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Madeleine L’engle

Madeleine L’engle

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Madeleine L’engle

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  1. Madeleine L’engle By Gabby, Emma

  2. About madeleine l’engle • Madeleine L’engle was born November 29 ,1918.She died on September 6, 2007 from natural causes in a nursery home. She grew up in N.Y.C. Her parents names were Wadsworth Camp and her moms name is Madeleine Camp. Her husband name is Hugh . She had for kids one lived to the age of nine. Madeleine went to smith collage. She recived three new berry award. She lived in South Carolina.

  3. Books by madeleine l’engle books books • The Young Unicorn • The Other Dog • The Risk of Birth • Camilla • The Joy of Love • The Love Letters • Both were Young • The Full House • Winter Storm • Dance in the Desart • The Other Side of the Sun • The Ladder of Angles • The 24 Days Before X-mas • Troubling a Star • The Lie of Coal in the Sea • An Acceptable Time • The Night Prayers • The Mother and Daugher • The Wrinkle in Time

  4. The ring of endless light • The Ring of Endless Light is a fantasy book. The setting takes place in the summer on Seven Bay Island. The major characters in my book are Vicky, Leo, Zachary, and Adam. The minor characters in my book are Rob, Mom, Dad, and Vicky’s brother. The plot is that her grandfathers condition is getting worse and she’s trying to get her mind of things by joining a dolphin show. The conclusion is that Vicky becomes a dolphin trainer and is still sad that her grandfather died, but she is happy training dolphins. I think this book is a good book.

  5. THE YOUNG UNICORNS • My books name is The Young Unicorns ,by Madeleine L’engle . The Genre of my book is fantasy. The setting takes place in New York City. My main characters are Suzy, Rob, Austin, and Emily. My plot is a genie is trying to rule New York City. Austin and his friends and family are in lots of trouble. My conclusion is when Austin tricks the genie to go back in to the lamp and his friends and family are safe. I love this book but I would not usually read this kind of book.

  6. Compare and contrast • DIFFERENT • Although the Ring of Endless Light takes place on Seven Bay Island, The Young Unicorns takes place in New York City • Both books are different because in the first book Vicky grandfather has bad conditions and in the second book a genie wants to take over New York City • The first main character loves to swim with dolphins while the main character loves art and goes to art school • SAME • In both of are books they have the same amount of family members • The books are similar because they were both written by madeleine l’engle • The 2 books are the same because they both take place in the summer time

  7. When was madeleine born?

  8. November 29,1918

  9. Were and when did she died?

  10. the age of 88 ON SEPTEMBER 292007

  11. How many kids doES she have ?

  12. She had 4 kids

  13. Did she have a kid that died?

  14. Yes she did at the age of 9

  15. Where did she grow up?

  16. In new york city

  17. What are her parents names?

  18. Wadsworth camp and madeleine camp