earthenders the end of the world as we know it n.
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Earthenders- The end of the World as we know it? PowerPoint Presentation
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Earthenders- The end of the World as we know it?

Earthenders- The end of the World as we know it?

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Earthenders- The end of the World as we know it?

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  1. Earthenders- The end of the World as we know it? A special literacy compilation by Eastdon Read the blurb.

  2. Blurb: By Mollie Duffy There is a terrible war in space. A menacing evil life form called Zark is threatening to destroy Earth. Professor Google Smith sends two unlikely heroes Jo and Jonny Eastdon on a exciting quest into space to ruin Zarks evil plan. Will they be in time to save the Earth? Chapter 1

  3. Chapter One: The Beginning of the End? By Amy Scott “Yalloga looga!!” screamed the aliens of Ribble as the Missile from Earth was rapidly heading towards them, Bafhhhhhhhhh Baby Zarks escape pod had just taken off, “ooga booga mmooola splung” (Translation, “Good bye baby and avenge us”) Shouted Yola, Zarks mother, “Yab oola” (Translation, “we love you”) Slurped his father Zonda. Zark was whizzing through the airless abyss when he looked back at his home it was gone, nothing….JUST HIM AND HIS POD… 12 years later…. “Come on Jo homework’s done now let’s go and play spies on the computer!!” shouted Jonny. Jonny is a tall boy and smartly dressed, this was because his parents are very rich and make him wear black trousers, black ties, black shoes, white top and white tuxes. Jonny hated them, but said nothing, as for Jo she wears: white frocks, pink sparkly Boleros and white shoes, except Jo like’s what she wears. They both have hazel straight hair, brown freckles and blue eyes. As well as being twins aged 11, Jo was slightly smarter, but Jonny was stronger. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” screamed Jonny “WH…what is it Jonny??” asked Jo “My games gone fuzzy and I didn’t save it” Wailed Jonny “Wait what’s that noise? Jonny look there’s something happening to the screen!!” Said Jo, startled “Hello, hello is any one there?? Oh there you are, now children, listen to me I come with important news” Croaked an old man: He had white hair, white moustache, black fuzzy eyebrows and a white lab coat. “Wait a minute we don’t know who you are so we can’t trust you” said Jo in a responsible voice “Quite right, quite right well I’m Professor Google Smith part of the Secret SpaceAssociation but you can call me Mr Smith.” As Mr Smith said this, he had a smirk on his cracked little mouth, and held up his badge. “Ok I trust you, so what do you want?” Uttered Jonny shooting an embarrassed look at his sister. “Well we received a message 3 days ago from space and from what we can make from it, it isn’t good. It said that in 6 moons time we will come and destroy you, unless you can stop me. We have found a way for 2 to go to space, the rockets are far too small for adults, but just perfect for a child your size and age. So what do you say, are you up for an adventure??” This time the old man had a mysterious look on his face instead of wrinkles. “YES!!! ARE YOU KIDDING WE WOULDN’T MISS THIS FOR THE WORLD!!!” Both Jo and Jonny yelled together. “Good, meet us under the park and just remember this code 53861200 and hurry.” Press for more chapter 1

