Nucore us g4 lw g5 scw smr design based on most advanced technologies
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NuCore.US – G4-LW & G5 SCW SMR design, based on most advanced technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NuCore.US – G4-LW & G5 SCW SMR design, based on most advanced technologies. Idea, design, safety, technology and innovations Contains Proprietary or Business Sensitive Unclassified Information, do not disclose without prior proper inventor (owner: NuCon.US ) approvals

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Nucore us g4 lw g5 scw smr design based on most advanced technologies

NuCore.US – G4-LW & G5 SCW SMR design, based on most advanced technologies

Idea, design, safety, technologyandinnovations

Contains Proprietary or Business Sensitive Unclassified Information, do not disclose without prior proper inventor (owner: NuCon.US) approvals

RU – TX – OR – RI – MA – ID

USA 2014

1 g4 design and innovations
1. G4 design and innovations:

1C Natural Circulation (NC) for core cooling and safety systems:

  • Inherently safe NC of primary coolant over the reactor core driven by gravity (level) and density differences

  • No forced circulation (FC) need for any emergency regimes, including circulation in safety systems (SS)

Simple, compact and significantly “light” unit design and construction:

  • Reactor (Rr) is at least 1/30th the size of large LWR, and significantly smaller systems and equipment (pumps, h/exchangers, valves etc.) number

  • Integrated (modular) reactor design, no large LOCA and few small diameters connections to 1C sub-systems

2 g4 safety and reliability
2. G4 Safety and reliability:

Seismically and impacts protective reactor design:

  • Compact and strong reactor vessel (RV) with short sub-system located in high-strength containment below or above zero ground level

  • Safety pool attenuates ground motion and dissipates energy enough during any accidents

  • Only few (4) small diameters (2”) connections to reactor vessel decreasing LOCA in compare of at least 10 significantly large diameters (4…6”) connections for example in NuScale (closest in design and technical data) project and/or other competitors

  • Short and small numbers of welding connections on RV and systems


  • Multiple additional barriers to protect against the release of radiation to the environment

  • Simple, reliable and multiple tested naval and civilian designed passive safety systems

3 1 a dvantages in npp design
3.1. Advantages in NPP design:

No large safety pool for raw water:

  • Relatively small water holds. 140 times less cooling water storage compare w/NuScale project

  • Understandable and known operating condition, safe and economically proven

  • Innovative S-Sys and right, reliable heat exchangers design

  • Advanced operating algorithms

    Containment made from re-designed re-used submarine hull (SH):

  • Additional and very strong protective barrier against the release of radiation to the environment

  • Economically reasonable and well known technology, possibility to re-use SH after SSN decommission

3 2 advantages in npp design
3.2. Advantages in NPP design:

Safety barriers (1):

Reliable standard and additional safety barriers:

  • Advanced fuel compositions (1) and fuel cladding (high performance SSt alloy)

  • Advanced FE design (1)

  • High-pressure capable and strong, relatively small RV dimensions and weight (2)

  • Protective shielding (separate volume) (3)

3 3 advantages in npp design
3.3. Advantages in NPP design:

Safety barriers (2):

Real additional barriers:

  • No large raw and cooling water volume stored in the strong safety tanks (104 + 5x104 gal compare to 4x106 gal for NuScale project)

  • Strong steel (from naval hull) reactor compartment (4 and 5)

  • Biological protective shielding system (naval type) for each single reactor or dual block (6 and 7)

4 advantages in core design
4. Advantages in Core design:

Advanced, reliable, known, tested and proven core design:

  • Reliable and well known refueling, similar with naval Rr refueling procedure. Fast and simple, as result economically effective

  • Proven and advanced core and fuel assembly (FA) design

  • Tested, low enriched fuel composition and SStcladding materials

  • Low heat transfer resistance from fuel composition to cladding and coolant (high h/transfer coefficients)

  • Improved h/transfer and high-energy release per volume, core parameters (better them any other competitors design)

  • Very low core damage (LOHS) possibility during normal operation, anticipated transients and accidents

Advanced SMR FA type:

(1 – shroud; 2 – flat substitute; 3 – neutrons sources or 6 – round substitute; 4 – FE grid; 5 – FE profile).

