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Organizational Behavior Principles

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Organizational Behavior Principles. MGM335-1402A-01 Phase 1 Individual Project Sean C. Hall Colorado Technical University Dr. DM Arias 4/14/2014. Factors That Affect Employee Morale.

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organizational behavior principles

Organizational Behavior Principles


Phase 1 Individual Project

Sean C. Hall

Colorado Technical University

Dr. DM Arias


factors that affect employee morale
Factors That Affect Employee Morale

Employee morale is a huge factor in determining productivity. There are many factors that can affect employee morale both positively or negatively, and it is important to be aware of them so that you can make sure your employees are happy and not scanning the local job sites for something better. Here is a list of factors known to have an impact.

morale factors
Morale Factors

A hostile work environment contributes to low employee morale. This type of environment can be prevented if members of management treat employees like human beings instead of machines..

Hostile Work Environment Feedback, or Lack of it

Work Load

Not only does increasing the frequency and quality of feedback have an immediate significant impact on morale, but it also directly enhances work performance.

Many companies today have to get by with fewer employees than before which means that a lot of employees have a bigger workload than they did in the past.  And this can have a negative effect on employee morale, because employees can feel overwhelmed

employee empowerment and decision making
Employee Empowerment and Decision Making

Employee empowerment helps to cultivate innovation. Employees that have a stake in the companysgrowth and sustainability will offer more ideas and problem-solving solutions when obstacles arise. However, as the employee meets particular challenges or finds improvements in policies, procedures or products, it will foster growth and more critical and imaginative thinking. Employees may see a particular issue differently than a manager and be able to think of a creative solution, which may not be considered in a closed circle of managerial staff.

recommendations for positive employee morale
Recommendations for Positive Employee Morale

Participative Management and Empowerment

Open the lines of communication

Express gratitude & reward employees

Increasing job satisfaction by encouraging participation

Team management represents a growing trend

When employees feel they are being kept in the loop, they are more likely to trust that management has everyone’s best interests in mind. Management should encourage the sharing of ideas as a two-way street.

When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to help others; therefore increasing teamwork. Rewarding a job well done will likely foster the desire to continue producing positive results.

motivation and leadership in the twenty first century
Motivation and Leadership in theTwenty-first Century
  • Motivation
    • Security and pay are no longer enough
  • Leadership
    • “Coach” mentality
    • Diversity
    • Flexibility
satisfied employees are more productive and more committed
Satisfied Employees Are More Productive and More Committed

Job Satisfaction:

Degree of enjoyment employees derive from doing their jobs

High Morale:

An overall positive employee attitude toward the workplace

Low Turnover:

A low percentage of employees leave each year





employee success
Employee Success
  • The success of any organization has become dependent upon the effectiveness of its management, coupled with the effectiveness of management styles utilized to motivate and enhance employee performance. Across organizations, corporate leaders are strategically placed in their designated positions to ensure that the business provides superior products or services for their targeted customer base.
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