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Election Year 2012

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Election Year 2012. Federally Mandated Constitution Day Lesson of Joy!. Who can vote in PA?. You must be at least 18. You have to register to vote. Only have to register once unless you move or want to change political parties.

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election year 2012

Election Year 2012

Federally Mandated Constitution Day Lesson of Joy!

who can vote in pa
Who can vote in PA?

You must be at least 18.

You have to register to vote.

Only have to register once unless you move or want to change political parties.

Mail in registration form to Montgomery County Board of Elections in Norristown at least one month prior to the elections. Other states have Internet and same day registration – PA does not.

You vote at your registered voting site. You can’t just vote at any voting site.

There are about 15 in Methacton School District alone.

types of elections
Types of Elections

Primary Election

General Election

*Mid-term elections are a type of general election that happens 2 years into a presidential term

Presidential Elections

– only nation-wide election in US

- Every 4 years

types of elections1
Types of Elections

State and US Congress positions

Even numbered years

Local or Municipal Elections (School Board, township, boroughs, etc.)

Odd numbered years

general elections
General Elections

Beginning of November

First Tuesday after the first Monday

Same day across the country

Run by states and process varies from state to state

Registration process

Types of ballots (absentee, etc)

Locations of voting sites

Poll workers

Voting machines and counting/reporting guidelines

Voters can vote for any candidate regardless of party

uniqueness of presidential election
Uniqueness of Presidential Election

Only nation-wide election

Only election where there is public funding or funding paid by the government

Funding is established by the Federal Election Commission

President is not directly elected

the election process

The Election Process

From Candidate to Nominee to President

constitutional qualifications to be president
Constitutional Qualifications to be President

The President must be a natural born citizen.

Must have lived in the U.S. for 14 years (although they do not have to be consecutive).

Must be at least 35 yrs. old.

non constitutional qualifications
Non-Constitutional Qualifications

Government Experience – most frequently as governor or US Senator.

Money – candidates could spend up to $37.3 mil. For primaries and $74.62 million for general election (2004).

Political beliefs – extremes are often not the answer.

Personal characteristics.

Personal growth.

important dates of the primaries
Important Dates of the Primaries

The first two primaries are in Iowa and New Hampshire. They “set the tone” for the remainder of the primaries.

Tuesday, Feb. 5th is known as Super Tuesday. Twenty states will hold their primaries.

Pennsylvania held their primary on, April 24th.

selecting a vice president
Selecting a Vice-President

Also at the convention, the nominated President will select a running mate, the Vice-President.

Do you think that the President would pick his best friend to be the Vice-President?


There are several reasons for picking a Vice-President and friendship a rarely amongst them. So what are the reasons?

The state that the Vice-President comes from.

The politics of the Vice-President.

The Vice-President fulfills a “special role.”

Ultimately, the Vice-President should balance out the President.

now what
Now what …

At this point, the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee will face each other with the Presidency as the prize.

Occasionally, an independent or a third party candidate will emerge, but not very often.

A third party candidate will often take votes away from one of the major party candidates, hurting their chances at the Presidency.

election day
Election Day

On the first Tuesday of November (unless it is the first day of the month), everyone votes for their candidate for President.

2012 general election

2012 General Election

Presidential & Congressional Election

the presidential candidates
The Presidential Candidates

Republican ChallengerMitt Romney

Democratic President

Barack Obama

romney v obama s political bio
Romney v. Obama’s Political Bio

BA from BYU, MBA/JD from Harvard

MA Gov. 2003-2007

President Bain Capital (Private Equity)

CEO Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics

Married w/ 7 children

Law Degree from Harvard (1991)

Community Organizer (1985-1988)

State Senator (IL) (1997-2004)

US. Jr. Senator (IL) (2005-2008)

44th U.S. President

Married w/ 2 daughters

what is a vice presidential running mate
What is a Vice Presidential Running Mate?

This person is asked by a presidential nominee to run with the nominee on a “presidential ticket”.

If the nominee becomes President, his VP running mate becomes VP.

how does a nominee choose a vp running mate
How does a nominee choose a VP running mate?

The Nominee simply asks him/her. The only thing is, the VP running mate has to meet the 3 qualifications the Constitution requires to become president.

35 years old

Natural Born U.S. Citizen

Must live in the U.S. for 14 years

How do Presidential nominees decide to pick a specific person to be the VP running mate on the ticket?

There are two primary things a nominee looks at when deciding who to choose as a VP running mate (a presidential nominee and their VP running mate from the same political party is called a “presidential ticket”)

Is this person qualified?

How will this person help me get elected?

is this person qualified
Is this person qualified?

The nominee has to find out about the possible running mate:

job experience

views on issues


any bad things the person did in the past

how will this person help me get elected
How will this person help me get elected?

Each presidential nominee has weaknesses. (For example, Joe Biden was picked for his political experience and his foreign policy experience/Paul Ryan was picked as a deficit hawk and ideas man on how to lower the federal debt)

If the nominee picks a candidate that is strong in the areas the nominee is weak in, it could help him win the election (Ex. Joe Biden is 20 years older than Obama, and was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

republican vp nominee
Republican VP nominee:

Representative (43 years old)

Wisconsin Congressman for 14 years

Former Republican speech writer

Chairman of the House Budget Committee

Known as very conservative


democratic vp nominee
Democratic VP nominee:

Senator Joe Biden (69 years old)


New Castle, Delaware city councilman (2 yrs.)

U.S. Senator (36 years)

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (4 years)

Known as moderate liberal