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Handwriting Analysis- What is it? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Handwriting Analysis- What is it?.

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Handwriting analysis what is it
Handwriting Analysis- What is it?

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, is the science involved in producing a personality profile of the writer by examining the characteristics, traits and strokes of an individual's handwriting. I know it seems impossible, but a trained graphologist can gather an astonishing amount of information about the writer just from analyzing their handwriting. Besides creating a complete personality profile, many other things are revealed in your handwriting, such as health issues, morality, past experiences, hidden talents, mental problems-- to name just a few.

How it works
How it works

  • Your brain guides your hand. Everything put on paper is a result of a two-way circuit between your brain and the motor reflex muscles of your hand. Thus, your handwriting becomes a Polygraph or Oscilloscope read-out of your "complete self." To you, it's just handwriting, but to a handwriting analyst, it paints a picture of the person "behind the pen."

1- Does English for Palestine teach writing in stage? What are they?

- In grade 12 stages are*writing summary

*taking notes

*writing report

*analyze graphs

*writing letters

*writing short essay

*writing stories

.*writing descriptive essay

-In grade 8 stages are are they?

*writing: cohesion, email completion

*writing time expression, guided life story

*writing topic sentences

*writing letter construction , asking advice

*writing paragraph construction

*writing formal letter completion

*writing a report.

  • -in grade 4 are they?there are a chance to write both ward and simple sentences.

    Ex 2 , P7 , write. Say.

2- what does hand writing skills involve ? are they?

Hand writing involves choosing, writing, thinking , collection , noting , listing , spelling and speaking.

Grade 12 , P75, ex7

This exercise learn students to choose the stressful situation , collected notes about this situation also hand writing make students to write and speak correctly and easily.

Grade 9 , P17 , ex 8 are they?

This exercise learn students to write paragraph about important place by following these steps

3- Are the writing exercise preceded by examples(models): sentences, short paragraph , letters, postcard ,? Why ? Give 2 examples

The writing exercises preceded by examples as a model, these example may be sentences , short paragraph , postcard or letters in order to help students to follow the same steps. Students will look at the example sentences and write in the same way. By putting example, exercise of writing will be easy.

This exercise talk about two people who are lost in somewhere , they gave their description on S.B page 63.

Grade 12, page 65, ex 7 somewhere , they gave their description on S.B page 63.

Grade 3, page5, ex2 somewhere , they gave their description on S.B page 63.

4-Do you think these example, models are sufficient? Justify.

Examples are sufficient for students because every writing exercise has a model answer as I mention before, the students will look at the model and they will write in the same way , it will help students to do the activity easily.

  • (5) Are there writing exercises too difficult for learners (higher than their level) ?????????????

    Some text might be more difficult than other for these reason …..

    1)difficulty &strangeness of the topic

    2) difficulty of vocabulary

    3) random (or non-existent) punctuation

    4)spelling error (same word spelled differently)

    5)student don’t have writing skills

    6)there is activity higher than students level


    In grade (6) W.B page 65 Ex .1.

    Think &complete what is its dictionary definition??

    There are 7 definition & students should write the word .its too difficult for the students at level (6)………………….

Example (higher than their level) ????????????? grade (8)W.B Ex* 4* page 93

The passive with by + agent

*write a paragraph ,changing the following sentences into passive

--the exercise gave 7 sentences in active forms .they are separated sentences .students should change them into passive form then write the sentences as a paragraph ..

***I think its difficult for students at grade 8 to change 7 long sentences and at the same time write them as a paragraph ……….

(6) Are there a variety of writing exercises ?give 2 example ??

There are a variety of writing exercises ,some of them are traditional and other develop there mental skills …….

Examples *in grade (6)

W.B page 49 Ex 4 write 6 sentence about yourself

W.B page 41 Ex 2 write a conversation

W.B page 25 Ex 1 what are people in the picture doing…..

S.B page 17Ex 3 complete the sentences & use the word from the book.

(7) ?? Are there exercises that ask students to write about un interesting points ??

Give two examples ……??......

In EFP there are many writing lesson more interesting than other …

example for interesting point (from grade 5 page 9 ex 4

  • 8-Are ??there writing exercises irrelevant to the theme of the lesson ?give two examples???

    **most of writing exercise of every unit suitable for the purpose of the lessons such as (in grade 12 ex 7 page 75 this exercise ask students to write about stressful situation which is relevant to the main subject of the unit “Dealing with Stress “…

This ??explanation don’t prove that we can not find irrelevant writing exercise for example ….

(in grade 12 unit 10 the whole unit talk about “why people behave like that “

And the writing exercise ask students to write about scholarship to study in America and its problem & opportunities