  4. The screen was now back to normal, and the noise of the game was beginning to fill the silence of the room, Jo and Jonny were so surprised they could not say a word. After 5 minutes had gone Jonny made his way to the desk and wrote down the code that Mr Smith had given them, a note to their parents it said: Dear Mama and Papa, Jo and I are going to our friends for a sleep over. Jo and Jonny ran out the door, the piece of paper in Jonny’s pocket, they thundered down the street and stopped to a sudden halt as they got to the park. As they looked through the litter filled park there was no sign of Mr Smith, or anything for that matter. Jonny went over to the statue in the middle of a grassy area. Down by the bottom, hidden slightly with over grown weeds, was all the numbers up to ten on one side of the statue. As quick as a flash Jonny whipped out the paper in his pocket and pressed each number in order on the paper. After three minutes Jo and Jonny were making their way through a gloomy underground tunnel, suddenly to their left, part of the wall started to shake. Struck with fear nether of them could move. They were stuck, even if they could move they wouldn’t have gotten away in time, because two great big muscly and hairy arms reach out and grabbed them by the scruffs of their necks. “WHAT DO YOU WANT AND HOW DID YOU GET DOWN HERE!!!!” bellow a tall plump and very angry man “um…well…we…err…um” stammered Jonny petrified “WELL!!” “WE WERE SENT BY PROFESSOR GOOGLE SMITH…SIR!!!” whispered Jo “WHAT WAS THAT MISS!!!” thundered the man “we were sent by Professor Google Smith sir.” Replied Jo “well why didn’t you say so earlier than I wouldn’t have to bellow like that. Come Mr Smith is waiting for you.” After a nice cup of tea and a couple of biscuits Jo and Jonny were now wearing special spy gear suits. They were made of black leather and held many gizmos. Suddenly a bright red alarm came on bursting everyone’s ear drums “quick get to the rocket!!” screamed Mr Smith over the sound of the alarm, the police are coming!!!” Without hesitation Jo and Jonny charged down the hallway and through the end door. Seeing three different rockets they couldn’t tell which one they had to go in so they just ran into the… Which rocket did Jo and Jonny choose was it...? Orange Rocket Purple Rocket Silver Rocket

  5. Chapter 2: Disaster StrikesBy Freya Welsh and Ross Stead Jo and Jonny Eastdon decided to board the dark purple rocket. “I’m not so sure about this” Jo said to Jonny “It’ll be fine” Jonny replied. They both strapped in and here came the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!!!!! Jet black puffs of smoke came out the thrusters, suddenly fire started to pour out. The rocket Juddered around, Jo and Jonny made weird uggggghhh noises and in a couple of minutes they were up in space… “WHOOAH! We’re up in space,” Jo and Jonny said, right at the same time. Jonny unclipped his seat belt and floated straight to the top of the rocket, “come on Jo you know you want to float about.” “it’s pitch black but… Ooo, look at that gleaming star” Said Jo amazed at the sight, Jo finally unclipped her seat belt and joined Jonny to float around. “Hello, this is mission control speaking, repeat this is mission control speaking” said the gruff voice of Professor Google-Smith. “Hello Professor” Jo and Jonny said down the radio. “What’s it like up in space?” Professor Google-Smith said carrying on the conversation. “We have no time for questions” Yelled Jo. “Oh” Mumbled the Professor. “Jo, Jo, look at me” Jonny giggled. “Aww cool” Jo replied. BANG!!! “J J Jonny W w what was th that” stammered Jo. “Umm I’m not sure” Jonny said wondering what had happened. Press for more chapter 2 Disaster Strikes

  6. After a pause, Jo said “Well, it could be a meteor” “Or... It could be we’re in a meteor shower” Jo exclaimed. After gasping, Jo crunched herself up into a defensive ball. “Jo stop messing about, we have to land before we crash” Jonny shouted. At this point Jonny knew he had to take control. Slowly, placing his hand on the pad Jonny planned to land on a planet, but which planet would he choose. The Green Spikey Planet, The Lava Planet, or a Blue Bubble Planet. He knew which one to choose and guided the rocket towards it. Lava Planet Green Spiky Planet Blue Bubble Planet

  7. Chapter 2: The Orange RocketBy Christine Knight and Hannah Rutter Like a giant the space centre loomed over them. The twins slowly walked over to it with a sense of trepidation. Slowly Jonny reached out for the black metal handle. Err, the door creaked as Jonny pulled it further. They stepped inside, “Wow this place looks amazing!!” said Jonny looking around. “I know it looksa giant space museum” replied Jo. As she looked to the side she saw lots of pictures of adults who have been to space, but she couldn’t see any pictures of children so it made her feel really special. Suddenly, they heard footsteps behind them. They both turned around to see who or what is was. “Hello are you the people who have been sent on the mission to find Zark and kill him?” asked Connor (professor Goggle Smith’s son) “Yes, we are the people who the professor sent,” replied the twins together. “You’re a bit young, but since the professor sent you follow me.” The twins both followed Connor through the space centre, until they got told to stand back because a rocket was about to take off. They carried on walking. (Now that it was safe) Press for more chapter 2 The Orange Rocket

