welcome to joblink for employers n.
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Welcome to JobLink for Employers PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to JobLink for Employers

Welcome to JobLink for Employers

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Welcome to JobLink for Employers

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  1. Welcome to JobLink for Employers

  2. To Register with the JobLink…… • Click on “Register with JobLink” in the employer’s section. • The next screen displays theNebraska JobLink Standards of Employer Conduct. • To continue the registration process you will need to read and agree to the Standards by clicking on YES. • If you are an attorney representative using the JobLink on behalf of your employer client, you must have an agreement with the employer to do so.

  3. Not sure if you already have an account? • Click onFind Company, enter your company name, and click onthe“search” button. • If your company has an account you will be able to select it so all employees registered with the JobLink are using the same account.

  4. You need two types of accounts on the JobLink. The account created in STEP 1 is the JobLink Employer Account and it provides information about your company. • Enter all information preceded by ®and click on [Submit]

  5. STEP 2 contains additional information needed for your account. • You will be able to add more locations after you have completed your registration. • We need your email address for registration however you do not need to provide it to job seekers interested in your job posting.

  6. To complete your JobLink Employer Accountwe need your personal information in STEP 3. • Enter all of the ®required information and click on [SUBMIT].

  7. To add additional locations for your company click on COMPANY PROFILE. • Click in the dropdown for ® LOCATION LIST, enter the information for the new location and click on [SUBMIT]. You can enter as many locations as necessary.

  8. Employees that will be posting jobs on the JobLink will need to set up their own JobLink User Account. • The STEPS are the same except for STEP 1. In order for all employees to have access to the same JobLink Employer Account they need to select it from the list.

  9. To complete the registration….. • You will be contacted by a staff member from your nearest Workforce Development Career Center. • They will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the JobLink. • You can start entering your job postings NOW! • Jobs will be posted on the JobLink as soon as your registration is approved. • Registration usually takes one to two business days. Please contact us by email if you have any questions or problems.

  10. Start a Job Posting….. • Click on JOB TRACKER • Click on Create a new job posting

  11. Basic Job Posting Information ….. • The first thing you need to do is select the right O*NET Code listed on the Prevailing Wage Determination. • Enter the O*NET Job Title and click on “select O*NET category”. • If the O*NET category selected is not the same as the Prevailing Wage Determination try again. • The Job Title does not need to be changed. This is what you want the job seeker to see when they do a search and it is not part of the employer job seeker match.

  12. Enter a new description of the job posting and click on “select O*NET category”. • If you have problems selecting the O*NET Category contact the Foreign Labor Commission staff for assistance at (402) 471-2693.

  13. After you have successfully selected the O*NET Code enter the rest of the required information ® for the posting. • Click [Next] to go the the Qualifiers page.

  14. In the QUALIFIERS section you can add information about the job posting and what your company has to offer. • Click on [Next] to go to the CONTACT INFO section.

  15. In the CONTACT INFO you can provide detailed instructions to job seekers on how you want them to apply. • Job seeker resumes can be emailed to you by the JobLink. • You can request job seekers fill out a generic application or your company application at the Career Center and have them sent to you.

  16. To complete your job posting you will need to provide at least one way for job seekers to contact you. • You can click on [Save & Preview] to see how your posting will be displayed to job seekers. • If you click on [Save & Post] your job will be posted on the JobLink as soon as your registration is completed.

  17. If your registration has been approved and you clicked on [Save & Post] the status of your posting will be Open. • To change the status of the posting click on the dropdown, select the new status, and click on “Change Status”.