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DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS IN SRI LANKA (2008-11) PowerPoint Presentation
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  2. Main elements • Modalities of implementation. • Major Projects implemented • Projects in pipeline

  3. Development Philosophy - India • Build on the foundations of political understanding, a historic past, geographic realities and socio-cultural empathy. • Part of the developing world and inspired by an experience of South-South cooperation. • A consultative and responsive model of cooperation. • Focus on capacity building and human resource development, as well as infrastructure development. • Promote trade and investment, but as a partnership.

  4. Modalities of Implementation • SDP Scheme– Small Development Projects; under an MOU that has been renewed for 5 years on 9 June 2010; Implementation carried out under a Project Steering Committee; Representation from HCI, Ministry of Finance and Line Ministry of GOSL; Financial limit – $2 million; Implemented through open tenders. • Small procurement projects – Direct purchase through quotations with MEA approval. • Supply of material – Contract between MEA and Indian agency. • For large projects – Appointment of a Consultant by MEA which implements the project through tender route.

  5. Major Projects Implemented Supply of 260,000 Family Packs • Straddled conflict and post-conflict stages in 2008-09. • Supplies contained daily use items such as clothing, utensils, essential food packets, personal hygiene items and others. • Made in four installments: (a) 80,000 family packs sent on 13 November 2008; (b) 40,000 family packs sent on 22 April 2009; (c) 50,000 family packs received on 9 May 2009; and (d) 90,000 family packs on 8 August 2009. • Cost: about US$ 8 million.

  6. Distribution of Family Packs

  7. Major Projects Implemented Emergency Hospital • In Pulmoddai and Vavuniya (Menik Farm – Zone I) • Worked from March to September 2009 • Treated about 50,000 patients • Carried out 3000 major and minor surgeries.

  8. Emergency Hospital at Pulmoddai set up in March 2009 Indian Medicines IDPs brought in by Ship OT Blood Bank and Lab Medical Ward Medical Ward Injured child arriving Doctors operating Trauma Center Indian team of Doctors

  9. The Hospital functioned from May to September 2009. Treated about 50,000 patients. Emergency Hospital at Menik Farm Hospital being set up DAY CARE DISPENSARY Indian Medical Team

  10. Expenditure incurred: SLR 60 million. Free medicines sent by India in four lots distributed to IDPs. Emergency Hospital at Menik Farm Surgery OPD Child Birth

  11. IDPs being treated at the Hospital in Menik Farm

  12. India supplied a total of four consignments of Galvanized Corrugated Iron Sheets. Between August 2009 and May 2011, a total of over one million sheets have been supplied, helping build temporary shelter for about 65,000 families. Cost: $11.78 million. Shelter Material for IDPs GC Sheets used for creating shelter for IDPs

  13. Shelter Material for IDPs GC Sheets used for creating shelter for IDPs

  14. Major Projects Implemented De-mining • Seven Indian de-mining teams deployed since 2009; • Cleared vast areas through non-technical surveys as well as battle-area clearance; • Among the few teams doing manual humanitarian de-mining; • Cost $10 million approx.

  15. Major Projects Implemented Supply of Cement Bags • 400,000 cement bags (about 20,000 MT) supplied in 2010 to resettling families; • Procurement through Indian supplier in SL – UltraTech Cement; • Cost – $1.75 million.

  16. Distribution

  17. Agriculture Renewal 70000 packs of agricultural implements distributed to returning IDPs. 25,000 more to be distributed in June-July 2011. [$2 million approx]

  18. Agriculture Renewal Supply of tractors and machinery • 500 tractors (Four-wheel tractors) with farm implements, including rotovator, disc plough, nine-tine tiller and cage wheels delivered to Northern Province in Nov-Dec. 2010. • Total cost of project - $6 million. Seeds • Green gram (5500kgs) & black gram (43000kgs) seeds supplied in Nov. 2010

  19. IDPs in Vaharai Multi-day fishing boats powered by diesel engines; Equipment such as lagoon ‘Oru’ and sea-going ‘Oru’; Fishing nets; Cool-rooms; and Freezer trucks Cost: $1 million. Supply of fishing boats, equipment, nets, etc. Fishing Boats and Nets

  20. Major Projects Implemented Limb Refitment Project • March 13 to April 8, 2010; • 19 experts from the Jaipur-based Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), or the “Jaipur Foot”; • Fitted artificial limbs and other devices to 1400 beneficiaries; • Another camp in Jaffna scheduled to be held this year.