  8. Finally they arrived at the rocket. They both just stood there looking at the shimmering orange rocket that stood in front of them. (As if a giant wall was not letting them through.) They went inside to check it out. They looked at the controls which looked very confusing, but at least they had been taught how to fly one , so it was alright. “Sounds like it’s time to strap in.” said Jonny getting into his seat. So Jo did as Jonny said, and she got herself strapped in. 5, 4,3,2,1, BLAST OFF!! “Jonny I’m scared what if we don’t make it back alive?” “It’ll be fine, we’ll make it back alive I promise.” So Jo and Jonny both flew to space, they had to try to ignore all the g-force, (Jonny hated the g-force but he managed it. Jo thought the g-force was fun.) And they had to try and put up with their faces going weird. (But they were alright.) Press for more chapter 2 The Orange Rocket

  9. “Jonny why are we going down?” asked Jo suddenly. They both looked at the fuel tank. “Arrr” they both screamed “Were going down” shouted Jonny. They were both absolutely terrified, because they thought that they weren’t going to make it alive. In the distance they saw three planets, but which one should they choose to land on….. Lava Planet Green Spiky Planet Blue Bubble Planet

  10. Chapter 2: No Fuel By Alex Corrigan and Guy Heath As Jo and Jonny wandered into HQ, they began to wonder where the rocket was. They searched the enormous hanger for any signs of the colossal rocket. “Where is the rocket?” asked a confused Jo. Suddenly the ground started shaking! “AHHHHHHH!!! It’s an EARTHQUAKE!!!” screamed Jonny. “Don’t worry.” explained Professor Google Smith. “It’s just the rocket you’re riding in.” The rocket came up like a finger pointing up to the sky. Two fins came out of each side to help it glide through the dark abyss. “Cool, it’s shiny” exclaimed an amazed Jonny. “Hurry” shouted the Professor. “The rocket will launch soon!” Jo and Jonny quickly scurried to their feet and clambered into the rocket. 5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!!!! The silver paint on the rocket shone in the afternoon sun, reflecting right into Professor Google Smith’s eyes! “AHHHHHH” screamed the Professor. “My eyes!!!!” Press for more chapter 2 No Fuel

  11. Meanwhile, up in space, Jo and Jonny were playing with gravity. “This is AWESOME!!!” shouted Jonny. Then the rocket started shaking and crashing. “NO FUEL, NO FUEL” said a voice from the computer. “Great, we are stuck in space!” moaned Jonny. “I know, let’s contact the Professor” suggested Jo. Jo turned on the contact device. “Professor?” “Yes?” said the Professor. “Did you put any extra fuel on board because we have run out?” Press for more chapter 2 No Fuel

  12. “Yes, I did, I put it in the cupboard” explained the Professor. “Oh, thanks Professor, over and out.” Quickly, Jo and Jonny grabbed the extra bottle of fuel and filled up the fuel tank. But they forgot to put on the auto-pilot and were approaching 3 planets. Which planet did they crash on? Green Spiky planet, Lava planet or Blue Bubble planet. Jo chose the planet to land on and turned towards it. Lava Planet Green Spiky Planet Blue Bubble Planet

  13. Chapter 3: The Lava DragonBy Louis Wheatley and Joseph Thorne. • THUD! The rocket landed on the rocky Plateau. The exit was open, as they scurried to it as they suddenly had to stop as the pad was in a pool of LAVA! “What are we going to do” cried Jonny ... “I don`t know!” yelled Jo. Where go to jump Jo said in a very shrilly voice “JUMP?!! How are we going to do that!!?”I.I..I don’t just do it! 1...2...3 jump they screamed ... “Jo did we make it?” Jonny called “I think we did replied Jonny “nrmndrdrmfctyighuj” “What was that.” they shouted Jonny “let`s go and investigate” exclaimed Jonny BANG! “What was that” the twin’s screamed in horror “let’s get back to the ship and get out of here” AHHHHH! The ship... a meteor crashed straight into the ship. Luckily the twins were ok. “PPPWWWHHHHH, Were ok.” The twins sighed. ”There`s got to be a way off this plant we still haven’t found what is making that noise” said Jo. “Where do we start looking?” said Jonny “it seems to becoming from up that mountain.” “There is your answer.” Replied Jo “If we must” Press for more chapter 3 The Lava Dragon

  14. “Let`s get out of here but we can`t the ship has been hit so we are stuck let`s find the strange sound then there might be some sort of transport that can get us of this planet” “uhugbygyygggiug” “it`s coming from the mountain let`s go, ok then when they came half way they realized that it was a VOLCANO as the twins turned to run they were forced to go up as laver poured out and circled them ... “what are we going to do” shouted Jo “I hope those voices belong to friendly people because they are only hope.” The twins ran as fast as they could try to avoid any rocks that came rushing past them. “This is hopeless!” cried Jonny “Come on slow coach were nearly there and anyway this is FUN!” “Fun!?! You call this fun.” Replied an astonished Jonny. But before Jo could finish...they sore a flash of ebony black scales went flying past. “What was that!?!” exclaimed Jo. The twins were now at the top of the volcano and both of them were incredibly worried. “Any idea what that was” said Jo. BANG!!! “Yes, it’s a dragon!!!” The great beast reared up on his hind legs almost crushing the twins and with a massive feat. Then with an almighty breath it shot fire out of its gaping jaws and it hit the floor just in front of the shocked twins. Then with a swish of its tail sent Jonny flying “Jonny!!!” screamed Jo. There was no answer. “Jonny... Jonny wake up!!!”Cried Jo as Jonny started to wake the dragon circled them they made a brake for it like running from the police but the dragon was to fast it picked them up and threw the twins in the air and swallowed them in one gulp. As they fell they heard the noise again but this time a lot louder. “Fhdjcyjrredjrriugh” “look over their... Aliens. “We should talk to one of them,” said Jo “But which one? There is a gas filled alien a purple slug alien and a white fluffy alien. Jo and Jonny walked towards the alien that looked the friendliest. White Fluffy Alien Gas Filled Alien Purple Slug Alien

  15. Chapter 3: The Crystal MonsterByEthan Ahearn and Charlie Brook Nothing … Blackness. “Jo we haven’t got much fuel left.” Jonny screamed. They looked at each other with horrified faces.” Jo the controls don’t work!” they were shaking violently. ” The fuel is going fast. 5%. 4%. 3%. 2%. 1%. Jonny get out of the rocket we’re going to crash!” screamed Jo. Bang! The rocket crashed.” Jonny where are we? I can’t see!” The twins were at opposite sides of the cavern and the entrance was blocked… A flash of light shot across the room.” What was that?” they cried. “Let’s go and check it out!” They both ran to a dark corner of the room. “Wow, look over there, it’s a Scottish box covered in tartan and has the Scottish flag on it,” said Jonny. Press for more chapter 3 The Crystal Monster

  16. “ The coast is clear, Charge!” Jo roared. They ran courageously intent on opening the crooked box, but when they got there another beam of light passed as they heard a sudden noise… “Quick open the box.” barked Jo. “Jonny the box won’t open, it’s locked!” She screamed. Their faces went red. “The shelf next to you there’s a key, it may fit in the lock!” yelled Jonny. They looked at each other … “Jo, it fits.” Jonny turned the key and threw the lock away. “Wow, it’s a ray gun!” exclaimed Jonny. “What is a ray gun?” whispered Jo. Another flash of light shot across the room. Thump, thump, thump. “Oh no theirs a 12 foot monster and we’re trapped in a corner! “Screamed Jo. Press for more chapter 3 The Crystal Monster

  17. “Wow, it’s a ray gun!” exclaimed Jonny. “What is a ray gun?” whispered Jo. Another flash of light shot across the room. Thump, thump, thump. “Oh no theirs a 12 foot monster and we’re trapped in a corner! “Screamed Jo. “We’ve got to run quick, “barked Jonny. “Ha Ha, once I move this crystal the planet will blow up.” The monster announced “Mot if I can help it.” Bellowed Jonny. Jonny rolled under the monsters legs, and fired bullets into the monsters back. “Jo it won’t kill the monster, “Jonny shouted, but as the last bullet came out of the barrel, the monster fell to the floor. Its stomach blew up. As a flash of light passed the room 3 aliens stood in front of Jo and Jonny. Why were they here? Jo and Jonny knew that they had to talk to one of them, but which one? Jo and Jonny looked at each other, nodded and walked towards the alien. Gas Filled Alien Purple Slug Alien White Fluffy Alien

  18. Chapter 3: Search and Destroy:ByJack Tripe and Laurence Willoughby “Wow, look at that it’s a…a…a blue bubble planet” .Jo sniggered. “No, I’m serious come and have a look. “As Jo hoisted herself out of her seat and looked out of the window. She gasped. “Wow, let’s go and have a investigate. “As they entered the bubble planet’s atmosphere. Something happed they started to lose power. “Oh no, we are starting to lose power” screamed Jo. MAYDAY! Crash-landing. Red lights flashed all over the rocket .Boom! Sparks came off the control panels as they spiralled down into the swamp. “The rocket is fine but our electronics are down” said Jonny Let’s get out and investigate” said Jo.” Leaping out of the rocket. Press for more chapter 3 Search and Destroy

  19. As soon as they got out vivid images floated before their eyes but they soon realised, that they were just bubbles. As they stared up in the empty sky, they saw water falls above them as it hit the ground it turned to lava! The twins panicked as they scrambled to rocket POP! “What was that “whispered Jo. As Jonny stared at a strange shadowy figure that soon came into sight. He was floating like a jellyfish; he was carrying a needle (super-size).The strange bubble man started to approach. Jo and Jonny nodded. Three…two…one!” yelled Jo As they ran in the opposite direction as the bubble man. They ran as fast as their legs could carry them. “Look, there are two needles (super-size)” .Yelled Jonny Press for more chapter3 Search and Destroy

  20. “There’s someone over here.” Jo yelled. After a frantic ten minutes, Jo’s needle went flying out of her hand as she fell to the floor. Jonny threw his needle with full impact. POP! The bubble creature’s head disappeared followed by the rest of his body. Jo stumbled to her feet . Walking back cautiously they turned around and came face to face with three different aliens. A gas filled alien, a slug like alien, and a white fluffy alien. Jo and Jonny paused. Taking a step, they walked towards the one they were least threatened by. White Fluffy Alien Gas Filled Alien Purple Slug Alien

  21. Chapter 4: The Planet JepturnBy Nico Davies and Thomas Hodgson ‘’ Helllll-o?’’ said Jo cautiously, stepping forward a little. There was no reply. ‘’ Hello, are you with us?’’ Jonny said clicking his fingers in front of the aliens faces. Suddenly, a stout, pot-bellied alien with antennas as long as a ruler, twitched his eye open for a second, then grunted smoothly. Finally he opened his eyes as if he was going to speak at any moment. ‘’ Oi you, get out of my territory and leave me in peace!’’. “Sorry to dist-“ Well you did, go away’’, bellowed the Alien abruptly. There was no sound for a minute, and then they sighed and took a deep breath. After a while, the alien spoke once more. ‘’ Fine then, idiots,’’ he muttered rudely, ‘’ If you had looked there is a pit down there, and if you thought intelligently you would have gone down there. Duh!’’ ‘’Okay, well, thanks but you don’t have to be so rude.’’ The alien nudged in the direction of the pit, ‘’over there!’’ He said in a rude manner. Jonny and Jo glared suspiciously down the pit. There a deep, everlasting pit stood as dark as a black hole. They decided to go down. Press for more chapter 4 The Planet Jepturn

  22. The pit seemed to last forever; even though the bottom of the pit is always in sight. Darkness surrounded them, crumbly rocks made their fingers tremble, they felt intense fear. They slid down the decaying wall. Suddenly an intense jet of bright blue light flashed at them. ‘’ what is it?!’’ yelled Jo, shielding her eyes. A torpedo was dashing up Jonny’s legs; Jo’s whole body seemed to be shooting apart. Everything fell quiet. Jo and Jonny found themselves lying face up on an immense damp platform gazing up at the bright sky. Everything was quiet, except from a few, ‘plops’ coming from somewhere. The burnished stars shining from above, twinkled like diamonds, it was beautiful. Then a cold hand shook Jonny ‘’ Jonny!’’ ‘’ get up!’’ Uh? , what?’’ said Jonny sitting up, ‘’ look! Look where? Over there you fool!’’ shouted Jo, her sharp index finger pointing at a rigid outline in the darkness. And there a measly, small spacecraft was sitting on the strong, decaying platform covering just a small stretch of it. ‘’ I see it, I see it!’’ ‘’ what do we do, what do we do!’’. ‘’ Well we ride it. No?’’ Riding through the resplendent heavens felt like a dream. Nothing to look at except from lovely, scintillating stars felt like riding a roller coaster in slow motion. The atmosphere was cold, not to mention Jonny that out of playing so much video games managed to fly the wee, unsuitable spacecraft while Jo cold as stone gazed out at the wonders of space. Press for more chapter 4 The Planet Jepturn

