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Student Development Services Orientation Workshop

Student Development Services Orientation Workshop. Thursday, November 30, 2006 NC Community College System Office. Ken Whitehurst. Introductions of Student Services Staff Members. Student Development Services. Wanda White. Student Development Services.

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Student Development Services Orientation Workshop

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  1. Student Development ServicesOrientation Workshop Thursday, November 30, 2006 NC Community College System Office

  2. Ken Whitehurst Introductions of Student Services Staff Members

  3. Student Development Services

  4. Wanda White Student Development Services

  5. Student Development Services Functions • Preparation for academic success • Academic support services for enrolled students • Enrollment management • Administrative services • Transition to work and further education

  6. Admissions counseling Career counseling Personal counseling Placement testing Financial Aid Orientation programs Disability services Transitional services to high school Veterans services Student Development ServicesPreparation for Success

  7. Academic advising Study skills models Developmental courses Academic progress monitoring Student activities Health services Tutoring programs Cooperative education Housing and transportation referrals Student Development ServicesAcademic Support Services

  8. Student Development ServicesEnrollment Management • Recruitment • Retention • Marketing and public relations

  9. Registration Student records Graduation services State, Federal and SACS reporting Student discipline and grievance Staff Development Planning and evaluation Foreign student services Online student services Federally funded program management Student Development ServicesAdministrative Services

  10. Job development and placement Transfer articulation counseling Recommendations and transcripts to employers On-campus visits from four-year institutions Workshops and classes on employment skills Student Development ServicesTransition Services

  11. Vision for the New Millennium Diverse Learner Populations Emerging Faculty & Staff Leadership & Professional Development Resource Development Best Practices Assessment & Dissemination Internal/ External Partnerships Lifelong Learning Learning & Technology Global Education 4/00

  12. Ken WhitehurstAssociate Vice President Academic and Student Services FERPA Discussion

  13. Student Development Services Charletta Sims

  14. Student Development ServicesResource Development Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines for Scholarship Administration manual • Provide annual publication that gives criteria and guidelines for each scholarship. • Coordinate and monitor the utilization of scholarships according to criteria • Approve college reimbursement requests

  15. Student Development ServicesResource Development Corporate Sponsors • Progress Energy Scholarships - $45,000 • Rodney E. Powell Memorial - $20,000 • Power Careers - $10,000 • Embarq Scholarship (formerly Sprint) - $10,200 • BellSouth - $10,000 • Wachovia - $56,500 • North Carolina State Board of Refrigeration Examiners - $2,600

  16. Student Development ServicesResource Development Private Sponsors • Allen Ryan Todd • George W. Ballard Memorial • Ray Jeffries Scholarship State Agency Scholarship • Youth Development Center

  17. Student Development ServicesNurse Education Scholarship Loan Program(NESLP) • NC State Education Assistance Authority – (NCSEAA) -$657,400 • Provides special financial aid resources to encourage the enrollment and retention of qualified nurse education students. • Colleges are contacted by NCSEAA

  18. Student Development Services • Serve as resource to campus personnel to collect/develop and disseminate information on retention programs • Collaborate in the development of retention programs.

  19. Student Development ServicesInternal/External Partnerships • State Occupational Information Coordinating Council (SOICC) • NC College Access Programs Gear UP NC CFNC Pathways Other Agencies • Department of Corrections • Vote For America • National Board of Certified Counselors • NC State Education Assistance Authority

  20. Student Development Services • Coordinate services for student leadership and student activities. • Coordinate career services, academic advising and professional development training and certification. Serve as liaison to inter-agencies for the System office.

  21. Student Development ServicesLeadership/Professional Development North Carolina Community College Student Development Personnel Association (N3CSDPA) • Serve as System Office liaison to assist with the initiatives of the association. • Provide an opportunity for growth and development of professional student development personnel.

  22. Student Development ServicesLeadership/Professional Development North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association (N4CSGA)/ Student Activities • Serve as trustee to assist with the statewide initiatives of the association. • Represent all student members of student government organizations within the North Carolina Community College System.

  23. Student Development Services Karen Yerby

  24. Student Development Services • Provide leadership and technical assistance to campuses for the administration of Title IV financial aid programs • Provide leadership and technical assistance to campuses for provision of disability services and the promotion of access for non-traditional learners.

  25. Student Development Services • Monitor federal legislation for Student Financial Assistance, Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to advise the Director and appropriate campus personnel of changes. • Coordinate and assist campuses with Innovations in admissions and recruitment systems that increase enrollment in the system.

  26. Student Development Services • Provide assistance to campuses for implementing Veterans Affairs. • Serve as resource to campus personnel to collect/develop and disseminate information on retention programs. • Provide technology support including web based solutions at the system level. • Serve as resource for campus personnel for foreign student exchange support

  27. Student Development Services • Administer the State Childcare grants program - $2,000,000. • Administer the Golden LEAF Scholars Program • Serve as liaison to the NC Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, NC Association on Higher Education and Disability, and the State ADA Coordinators, DOC “Going Home Initiative”.

