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Interagency Agreements

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Interagency Agreements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interagency Agreements. LaShawn Davis Professional Intern Program Presentation. Interagency Agreements. What can GSFC do to increase the effectiveness of administering and closing Interagency Agreements?

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Interagency Agreements

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interagency agreements

Interagency Agreements

LaShawn Davis

Professional Intern Program Presentation

interagency agreements2
Interagency Agreements

What can GSFC do to increase the effectiveness of administering and closing Interagency Agreements?

Will escalating the issue(s) to higher levels of authority solve the problem of closing out Interagency Agreements?

presentation agenda
Presentation Agenda
  • Identify Current Guidance
  • Discuss Survey Results

What is working? What is not working?

  • Discuss Recommendations
gsfc procurement policy in place today
GSFC Procurement Policy in Place Today

Procurement Circular 99-3 (dated August 28, 2000)

Policy for Interagency Acquisition on Instructions, Administration, and Closeouts

Located at:

survey questions
Survey Questions

1. What is your approach (best practices) in closing out interagency agreements?

2. What are the element(s) that make it difficult to closeout interagency agreements, if any?

3. Do you prefer detailed guidance or your own method for closing out interagency agreements?

best practices in administering and closing out interagency agreements
Best practices in administering and closing out Interagency Agreements?
  • Monitoring Funds
  • Communicating with COTR
  • Issuing request for clearances and final

closing documents at expiration

  • Dealing with discrepancies early
  • Ensuring files contain current information

(contacts and agency reference numbers)

elements that make it difficult to closeout interagency agreements
Elements that make it difficult to closeout Interagency Agreements?

Key players in administering and closing out Interagency Agreements




  • Acceptance/Acknowledgement of agreement is not always in the file
  • Agency compliance with final billing article
  • File lacks current point of contact for agency
  • Military requirements for MIPR and billing process
final billing article
Final Billing Article

Older Files:

All billings under this order, including the final billing, shall be submitted to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as soon as possible, but not later than six months after the period of performance has ended. Any funds remaining on the order after that time shall be deobligated.

Current Guidance:

The Servicing Agency shall submit a final voucher, invoice or other payment document within six months after the completion date of this order, unless some later date is established by mutual agreement.

  • Procurement Offices are not always notified when disbursements or credits (refunds) are processed in accounting
  • Funds are deobligated without an action initiated or taken by Procurement
resources cotr

PRs are not always accompanied by a proposal or justification to increase the estimated cost and funding

recommendation for procurement
Recommendation for Procurement
  • During Administration be proactive verifying that the other agency accepts the basic agreement and all modifications

Ensure agency accepts transfer of funds and invoices received in a timely manner

Enforce Final Billing article

Ensure file contains POC: name, address, and telephone/fax no.

Ensure file contains agency’s tracking no. (Reference No. or JON)

recommendation for procurement continued
Recommendation for Procurement continued
  • Update the Procurement Circular for Interagency Acquisitions to include Military Requirements for MIPR and Billing Process
  • Provide COTR delegation form for Interagency Acquisitions
recommendation for accounting
Recommendation for Accounting
  • Ensure procurement offices receive Interagency Agreement billing disbursements and credits
  • Provide procurement with a fiscal action complete notice
recommendation for resources cotr
Recommendation for Resources/COTR
  • All PR’s should accompany a proposal or justification to increase estimated cost on an Interagency Agreement.

My Recommendations are

Workable – Being proactive in administering and closing out interagency agreements addresses issues and discrepancies early

Desirable – Being proactive reduces friction between organizations internally and between NASA and other agencies

 Achievable –The key players can implement these recommendations for an effective overall process

In conclusion, my recommendations will benefit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in reducing ULO for interagency agreements.

Increasing the levels of communication between procurement, accounting, and resources/COTR will lead to improvements for administering and closing out interagency agreements.

acronym list
COTR – Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative

GSFC – Goddard Space Flight Center

JON – Job Order Number

MIPR- Military Purchase Request

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Agency

POC – Point of Contact

PR – Procurement Request

Acronym List