5 advantages in sg design
5. Advantages in SG design:

Reliable and innovative modular SG design:

  • Once through build-in modern modular SG design

  • Our “helical design” is not exactly helical

  • Low hydraulically resistance (about 2.0 m single pipe length, compare with 22.0/15.0 m NuScale SG design)

  • Fast repair and change section-by-section (1/16) compare (1/2) non-replacement and not technological for fast maintenance helical NuScale design or other competitors design

  • Passive SS related to SG and RV design. Reliable, proven and understandable safety algorithms

  • Advanced SG design make possible not only better steam parameters, better economy, but best and high performance Rr’s SS design

6 advantages in rr design
6. Advantages in Rr design:

Compact reactor vessel design:

  • Relatively small RV dimensions and weight compare to MASLWR concept and/or developed NuScale project design, and design other our competitors projects

  • Delivery to site fully assembled. Same like other SMR designs, but at least twice shorter and lighter

  • Minimized number of sub-systems connections to RV (see slide 2, also)

  • Significantly decreased volume of 1C and coolant

  • Short circuit and low differential pressure across 1C path

7 advantages in parameters
7. Advantages in Parameters:

SMaRt G4 reactor design means:

  • Optimized primary and secondary cycle parameters

  • High efficiency w/out unreasonable and unsupported high expectations from project

  • Simple and reliable, good operating algorithms

  • Safety and reliability on any operating regimes (no LOHS and LOFA)

  • Simple and standard operating technic and known operating procedures

8 advantages in safety
8. Advantages in Safety:

SMaRt, reliable and advanced safety systems design means:

  • Protection against extreme events(earthquake, tornado, airplane impact)

  • Protection against complete (full) electric power lost (through reliable passive SS)

  • Protection against heat residual main system failures

  • Deep protection against human factors and operators errors

  • Advanced, 3 stage/steps levels safety algorithms for operating and control Rr’s and PP systems

9 advantages in operating
9. Advantages in Operating:

Operating advanced Nuclear Power Plant with NuCoreSMaRt G4 concept means:

  • Reliable and simple operating algorithms

  • Safe and well established operating procedures. Understandable and clear concept of operations (ConOps) ideas

  • Reliable and simple Control and Operating system(s) design and architecture

  • High qualifications and experienced in operating personal. Ex-naval reactors propulsions crew, mechanics and reactors operators crew members

  • Special operating procedures based on naval experience, skills, strong and correct execution of orders

10 advantages in decom
10. Advantages in DeCom:

Naval decommission scheme:

  • Well known decommission naval technology

  • Known and understandable procedures and processes

  • Known tomb place for future decommissioned blocks storage

  • Known, predictable economy and cost of each decommission procedures

Nobody from our competitors have no actual decommission information for developed design!

11 1 basic g4 rr parameters
11.1. Basic G4 Rr parameters:

11 3 basic g5 rr parameters
11.3. Basic G5 Rr parameters:

12 economical preferences
12. Economical Preferences:

G4 NuCore.US economy based on:

  • Reduced design cost, and highly effective design process, ambitions and highly motivated crew

  • Reduced single components and capital costs (< 3,500 $/MWe*)

  • Reduced plant construction schedule

  • Optimized operating procedures and cost

  • Optimized “in-line” refueling operations

  • Low enriched fuel and long refueling intervals

  • Utilizing naval propulsions refurnished equipment and machines (valves, pumps, h-exchangers, etc.)

  • Reduced decommission cost

Nobody from our competitors in the USA and other countries can not offer better and realistic economical parameters!


NuCore.US project contacts for future cooperation: