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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

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  1. Sri Lanka Paul

  2. Flag On the flag of Sri Lanka, it has yellow, one lion, red, orange, four papers and one sword

  3. Capital The capital in Sri Lanka is Colombo.

  4. Climate You can see the climate is the same in India. It is a much smaller country and is about 25,332 square miles or 65,610 square kilometers in size

  5. The longest river and the longest mountain The highest mountain is Pidurutagala and the longest river is Mahaweli.

  6. The different in India and Sri Lanka . You can see the climate is the same in India.

  7. Endangered Elephant is endangered in Sri Lanka. People have cut so many tree so the animals are dying.

  8. Resource natural Resources natural limestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, phosphates, clay, hydropower. So many people do not have money and no house.

  9. Landforms Sri Lanka has many landforms,including: beaches, mountains, forests and plains.

  10. Where is Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is in South Asian island in the Indian Ocean. The Maldive Islands and India are close to Sri Lanka.

  11. Temperature . It is located at 7 00 N, 81 00 E. The climate is very hot and humid. It about (35 degrees celsius) in May and June and 90 Fahrenheit or 32 Celsius.

  12. The animals in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka have many animals,including: monkeys, elephants, porcupines,sloth It has a many different animals and plants, bears, jackals and flying foxes.

  13. People don't have money. Many people do not have money and no house.

  14. Home village in Sri Lanka Village scene Sri lanka Pre 1900s #013

  15. Difference in the cities and a villages The cities is big and a village is small, in a cities I many people and in a village I have no many people, in a cities I have many house and in a village I don't have many house.

  16. Sea temperature. The sea temperature rarely falls below 27°C.

  17. Geography: water bodies: It's important for the irrigation and the water tanks.

  18. FOOD Look like Kerala food. Rice, banana, coconut (They eat on a palm leaf)

  19. CLOTHES Like india people. Example: Dhoti, Longi, Sari and Sarong.

  20. homes The home is depend if is a people have money or a people don't have money. From 1994 evolved the house

  21. religion and celebration Religion: Buddhism:70% Hinduism:15% Christianity:7.5% Isam:7.5% Celebration:in January:Duruthu and Pongol. February:Navam Poya. April:Bak Poya and New Year-April 13 and 14.March:Medin Poya.May:Vesak Poya. June:Poson Poya. July/August:Esala Perahera,Kataragama,vel,Nikini Poya. October:Deepavali. December:Unduvap

  22. Education. Boys and girls are not in the same class.