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Career Development: Overview of the Process & Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Development: Overview of the Process & Services

Career Development: Overview of the Process & Services

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Career Development: Overview of the Process & Services

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  1. Career Development:Overview of the Process & Services Keith Munson Career Specialist Fall 2010 Strommen Career & Internship Center • • 612-330-1167 •

  2. Keith’s story.........

  3. Common misperceptions Career choice is a one time decision Choosing a career is linear I’ll worry about my “career” later Choosing a major locks me into a certain career I’m the only one that hasn’t made a choice I have to handle this process alone.....

  4. Truth is....... • You will be “managing” your career choices throughout your life • You’ll move forward; you may move backward • You may skip steps; you may repeat steps • The longer you wait, the less choices you may have • Most occupations do not require a specific major

  5. Truth is..... Many, many people begin college with ideas of a major/career, not a path written in stone You have a lot of people to help with the process......

  6. Career Development Process

  7. Know Yourself • Answering the question – Who Am I? • Values, Skills, Strengths, Interests, Passions • Finding Meaningful Work is related to how similar our personality and interests fit with the actual work environment • Is my work in line with my values? • Am I using the skills and strengths I most enjoy? • Do I work with people who share my interests/passions

  8. Questions to ponder.... What gets you excited and makes you happy? What motivates you? What are your gifts and strengths? What do you enjoy learning about? What would you do if you could do anything? What did you want to be when you grew up? What would you be willing to make sacrifices for?

  9. Strong Interest Inventory What people do is a reflection of their interests People of similar interests will be satisfied in those occupations given their values, knowledge and abilities are also the same There are 6 Interest Areas, which make up your Holland Code: RIASEC

  10. MBTI • Where you focus your energy • Extroverted/Introverted • The way you take in information • Sensing/Intuition • The way you make decisions • Thinking/Feeling • Lifestyle • Judging/Perceiving

  11. Explore majors Think about previous courses/activities you have enjoyed Take assessments to explore your skills, interests & values Meet individually with a career counselor Talk to faculty about specific majors Talk to students in majors that might interest you • Take classes that spark your interest • Go to the department websites for info on their degree programs • Look through course catalog • Get involved with campus clubs or activities in your area(s) of interest • Use online resources to explore majors & careers using the wiki:

  12. Explore the world of work • Resources in our library about careers • Wiki website • Informational interviews • Panels and speakers

  13. Get Experience Part-time jobs Internships On campus activities Volunteer work Service to the community

  14. Prepare Resumes Cover Letters Job Search Interviewing Professional Etiquette

  15. Enrich your career Graduate school exploration Applying to graduate programs

  16. Important Statistics Spend up to 90,000 hours of life at work 75% of all entry level jobs do not require a specific major Go through a job search 5-9 times in lifetime Change careers 2-3 time in lifetime Job satisfaction is one of the most critical factors for life satisfaction and well-being

  17. Career and Internship Center • Services • Career and Self-Assessment Inventories  • One-on-One Career Planning/Counseling/Coaching  • Major Selection  • Career Information and Resources  • Career Exploration through Internships and Work Experience  • Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing, and Networking Assistance  • Employment Trends Information  • Job Searching Techniques • Graduate School Planning   • How to find us • Anderson Hall, Room 23 • 612.330.1148 • Career Services and Internship Wiki •