  4. Courses • IHC • Reapproval process introduced for non-English courses • Reapproval process for English to start February 2012

  5. Courses • IH121 • No changes YET

  6. Courses IHCYLT - Rolled out in 2010 / 2011 - Minor changes to handbook in Summer 2011 - Schools to submit feedback for course review 2012 All tutors to standardise and get reapproval around February 2012

  7. Business English Teaching: 4th February 2012 to 26th May 2012 IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology : 4th February 2012 to 14th July 2012Certificate of Online Tutoring: 22nd January 2012 to 25th February 20124th March 2012 to 7th April 20125th May 2012 to 8th June 201214th July 2012 to 11th August 20121st September 2012 to 6th October 201220th October 2012 to 24th November 2012DELTA Exam Prep Course: 1st April 2012 to 2nd June 2012Director of Studies Course: 3rd March 2012 to 30th June 2012 IH Certificate in Teaching Languages: From February 2012 for 16 weeksLanguage Awareness Course: 16th February 2012 to 11th May 2012One to one Teaching: 16th February 2012 to 8th June 2012Young Learner Certificate: 28th January 2012 to 28th April 2012

  8. sophisticated writing May: Motivated the unmotivated Time Management Web 2.0 updated YL: classroom management

  9. VYL Live Online Listening Pronunciation IHWO Online Conference 25.11.2011

  10. Live Online 2012 March Live from the YL conference January Shaun - 121 February Neil - Feedback Fiesta March Conference Live online: 121 Course CPD Sessions for newish teachers

  11. IHCPD Scheme As an alternative route to courses phase two will add further options for teachers to implement. This will be discussed at the TTSG in January 2009 and launched thereafter

  12. Aims of the scheme The International House Professional Development Certificate (IHCPD) is designed to help IH teachers give focus to their continued professional development. The scheme is divided into four levels that reflect the range of experiences within the IH network and it is hoped that each level can be attained by any teacher no matter what language they teach. The levels are independent of each other meaning that a teacher can join the scheme at any point and in line with the nature of continued professional development, there is no time limit to the award. A certificate is awarded on successful completion of each level. The scheme is not an individual course in its own right.

  13. 1.4 The levels Level One – The Developing teacher To achieve this level, a teacher should have done Number 6 and four of the other things and be able to show proof of them in their teaching portfolio: 1. Take an active part in teacher development by: - Completing 6 hours of peer observations validated by the DoS and - Attending and participating in 6 teacher development workshops. 2. Reading and research - Have read an EFL related book and produced a review of it for colleagues. - Submit the review for publication on IH or other IH website. 3. Produce a piece material - Produced a piece of material for classroom use and shared it on the IH Platform. This material should include both what the students need for the task and also detailed teacher materials and notes. Examples can be found on the ihworld website and ihplatform. 4. Teach at least three different levels of learner - Include a report in the portfolio showing the levels taught and outlining the experiences of teaching those levels. 5. Kept a reflective journal for one academic year. This can be kept using an electronic journal or blog. 6. Stage 2 Action Plan - Produce a 500-word action plan stating their strengths and weaknesses as a teacher and laying out an action plan as they move towards other levels.

  14. For 2011 in no particular order: 1. Launch a blog / podcast 2. Bring all courses into the AU 3. Revamp the resources part of OTTI 4. Run more ML workshops 5. Revise BET and 121 6. Bring some synchronicity 7. Develop 1 or 2 things that are in planning

  15. For 2012 in no particular order: 1. Launch the CPD scheme 2. Bring all courses into the AU 3. Add / Do more ‘live online’ things 4. Offer more workshops for teachers and managers 5. Revise BET and 121 6. Review the IHCYLT 7. Launch course standardisations 8. Develop 1 or 2 things that are in planning Teacher Trainer Course

  16. Thank you for listening