  21. Limb Refitment Project Calipers and Crutches from JAIPUR FOOT

  22. Major Projects Implemented Establishment of Nenasalas (e-learning centres) • 20 Nenasalas set up in western and southern Sri Lanka – completed in 2007-08; • 20 Nenasalas set up in Eastern Province in 2009-10. • Total cost – SLR 30 million. • GOI supplied equipment and ICTA provided connectivity, maintenance beyond warranty and training to operators.

  23. Establishment of Nenasalas Inauguration of Nenasalas at Kallady and Matara

  24. To improve connectivity and enable affordable means of travel between Batticaloa and Trincomalee and from eastern cities to Colombo. 5 rail-bus units that run on existing rail tracks. Cost: SLR 66 million RAIL BUS PROJECT Rail Buses at Batticaloa Inauguration Ceremony of Rail buses

  25. 10 buses gifted to Eastern Provincial Council Cost: SLR 17 million Buses used to ferry school children as also for medical services. More buses to be gifted to educational, social and local governmental entities in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Supply of Buses to Eastern and Northern Sri Lanka Buses to Eastern Province

  26. A fleet of 30 buses gifted to a non-profit company. Aim to connect remote areas in upcountry. Assist people to seek employment. Ferry young school going children. Generate self-employment for bus drivers. Another fleet of 55 distributed in 2010. Supply of Buses to connect Upcountry areas in Sri Lanka TATA City Ride Buses

  27. Establishment of Centre of English Language and Training, Peradeniya DIGITAL LAB AT • Digital language laboratory set up at the Centre of English Language and Training (CELT) at Peradeniya. • Provided services of the English and Foreign Language University (EFLU), Hyderabad to serve as the Technical Consultant • Deputed 2 Professors for a period of 2 years for training. • Awarded scholarships for training at EFLU of 80 Sri Lankan English Teachers. DIGITAL LAB Signing of the MoU on CELT

  28. Electricity provided to village Galagamuwa in Moneragala not connected to power grid. SAARC Project. Solar Power ProjectGalgamuwa Street Lighting in Galagamuwa Solar Lighting for Houses at Galagamuwa

  29. Vocational Training • Rural Vocational Training Centres (VTC) at Hatton and Putallam set up. • Plan to set up additonal VTCs. • Particular emphasis will be put on construction trades such as plumbing, carpentry, masonry, etc., and on agriculture. • Modules for training in the field of ICT will also be included. VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE AT PUTALLAM

  30. Major Projects implemented Assistance to the health sector • Supply of equipment to Teaching Hospital at Jaffna – setting up ICUs, OT, Eye Ward; Cost – about $1 million. • Handed over on 21 January, 2011.

  31. Projects in Implementation Reconstruction of Southern Railway • Envisaged as post-tsunami reconstruction; • LoC Agreement of $100 million signed in July 2008 and for $67.4 million signed in March 2010; • Project being implemented in phases: • track laying on the Kalutara-Galle and Galle-Matara sector by IRCON; • supply of materials by IRCON for track-laying by GoSL in the Colombo-Kalutara sector; • supply of rolling stock by RITES; • Training to SLR personnel and setting up of a maintenance facility.

  32. Projects in Implementation Reconstruction of Northern Railway Lines • Being built under Indian LoC for $800 million; • Omanthai-Pallai ($185.35 mn) – construction underway; • Madhu-Talaimannar ($149.74 mn) – construction underway; • Medawachchiya-Madhu ($81.30 mn) – construction underway; • Pallai-KKS ($150 mn approx.) – contract finalized; GoSL Cabinet approval obtained on 13 July, 2011; • Construction of Signaling and Telecommunications Network ($86.50 mn) – contract finalized; GoSL processing for internal approvals; • Rolling Stock supplies under discussion.