  23. ‘’ When is the next planet? I mean, like, when do we stop?’’ • About five hours, too about, hm, fifteen hours?’’ • I mean, the universe is about eighty seven per cent space so, who knows? • We’re running low on oxygen we have only got ten hours!’’ • ‘’well it’s tough because we have only got ten light seconds of space to cover till the next station!’’ replied Jonny pulling the cord camera to demonstrate where the next planet was. On the screen they saw a red, crumbly rock planet that looked parched and also very hot. • Hours passed and they were still getting nowhere. Right now all they could see was stars more like asteroids and supernovas which were very special stars, but as they were in the middle of the wonders of space they were witnessing them. Everything was going so well, the only problem was that Jo and Jonny were still not on a planet yet, and the fuel must be running out. • Then suddenly a rumbly grumbly noise came from the engine. ‘’ Jonny, was that you?!’’ asked Jo, who was slightly taken aback by the sound. ‘’ nope’’ replied Jonny, slightly offended. Then a black cloud of smog started coming from the engine, ‘’ this is the end Jonny, I’m too young to die!’’, Jo cowardly said to Jonny. Suddenly the atmosphere around them fizzed out. Everything was gone. They were spinning round and round. Dizzier. Dizzier by the minute. Faster. Faster. Then there was a bang. A crackle. Then the spaceship went up in flames… Press for more chapter 4 The Planet Jepturn

  24. Fire crackled and spluttered around Jo and Jonny’s whereabouts. The spaceship was done for. ‘’Jonny, isn’t this quite hot?’’ asked Jo. ‘’This isn’t hot this is scalding!’’ exclaimed Jonny. A foot on the planet would make you feel dry in an instant; they felt like they had blisters all over their face and feet. ‘’ Well, at least we’re on a planet’’ sighed Jonny. There was nothing on the planet, except from red, crumbly rock and long, fathomless caverns. But they had to live here for a couple days. ‘’Jonny, I’m thirsty’’ moaned Jo to her younger brother. ‘’Don’t worry we will find water soon’’ promised Jonny to his older sister. “I feel like a walk, don’t you?” They went for a walk to explore their findings. They didn’t find much except for a few boulders and dead ends. ‘’ Can you hear that?’’ Murmured Jo. ‘’ No I did not’’ said Jonny proudly. They went a bit further to see what the sound was. Then they saw a lake that looked sleek and velvety silk. They thought about it for a while. ‘’ Come on don’t be a scaredy cat Jo’’ said Jonny dipping his finger in and licking it. ‘’ That is lovely’’ ‘’ Agghmwealxcxcx, that’s actually kinda disgusting’’ spluttered Jonny. Jo tried it and thought the same. ‘’ we have to drink this Jonny, it’s our only hope’’ explained Jo. ‘’ Exactly!’’ expanded Jonny. Press for more chapter 4 The Planet Jepturn

  25. ‘’ Let’s just camp here for the night’’ said Jo. ‘’What about food?’’ asked Jonny. ‘’Don’t worry, I brought cheese and tuna sandwiches.’’ ‘’Lovely’’ exclaimed Jonny, already picking up a sandwich. They ate for a couple of minutes. ‘’I’m tired’’ groaned Jonny and from that, they both dozed off, ready for the next day. It was a sizzling day, Jo and Jonny woke up sweating buckets. The plans for today were to go further in their quest, trekking through Rocky Mountains, and trudging through crumbly boulders. ‘’slow down, Jonny’’ Jo said as Jonny stormed ahead. ‘’aggh!’’ screamed Jonny as he tumbled into a dark cavern. ‘’Jonny!’’ yelled Jo leaning over the cliff edge. ‘’Aggh!’’ Jo screamed as she tumbled in after. It was dark and grimy in the cavern. Jo and Jonny could barely make each other out. It was pitch black in there, very hard to see. ‘’Jo!’’. ‘’Jonny.” They finally saw each other and came together. Then they saw a door to a dark corridor, they trudged through. A murky, rusty box stood in front of them. They opened the lid carefully. Mosquito’s flew out at them, biting furiously. But they could still make out three objects; a rainbow laser, a white tusked rabbit and a one use star grenade. Which one to choose? Jo and Jonny looked at each other, nodded, and reached for the closest weapon. White Fluffy Tusked Rabbit Rainbow Laser One use star Grenade

