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Water Cycle WebQuest

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Water Cycle WebQuest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Cycle WebQuest. Your trek through the water cycle and all of it's phases. Water Cycle WebQuest.

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Water Cycle WebQuest

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water cycle webquest

Water Cycle WebQuest

Your trek through the water cycle and all of it's phases.

water cycle webquest1
Water Cycle WebQuest

Welcome to the Water Cycle WebQuest, you will be taking a journey through the water cycle as we trace a drop of water from the ocean, to the sky, to land, and back again.You will be following the links as we follow the water through every aspect of its life.

water cycle webquest2
Water Cycle WebQuest

You have a series of tasks to complete. Make sure you complete them all in order to have a beautiful water cycle! Click on each task to be taken to the website and questions you need to answer. Each slide is linked to a website and a return!

Worksheet for webquest

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Task 5

Task 6

Task 7

Task 8

task 1 water cycle webquest
Task 1 Water Cycle WebQuest

Using the following link, go through the website and answer the question that match up with task 1. Be sure you answering the questions in complete sentences! WELCOME TO THE WATER CYCLE!

Task 1

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task 2 water cycle webquest
Task 2 Water Cycle WebQuest

For task 2 you are to go learn about ice, snow caps, and all of the water we can not touch because it is frozen. You are to read then complete a quick write about Ice and Glaciers for this portion. Add it to your worksheet.

Task 2

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task 3 water cycle webquest
Task 3 Water Cycle WebQuest

PRECIPITATION!! Whew is it coming down out there! Use the following link...and the links and games on the web page to answer and complete the sections on precipitation. There are a lot of parts here, be sure to follow them all!

Task 3

Bad Rain

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task 4 water cycle webquest
Task 4 Water Cycle WebQuest

Water Storage in the ocean and ground...we store water in a LOT of different places. Use these links to help you answer your questions on water storage.

Task 4 Ground Water

Task 4 Ocean Storage

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task 5 water cycle webquest
Task 5 Water Cycle WebQuest

Evaporation and Transpiration. Seems the water is leaving Earth again! Good-bye Water!! Watch as our water floats into the sky!

Task 5 Evaporation

Task 5 Transpiration

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task 6 water cycle webquest
Task 6 Water Cycle WebQuest

What happens when all that water gets into the sky? Where does it go? Use the following links to see where the water goes and what it does while in the sky!

Task 6 Condensation

Task 6 Water Storage in the atmosphere

Task 6 The little Cloud that could

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task 7 water cycle webquest
Task 7 Water Cycle WebQuest

Fresh water is everywhere!!! Right? Wait...or is it? Here are some stats and things to keep in mind about our fresh water supplies!Task 7 Fresh water Storage

Task 7 Springs

Task 7 Grow Food, Not Lawns!

Task 7 Pollution

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task 8 water cycle webquest
Task 8 Water Cycle WebQuest

Here it is! YOUR LAST TASK!!! A little blast from the past...sublimation! All that's left is a few short questions and an AWESOME drawing...then you are finished. HOORAY!

Task 8 Sublimation

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