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Social Network. Social Network. Social Network. Shared Database. HTTP Data Extractor. Data Analyzer. User Interface. User. HTTP Connection Manager. HTML Parser. HTML Analyzer. הפקולטה למדעי ההנדסה הפקולטה למדעי הטבע התכנית להנדסת תוכנה.

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User Interface

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  1. Social Network Social Network Social Network Shared Database HTTP Data Extractor DataAnalyzer User Interface User HTTP Connection Manager HTML Parser HTML Analyzer הפקולטה למדעי ההנדסה הפקולטה למדעי הטבע התכנית להנדסת תוכנה SNiC – Social Network Information Consolidation תומר קלסקין, ארז רביע, ירון ניסימוב מנחים: פרופ' יובל אלוביץ, ד"ר רמי פוזיס, גב' עופרית לסר Solution Architecture • Project Goals • Consolidate social information from several social networks and provide a convenient way to access it. • Expose the user to friends in social networks he may have missed. • Provide time-based analysis for the social life of a certain user. • Modularity - Allow other social networks to be added easily as a data source. • Get useful social data that may be used for research. API Data Extractor Crawlers Executor Social Network Account Crawler • Solution Proposal • A web crawler will fetch web pages out of the social networks in which the user is a member without the need of his interaction with the web site. • By visiting the various sites and parsing their HTML data the crawler analyzes and fetches the relevant data for the user. • Use of social networks’ API in order to fetch the data more easily. • Having the raw data in our hands, we can analyze it to our needs and present it according to various parameters. User Interface • Future Development • Active UI options: sending messages, adding friends. • Enhanced crawling algorithm. • Data analysis on friends connections, groups, etc… Developed using: Developed for:

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