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3 Film Synopsis’s PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Film Synopsis’s

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3 Film Synopsis’s
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3 Film Synopsis’s

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  1. 3 Film Synopsis’s

  2. Idea 1: Email at your own risk. • The first idea ties in with contact, about how due to technology you must be careful who you speak to nowhere days. The short film will show how young girls can get wrapped up in a cyber relationship, and how it can go wrong. • The film will begin with some statistics on the screen of how many online predators there are nowhere days. • It will then go straight into the story, to their computer screens showing their conversation. While showing their reactions to the occasional comment, then they will decide to meet up. • The next scene will be off her and her friend talking about it, the main character will then describe what she thinks it will be like. (Showing them meeting up late afternoon on the beach) her friend warns her. Later that night you see their conversation again, showing him asking to meet her late night in the park, she agrees. • The next scene is them actually meeting , you see a reaction shot , showing he is not what she expected, then final shot of something she drops lying on the floor . It would then cut to a news report of the disappearance of the young girl.

  3. Characters • Person 1: The young girl – aged around 16 – 18, innocent and naive, role will be one of the main characters, the young girl who meets the man online. • Person2: Best friend – around the same age as person 1, her role will simply be in one scene, talking to her friend about this guy, warning her. • Person 3: Imaginary guy – slightly older possibly between 18 – 20. Would only be in one scene, used to show the girls thoughts, helps to show how naïve she is, and establishes a romantic view of things. • Person 4: Older man – aged 30 – 40, the other main character his role will be to entice the girl to talk to him, and to meet up. And then meet her at the end.

  4. Theme • The theme for this short film idea is contact. As the man contacts her, the moral is that you have to be careful who you talk to.

  5. Visual Style • For this idea I would want the majority of the shots to be dark, to connote a sense of fear or unease. However during the scenes where the main character is with her friend , and the scene showing her imagination I would like it to be the opposite , to help add a sense of happiness and romance for example in the film time travellers wife. • During the scenes where the camera focuses on the online predator , I would like to create a shadow on his face so that you can only see half his face . This suggests that there is something wrong with him , as if he is half good and half bad. • Shot choices for this film would include the majority of close ups , specifically on the screens as they talk and their reactions to the comments said. • However I would want to use some long shots, mid shots and possibly one extreme long shot as they are walking down the beach.

  6. Locations • The main locations would possibly be the beach and the park. • The beach would be used to add a sense of romance to the scene in which she tells her friend what she imagines it will be like. • The park would be used to add a sense of isolation of the night time. • Those are the most important locations however I would also need to use a girls bedroom or lounge for the scene with the two girls and 2 different dark rooms for the scenes with the computers.

  7. Props / Resources • 2 computers • Something to leave behind … possibly a scarf or some other item of clothing • General props for a room, should have stuff in it anyway • Camera, lighting and sound equipment.

  8. Idea 2 : Due to infatuation • This film ties in with decisions and understanding, as an armed robber’s wife decides to wait for him to finish his prison sentence, she then has his child. He gets let out early and after them all postponing their lives, they lose his as he gets hit by a car on his way to see them. • Film opens with the main character being arrested, and his wife vowing she will wait for him, and then there would be a shot of Walton prison, then a black screen with 18 years later. • He has been let out early so you see him walking away from the prison, Then you see his wife out for dinner with their daughter. • They turn to look out the window over the street to see that he’s standing across the road, because he is so absorbed in the moment he steps out without looking across the road , you hear a car screech and his face then it fades to black.

  9. Characters • Person 1: The main character at the beginning must look around 20, later on around 38, loving husband and father, however has a darker side. • Person 2: The wife of the main character, forgiving and hopeful around the same age as her husband • Person 3: The daughter of the two main characters around 18 • Person 4 + 5: Police officers

  10. Theme • The theme for this short film is decisions , however it also ties in with understanding as during this story the wife decides to wait for her husband , till he finishes his time in prison . • It also ties in with understanding as it would take a great deal of understanding to deal with it.

  11. Visual Style • For this idea I would like it to be all bright throughout the film until the end as to connote hope, in the situation that they are in. • However at the end when he gets hit by a car the lighting would change, so that the mood will change through the piece. • Shot choices throughout this film would include close ups at the end when he gets hit by the car, and mid shots, close ups, and long shots. Plus panning and zooming when he gets taken to prison.

  12. Props / Resources Locations Handcuffs, convincing police badge, car, juice that looks like wine. Camera, light and sound equipment. Possibly a dolly/ track. Locations in this film include outside Walton prison, a restaurant like the wro , with big open windows, and the outside of someone’s house ( just the front room , door and drive.)

  13. Idea 3 : Reminiscence • This short film links in with perspective, during this film you see a couple having a row, then you see the view of what their life has been like from the husband, and then the wife. Therefore seeing different perspectives of their life. • It opens with the couple arguing her telling him that he needs to change, because she’s sick and tired of him being like he is. • He then puts forward how he thinks their life has been, several scenes of their life together occur for example walks, meals and watching a film. • However you then see her side of the stories, he is more aggressive and violent towards her and several times he also hurts her. At the end you see her walk out, she’s finally free.

  14. Characters • Person 1: Husband, split personality, thinks he’s the perfect husband, however he is a violent, aggressive and an alcoholic. • Person 2: Wife, fairly weak, doesn’t want to cross her husband. • Other characters: Extras or friends

  15. Theme • The theme for this short film is about perspective, as you see both the husband and wife’s perspective of their lives.

  16. Visual Style • For this idea, I imagined the lighting to be very different in each perspective. • From the husbands perspective I imagined it to be bright , to connote happiness as he imagines his marriage to have been a very happy one. • However when the film shows the opposite side ( the wife's) it would have to be dark to represent the darkness in which they have lived. If possible I would also like to make everything slightly blue in her imagination as if her husband has been very cold to her , and to represent the sadness she has had to live with. • For this idea I would use more creative editing and shot types as it is past memories, therefore it would be necessary to distinguish between the present and the past. For example fading to white or using different effects on the Mac , like aging. • Shot types used would be general shots , for example close up , long shot and mid shot . However I would possibly like to open it with some type of establishing shot however I am unsure at the moment.

  17. Props / Resources Locations Locations include, Royden park, and locations within a house … dining room, lounge and the hall way. Camera, light and sound equipment General house clutter, bottle of wine, meal, bottle of whisky or rum.