  33. Northern Railways India has offered an $800 million loan for development of Northern Railway Lines. Signing of Omanthai-Pallai Ralway Line Contract

  34. Southern Railways Concept Profile of train-sets Inauguration at Matara Station High level technical team from Sri Lanka at Integral Coach Factory, Chennai Training of Sri Lankan Railway personnel


  36. SDPs in Implementation Education • Repairs of 80 schools in Northern Province. Fisheries • Supply of about 170 fishing boats with OBMs and nets to fishermen in Mannar. Health • Supply of critical care equipment to Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu General Hospitals. Sports • Renovation of Duraiappah Stadium in Jaffna. Industries • Renovation of Atchuvely Industrial Zone

  37. Other Projects in Implementation Supply of bicycles • 10,000 bicycles to be granted in remote areas in Northern and Eastern Provinces; for use by students and by adults after school hours for vending goods. Supply of Computers to Schools in Eastern Province • Grant of 1260 computers, printers and other peripherals to 267 schools in Eastern Province. [$1.5 million approx] Cultural Centre in Jaffna • National Design Competition launched on 14 June with assistance of Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. Scholarships • Major up-scaling of India’s scholarship programme for Sri Lankan students. Livelihood • Assistance to nearly 2000 small business owners for rehabilitation of shops.

  38. Projects in Implementation Vocational Training Centres • New Vocational Training Centre (VTC) each in Batticaloa and Nuwara Eliya. • VTC at Batticaloa, being built at a cost of approximately $3 million, will be completed this year. • Agreement for VTC in Nuwara Eliya, to be built at a cost of approximately $2 million, was signed on 11 July 2011. Dickoya Hospital • 150-bed hospital at Dickoya in Central Province, being built at a cost of approximately $10 million. Self Employment Programme for Widows • Projects aims at empowerment of widows in Eastern Province through training in identified vocations. Being implemented by SEWA of India at a cost of approximately $2 million.

  39. Major Projects Proposed Construction and repair of damaged houses • 50,000 house proposed to be built in Northern and Eastern Provinces and Upcountry areas; • Groundbreaking for pilot project of 1000 houses done on 27.11.2010; • Pilot project under implementation with cooperation of Government of Sri Lanka; • Fully grant-funded project; • Likely cost - $300-400 million.

  40. Projects Proposed Provincial Centres for English Language Training • Nine Provincial CELTs proposed by GoSL; • GoI to give technical assistance for setting up of language lab, course material and teaching aids, deputation of resource persons from India and training of 40 master trainers at EFLU, Hyderabad. • MoU being discussed.

  41. Projects Proposed Restoration of Thiruketheeswaram Temple • Agreed in Joint Declaration of 9 June 2010; • Proposal is for restoration of Tiruketheeswaram temple at Mannar to be undertaken with the assistance of Archaelogical Survey of India and the College of Architecture and Sculpture, Mamallapuram, with the involvement of the Department of Archaeology of Sri Lanka; • MOU under discussion. Cost estimates finalized.

  42. KANKESANTHURAI HARBOUR • Situated at the northern tip of Sri Lanka. • Only commercial harbour in entire Northern Province of Sri Lanka. • Badly damaged in tsunami and by Cyclone Nisha in 2009. • Complication on account of as many as 6 wrecks in and around harbour. • Project planned to be implemented in six stages. • Phase I completed in July 2010.

  43. KANKESANTHURAI HARBOUR SCOPE OF WORK • Hydrographic check survey [Completed]. • Wreck removal [About to begin; contract already awarded to M/s RESOLVE of Singapore for approximately $19 million]. • Dredging of harbour and approach channel. • Repair and strengthening of breakwater. • Construction of new pier. • Final survey and publication of harbour chart • Stages 1,2,3 and 6 under grant; 4 and 5 under LoC. • MOU on rehabilitation of KKS signed with GoSL on 21 July, 2011



  46. BREAKWATER REPAIR INPROGRESS Breakwater with repairs ongoing now Breakwater in Apr 2008



  49. PALALY AIRFIELD • Situated at the northern-most tip of Sri Lanka. • Provides only airlink to Jaffna from rest of Sri Lanka. • Runway constructed during World War II. • Last resurfaced in 1972. • Proposal to assist GoSL in rehabilitation of Palaly airfield and its utilization as a domestic/regional airport. • India will assist by providing grant as well as loan.

  50. Thank you