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Office 365

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Office 365

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  1. Office 365 O365 tips for a paperless office

  2. Office 365 Which office suite?

  3. Select The suite that contains both Desktop Applications And Cloud Applications

  4. Subscription levels Features to look for

  5. One Drive Cloud storage Exchange Microsoft will host your email SharePoint Company-wide intranet and team sites Teams Hub for teamwork to connect your teams Which subscription level should I choose?

  6. Cloud file storage and integrations Tips to make it easier

  7. How safe is my data? Home/Personal Business Premium Business

  8. How can I find things easier and/or faster? Naming protocol 18w2lastname 17cp2000lastname Clear Hierarchy Folders with subfolders that make sense Name Length Keep it short, or else your search might not find it Keywords Use the same keywords across all document and file types Link Use linked applications and set up the integrations One Library Have one source for all documents, don’t split between online and offline.

  9. Be organized Be consistent Have a workflow

  10. SharePoint vs. OneDrive SharePoint • OneDrive 1 OneDrive per user + 1 OneDrive per Windows computer OneDrive business vs. OneDrive personal Some file controls Mostly an online storage

  11. Integrations It’s all integrated. The level of integration is up to You!

  12. Filler slide for a couple of live examples…1. saving a file within office2. accessing a file through windows explorer3. incorporating a file within another file

  13. Converting Paper Best strategies

  14. 6 Ways to go paperless for tax and accounting firms Scan Archive Documents They will be easier to find later Electronic notebook Stop taking paper notes Electronic sticky notes The glue never wears off on these Exchange files securely Have a few different ways to encourage clients to go paperless Paperless Intake Have a process to not keep the papers a client brings with them Client Records Create a place for each client

  15. Paperless workflow Is it possible?

  16. Apps that are used to create your paperless workflow People SharePoint OneDrive Outlook OneNote Teams Planner What do they do? Flow Calendar PowerApps Bookings

  17. Filler slide for a couple of live examples…1. Using OneNote as client record2. sending emails to OneNote3. Printing to OneNote4. Teams overview

  18. Mobile Applications Break free from your computer

  19. Sticky Note to Desktop Grabbing notes on the run that will follow you Step 1Create Sticky note Step 2Do Nothing Step 3Access from your computer • Create sticky note in OneNote mobile • Add text and/or pictures • Sticky note auto-saves • Sticky note is under the note section in Outlook desktop • Double click to activate it and have it stick anywhere on your desktop

  20. Office Lens Scan documents on the go Step 1“Scan” document Step 2Move document Step 3Put your phone away • Office Lens will save a picture taken in a variety of file types, including PDF • File(s) save to folder named Office Lens in OneDrive • Move document to appropriate location • This is the chance to correct your file name if necessary • Moving document can be done from OneDrive mobile app or from computer • You’re done! File can now be accessed by users with the correct permissions from the device of their choosing

  21. O365 is flexible and can be tailored to an office of 1, with ability to scale up all the way to enterprise level. • Take the time to learn and know your process • Set your system for you and your firm Paperless Office

  22. Thank You! Susan Tinel @April15Taxes