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Word scramble Unscramble the following letters to reveal the first words uttered by our Lord to Gideon. Name: Year:. Read Judges 6:1-27

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  1. Word scramble Unscramble the following letters to reveal the first words uttered by our Lord to Gideon Name: Year: • Read Judges 6:1-27 • (1)(a) When the Israelites again did evil in the sight of the Lord, who did the Lord raise up to oppress them? _________________________ • (b) For how many years did the Israelites live under this oppression? • _________________________________________________________ • (2) Where did the angel of the Lord appear to Gideon? • (a) By the winepress where Gideon threshed wheat • (b) In his house • (c) In Midian • (d) In the tabernacle • (3) What words did the Angel of the Lord utter to Gideon? _________________________________________________________ • (4) What did Gideon ask the Angel? • If the Lord be with us, why then is all befallen us? • Where be all his miracles which our father told us of? • With what shall I use to save Israel? • Both A & B • (5) Briefly describe the events that took place between Gideon and the angel, that proved to Gideon that the Angels message was indeed from God? _______________________________________________ • _________________________________________________________ • _________________________________________________________ • _________________________________________________________ • (6) What did Gideon and his 10 servants do? • Tear down the altar of Baal • Cut down the wooden image that was beside the altar of Baal • Build an Altar for the Lord on top of the rock and offer a burnt sacrifice • All of the Above Ersuly I lwil eb hwit oyu adn oyu lwil tdeeaf _____ _ ___ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _____ hte Mdnianitsei sa eon mna ___ _________ __ ___ ___ What Does it Mean? “But the spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon; then he blew the trumpet and the Abiezrites gathered behind him” Judges 6:34 In this passage, the Holy Spirit “came upon Gideon” giving him the divine power he needed to carry out God’s plan. The assignment was big-rescue Israel. It required one faithful man and supernatural help from the Holy Spirit. One man plus God is mightier than any army and stronger than any opposition. If God is calling you for a big job, you can bet that He will also send the power of the Holy Spirit to take control of the situation- and of you. You’ll know what to do. You’ll know what to say. You can run to the battle with the total confidence that the spirit of God is in control! JUDGES • Read Judges 6:28-40 • (7)What product was used as a sign to show Gideon that God would use him to save Israel? • Manna (c) Sun dial • Fleece of wool (d) Rod • (8) Using this product, how many times did Gideon ask God for a sign? ___________________________________________________

  2. Read Judges 7:1-18 • (9) How many men left Gideon because they were afraid and how many remained with him? • 300 left him and 1000 remained with him • 1000 left him and 300 remained with him • 10000 left him and 22000 remained with him • 22000 left him and 10000 remained with him • (10) Briefly describe the water test that the Lord asked Gideon to perform in order to again cut down the number of men. What was the criteria for remaining with Gideon and what was the criteria for being let go? _____________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________ • (11) How many men passed the water test? _________________________ • (12) What did Gideon hear when he went near the camp of the Midianites? • A man telling a dream and another interpreting it • A still small voice • The sound of thunder and rain • The sound of locusts • (13) How did Gideon divide his men and with what did he equip them with? • _____________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________ • (14) What did Gideon instruct his men to shout? • Glory be to God • Alleluia • The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon • We are victorious Read Judges 7:19-25 (15) In what way did Gideon’s army use the tools they were given? _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (16) What happened immediately after Gideon’s men blew their trumpets? ______________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (17)What are the names of the two Midiante princes who were captured by Gideon’s army? ____________________________ ___________________________________________________ JUDGES “Arise for the LORD has delivered the camp of Midian into your hand” (Judges 7:15) Yr 7 & 8 Bible Study: Judges 6-7

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