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  1. Hatchet By: Gary Paulsen

  2. Main Character • The main character is Brian Robeson • He is thirteen years old • He shows bravery, strength, and courage • He is proud of how he learns to survive • He doesn’t give up on anything

  3. Setting Hatchet takes place in the Canadian wilderness. The time period this happens in is present. Although Brian sets up his camp on the shore of a lake. He hunts for his food in woods.

  4. Summary Brian is on his way to his dads house and the plane he was in crashes. The next thing he knows he is all alone in the middle of nowhere. He goes through some tough times. He realizes that he has to work harder than ever just to survive.

  5. Conflict/Resolution/Climax The conflict of the story is that Brian has nothing to use to survive with except his hatchet. The resolution is when he makes fire and makes weapons. The climax is when he starts to believe that he can survive by himself.

  6. Interesting Event One day Brian was washing his hands in the lake because he had just caught a foolbird. Then all the sudden out of nowhere a moose came up and shoved him into the water. Will Brian live? Find out for yourself.

  7. My Opinion I give this book five stars! It is a very interesting book. It keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. They stay on topic the whole time and never got me thinking what a boring book.