  28. Student Development Services DISABILITY SERVICES • Colleges must provide services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 & the Americans with Disabilities Act (Title II). • 504 because they receive federal funds • ADA because they are public entities.

  29. Student Development ServicesDiverse Learner Pop., Leadership & Pro. Dev, Best Practices, Emerging Faculty & Staff • Colleges must offer reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities • What are the problems? • What are the solutions?

  30. Student Development ServicesResource Development STATE CHILD CARE GRANT $2,000,000 • Base funding is $20,000/college with additional allocation based on FTE • Served over 1,000 student parents last year • Over 1,400 student parents were not served last year due to lack of funds

  31. Resource Development Golden LEAF Scholars Program $300,000 For Curriculum and Occupational Ed. Students • Eligible students must: • be a permanent resident of one of the eligible counties designated as Tier I, II,III or highly tobacco-dependent counties

  32. Professional Development • Student Development Web Portal • Serve as the liaison with Vocational Ed. and CORD to development web portal for Student Development. (NC-ACCESS) • Multi-year project • survey • Develop professional development with various means of delivery • Website will serve as a clearinghouse

  33. Other…. • Service Learning • Statewide initiative to provide info on SL for colleges to include as part of their campus culture • Occupational Course of Study • Statewide committee formed. Survey of colleges regarding these students.

  34. Student Development ServicesLeadership & Professional Development Student Leadership Institute (Independent Entity) • Created in 1995 • First class in 1999 • Includes summer session and 2 weekends • Requirements • Accomplishments

  35. Student Development ServicesStudent Leadership Institute Student quote: “The week I spent at Peace College with the other SLI participants was one of the best training sessions I have ever attended. I worked for ten years before attending college and had many hours of training, but this information I can use on my job, in my personal life and for the rest of my life. I am grateful for the privilege to be a part of an effort to make a change in a positive direction." Martha Marshburn, Coastal Carolina C.C.

  36. Monty HickmanAssociate Director of Financial Aid

  37. Student Development ServicesMonty Hickman TITLE IV FINANCIAL AID • Federal Pell Grant - Gift Aid • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) - Gift Aid • Federal Work-Study (FWS) - Self-Help Aid • Loans - Self-Help Aid

  38. Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2005(HERA) • HERA reflects changes made to the Higher Education Act of 1965. • HERA 2005 was enacted on February 8, 2006 • Changes impacted the 2006-2007 academic year. • FAFSA processing had already begun as of January 1, 2006

  39. Academic Competitive Grant (ACG)-1 • Must be a Pell Eligible student • Must be US citizen • Have completed a rigorous academic high school program: • After January 1, 2006 if a freshman • After January 1, 2005 if second year student

  40. ACG -2 • Enrolled in a degree program (undergraduate) • Not previously enrolled • First or second year of program • If second year, must have 3.0 GPA on 4.0 scale • $750 for first academic year • $1300 for second academic year

  41. National SMART Grant-1 • Available when CC students transfers to a 4-year school • Students may receive $4000 awards for the third and fourth academic year • Must be a U. S. citizen • Pell Grant recipient • Enrolled in full-time degree program

  42. National SMART Grant-2 • Enrolled in 4-year degree granting institution • Major in physical, life or computer science, engineering, mathematics, technology or a critical foreign language • Have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

  43. ACG/Smart Grant-3 • http://www.ifap.ed.gov/dpcletters/attachments/gen0604a.pdf (Grant Requirements) • http://www.ifap.ed.gov/dpcletters/attachments/GENO615Attach1.pdf (List of Majors)

  44. FAFSA Updates Family-Owned and operated small businesses that do not employ more than 100 people are no longer considered as assets when calculating aid.

  45. Definition of Independent Student • Independency Status: Student serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces for purposes other than training are now considered independent.

  46. Drug Offences • Drug Conviction Question: Eligibility provision was modified so that students convicted of drug-related offenses lose Title IV eligibility only if the offense occurred during a period of enrollment in which the student was receiving Title IV aid. • Length of Ineligibility- one year, two years, or indefinitely depending on nature of charges

  47. Automatic Zero EFC • Parents of dependent students and independent students-Income between 16,000 and 20,000 • Recipient of federal benefit programs-SSI, Food stamps, free and reduced lunch, and WIC (Recipients must meet Auto Income guidelines)

  48. Cost of Attendance • Institutions may include in a student’ s budget the following: -one time cost for obtaining a professional license or certificate certification -does not include cost for taking specialized exams

  49. Room and Board Cost of Attendance (COA) • Room and Board can be included in cost of attendance for less than half time students • Allowance can only be claimed for up to three semesters • Two of those semesters must be consecutive

  50. Loan Limits Updates • Effective 2007-2008 year student Loan limits will change: • Freshman- $2,625 increased to $3,500 • Sophomore- $3,500 increased to $4,500 • Junior and Senior remains at $5,500 Aggregate Limits remain the same: $23,000 Sub $23,000 Unsub

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