interagency technology coordination
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Interagency Technology Coordination

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Interagency Technology Coordination - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interagency Technology Coordination. STATE AGENCY LIAISONS (SAL) & DISASTER LIAISONS MEETING July 28 th 2010. Remote Access COOP Exercise. Contents The Plan: DIS COOP & social distancing The Technology Connecting to Work Connecting People Infrastructure The Exercise:

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interagency technology coordination

Interagency Technology Coordination



July 28th 2010

remote access coop exercise
Remote Access COOP Exercise


  • The Plan:
    • DIS COOP & social distancing
  • The Technology
    • Connecting to Work
    • Connecting People
    • Infrastructure
  • The Exercise:
    • Social Distancing
  • What we learned
the plan
The Plan

Emergency Exercsie Agenda

DIS COOP: Pan Flu Tactical Plan

  • During the Pandemic Phase, it is anticipated that DIS will be required to alter business operations methods. The following is a list of potential techniques that DIS work groups will employ to maintain business functionality and eventually to maintain only essential services:
    • Telecommuting
    • Remote Access
    • Increased use of e-mail and telephone
the technology
The Technology

Remote Access – Connecting to Work

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • IPSEC (with a fob)
    • SSL (no fob)
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Host on Demand (IBM)
vpn virtual private networking
VPNVirtual Private Networking

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) use the Internet to carry data between distant locations and an organization’s main network. The data moving over the VPN connection is secure because it is encrypted in transit. DIS offers both User VPN Services and Office VPN Services.

In our exercise 84% of participating users were able to use this technology from home to access the IT tools they needed to get their jobs done.

owa outlook web access
OWAOutlook Web Access

With Office Outlook Web Access, you can use a Web browser to access your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox from any computer with an Internet connection. You can use Outlook Web Access with Microsoft Internet Explorer or many other browsers for UNIX, Apple Macintosh, or computers running Microsoft Windows®.

At DIS, this solution is the lowest common denominator for staff working out of the office. It’s easy to enable on the back end and simple to use from anywhere on hardware from the latest gamer PC to the first iPhone.

technology connecting people
Technology: Connecting People

Key DIS Communications

Audio Conference (MeetMe)

Cellphone alerts (twitter)

Live Communications (LCS)

Webex videoconferencing

meetme audio conferencing
MeetMeAudio Conferencing

DIS offers many tools for telephone conferencing. Conference attendees can simply dial the conference bridge number, enter the assigned user code, and be instantly connected to the conference. The teleconferencing system supports conference calls of up to 240 participants.

The plain “Meet Me” conference service is a staple of our emergency preparedness: it allows managers in our multiple Olympia-area buildings to quickly coordinate response planning without traveling.


Starting in December 2009 DIS began “tweeting” emergency preparedness and disaster recovery updates.

These “tweets” are posted by DIS communications office, and users receive the updates on the device of their choice, from cellphones to web browsers.

22 Washington state agencies have twitter feeds. See the list at

lcs live communications server
LCSLive Communications Server

LCS is an effective tool for small group collaboration or one-on-one communication. This versatile online tool allows agencies to communicate in real-time internally, or with other agencies, from the convenience of a laptop or desktop computer.


Find and communicate instantly with people on the network

Collaborate with partners using the whiteboard function

Peer to peer video conferencing capabilities

webex desktop videoconference
WebexDesktop VideoConference

The WebEx suite of communication services includes interactive video conferencing, web collaboration, and audio conferencing –either by telephone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Online meetings through WebEx can be used to demonstrate products and services, share presentations, conduct online training sessions, collaborate on documents.

The service allows up to six video images to be displayed simultaneously, with many more people participating in the meeting. Agencies with multiple host accounts can simultaneously conduct multiple conferences.

  • Broadband internet
  • User training
  • Knowing your people

Non-technical prerequisites

broadband internet
Broadband Internet

Interactive map live online

Effective remote access depends on broadband network access being widely available.

Green spaces on the map have good broadband, but there are nuances:

One carrier or several?

Best effort transmission

The FCC National Broadband Plan recommends promotion of critical broadband infrastructure.

While DIS could and did operate without broadband, the availability of broadband connections really broadens our response options.

the exercise social distancing
The Exercise: Social Distancing
  • On September 10th 2009 DIS conducted a tabletop exercise involving remote logins from a large number of staff and a walkthrough of appendices A, J and O of the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).
  • Out of a total DIS complement of 465 people, there are 303 VPN accounts, of which 295 were invited by email to participate. 108 responded to the invitation. Of those who responded, 56 indicated they would participate, and 46 managed to actually log in during the exercise.

How long to log in?

lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • The technology works
    • 84% able to log in with minimal prep.
    • Logins worked through multiple servers
    • Desk phones and laptops usually work w/o power
  • Participation is a challenge
    • Hard to get groups to disengage from the office
    • Who’s supposed to be in this meeting?
    • Emergency equipment testing irregular
Questions? Feedback? Call or write:

Wilford “Will” Saunders

Department of Information Services

(360) 902-3486 | [email protected]