2012 election calendar
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2012 Election Calendar. Traveling through a Year Full of Election Fun!. 2012 Election Calendar. Using the 2012 Election Administrator’s Calendar Read ahead! Note subject cues in left margin, like “ABS”, “CAN”, and “CFA” to help find entries

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2012 election calendar
2012 Election Calendar

Traveling through a Year

Full of Election Fun!

2012 election calendar1
2012 Election Calendar

Using the

2012 Election Administrator’s Calendar

  • Read ahead!

  • Note subject cues in left margin, like “ABS”, “CAN”, and “CFA” to help find entries

  • “Subject to change….” due to new federal or state laws, court cases, etc.

2012 election calendar2
2012 Election Calendar

December 2011

  • Get forms and files organized for 2012! Check your forms against 2012 Forms List on disc

  • Certificates of election and oaths of office for city and town officials.

  • Commissions for City and Town Court Judges issued by Governor, attested to by SOS. Mailed to home address of candidate.

Oaths of office
Oaths of Office

When? Any time after certificate of election issued. By Jan 31 2012

Who? Any notary public, or person listed in IC 33-42-4-1

Where filed? With county circuit court clerk

2012 election calendar3
2012 Election Calendar

January 2012

  • State convention delegate descriptions must be filed - January 3- unless all at large.

  • Candidate filing begins Wed Jan 11. Includes:

    • Includes declarations of candidacy for primary;

    • Republican precinct committeemen only;

    • D and R state convention delegates. (CAN-37)

    • Statewide primary candidate petitions

January 18 campaign finance report filing
January 18 Campaign Finance Report Filing

Does county have policy to accept FAXed reports?

Who decides when it is “noon”?

2012 election calendar4
2012 Election Calendar

February 2012

  • Candidate filing ends NOON local time Friday, Feb 10. Candidates for

    • Federal, statewide, and state legislature file with state;

    • Candidates for Judge file declaration with state, but file campaign finance reports with county;

    • Candidates for all other local offices file with county.

2012 election calendar5
2012 Election Calendar

February 2012

  • After filing ends, post candidate list.

  • Deadline for candidate challenges to be filed – Friday Feb 17 – CAN-1 Form- “The Put Up or Shut Up Law.”

  • Indiana Election Commission or county election board holds meeting to decide challenges – by Thu March 1.

  • CEB members oaths on file? CEB-6

Candidate challenge hearings
Candidate Challenge Hearings

Open Door Law requirements for meeting notices, public discussion and voting! No “executive session” in mid-meeting.

Swear in any person who testifies.

2012 election calendar6
2012 Election Calendar

February – March 2012

  • Election Division certifies state primary candidates to counties – Fri Feb 24.

  • Amendment possible after March 1. Alert your printer!

  • Ballot delivery deadline – March 19

  • Absentee ballot mailing begins – March 24

2012 election calendar7
2012 Election Calendar

April 9, 2012

  • Voter Registration Deadline

  • In person absentee voting begins

  • Deadline for county to designate polling places.

  • Deadline for county chair to file absentee ballot board recommendations

2012 election calendar8
2012 Election Calendar

April 2012

  • Deadline to file pre-primary campaign finance report – April 20

  • “Large Contribution” 48 hour campaign finance reporting begins – April 14

  • Deadline to publish legal notice of primary; list of polling places – Apr 28

Voting system public tests
Voting System Public Tests

One of few “legal notice” publication requirements

Last day is April 24. Schedule with vendor before then if possible

If problem, recess (don’t adjourn) CEB meeting to another date

2012 election calendar9
2012 Election Calendar

April 2012

  • Don’t forget to file copy of touch screen public test report (IEC-9) and optical scan ballot test report (IEC-10) with Indiana Election Division no later than 7 days after public test completed.

2012 election calendar10
2012 Election Calendar

April – May 2012

  • Deadline for county to receive application for absentee ballot by mail – 11:59 p.m. Apr 30

  • Deadline for in office absentee voting – Noon, May 7

  • Primary Election Day! May 8, 2012

2012 election calendar11
2012 Election Calendar

May 2012

  • First day political party can fill candidate vacancy for November because no one nominated in primary – Wed May 9

  • Deadline, by noon, May 18 for challenged voter to present photo ID to CEB

  • County election board has until 3 pm, May 18 to rule on provisional ballots

2012 election calendar12
2012 Election Calendar

May 21, 2012

  • Deadline by noon for county to send list of candidates nominated at primary and results (by congressional district) from pres. primary.

  • Please use SVRS when possible!

  • CEB-23 (D), CEB-24 (R), and new form (IEC-4) for presidential primary results

Lists of state convention delegates
Lists of State Convention Delegates

Mon May 21: Deadline for counties to send Indiana Election Division list of all ELECTED state convention delegates, with candidate address and congressional district.

2012 election calendar13
2012 Election Calendar

May 22, 2012

  • Voter registration reopens

  • First day to receive absentee ballot application

  • Deadline, by noon, for primary candidate to file recount or contest petition

  • Party chairmen have later deadline to file petitions.

2012 election calendar14
2012 Election Calendar

June 2012

  • General Election Ballot Vacancy Filling

    • Process can take place during entire month.

    • June 20 last day to send notice of caucus to precinct committeeman and file notice with Election Division or county election board by noon.

    • “Last day” assumes caucus held June 30.

    • Political party can provide for direct appointment of candidate instead of caucus.

2012 election calendar15
2012 Election Calendar

June 2012

  • General Election Ballot Vacancy Filling

    • Caucus candidate filing

    • June 27 last day for candidate to file declaration of candidacy (at least 72 hours before scheduled caucus time)

    • Declaration of candidacy must be filed with both Political party chairman and

      Election Division or county clerk.

2012 election calendar16
2012 Election Calendar

June 2012

  • General Election Ballot Vacancy Filling

    • Conducting a party caucus

    • June 30 by noon last day for political party to conduct caucus or for party to make direct appointment.

    • “Grace period” until noon July 3 to file certificate of appointment with Election Division or county.

2012 election calendar17
2012 Election Calendar

June 30, 2012

  • Don’t forget the other types of candidates:

    • Libertarian Party can nominate by convention by noon, June 30.

    • Independent or other petition candidates can file CAN-19 petitions with county voter registration office by noon, June 30.

    • Declared write-in candidates can file with county clerk or Election Division (by noon July 3).

2012 election calendar to be continued
2012 Election Calendar… to be continued

We’ll cover the last half of 2012

at the summer State Board of Accounts meeting!