  26. Chapter 4: As Slow as a SlugBy Emily Kinson and Mollie Duffy. “I’m walking on a planet, a planet up in space!!” screeched Johnny as he twirled around like a ballerina. “Quit messing around Johnny Eastdon!!” Shouted Jo and out of nowhere comes a small, creepy, smelly, purple alien the stench was so bad that they had to cover their noses!! At first they were scared because they’ve never EVER had to approach or see one in their entire lifetime, and didn’t know what to do. As slow as a slug, it proceeded forward… Shaking Jo and Jonny were terrified, as its shadow loomed over them, it was clear it was not as deadly as they had feared because he or she was no were near as long as a metre stick! After a while the strange alien creature worked up the courage to talk but it was no use because it said... “Gobbishoneakerhanshishi!” Jo and Jonny were so confused that they stepped back a couple steps and said “Hello??” “Oh man we can’t understand him this is so so stupid!!” pouted Jonny as he stomped away. “Wait up Jonny we have to find out about the weird alien like thing!” Yelled Jo as she dragged Jonny back to where the purple alien was standing!! Without thinking Jonny tucked the purple alien in his pocket!! Press for more chapter 4 As Slow as a Slug.

  27. CRASH BANG BOOM!!! As the ground shook, an ear piercing scream came from the surface, it bounced and echoed, a cacophony of sound. The dust from the planet’s surface was crumbling like an earthquake was about to happen!!!! A giant ground monster smashed the surface and it had a rock like body and a face like a grey ogre about to hunt down its prey!! A cold chill was running down Jo and Jonnys backs as they ran away from the menacing beast. It felt like they were running round and round, backwards and forwards, side to side, eventually Jo and Jonny decided to hide behind one of the old rocks. Remembering that he put the alien in his pocket, Jonny took out the slimy creature, and they noticed that he was waving his arms about in a weird way, making clear shapes “He is doing sign language” they both chorused. As the little thing was making shapes Jo and Jonny worked out what he was trying to say they thought it was, “The monster has a weak spot and ONE weak spot only if you tickle him on the leg, he will fall backwards and fade out of existents is that clear?” So Jo and Jonny set of on the great tickle quest. When they got there, the terrifying beast was hibernating so they sprang into action! After about five minutes the monster was defeated and behind him they noticed there were three weapons, they were the one use star grenade, rainbow laser and the white fluffy tusked rabbit So which one did they choose? Which was the best option they had? Stepping forward together Jo and Jonny reached for the weapon. One use star Grenade White Fluffy Tusked Rabbit Rainbow Laser

  28. Chapter 4: Can I Trust You?By Carys Smith and Poppy Millen Muttering between themselves, Jonny was trying to stall. He did not want to speak to the alien. “Stop stalling Jonny” Jo demanded “if you’re not gonna speak to the alien then I will” she announced as she marched forwards. “No! Jo it might be dangerous!” called Jonny. “Then let us go together” moaned Jo as they edged closer to each other, and closer to the alien. “Excuse me Mr fluffy alien but I would like to know if you have anything to do with Zark-?” Jonny paused and tilted his head. “Do you think he can understand us, Jo?” Questioned Jonny, but there was no need for Jo to answer. Press for more chapter 4 Can I Trust You?

  29. “Yes I do understand you and I have nothing to do with Zark apart from being enemies with him you see, Zark has been trying to destroy our planet for years now. He has failed every time, but his army is getting stronger, and I fear for my people.” The alien continued BUT Jo’s shriek stopped anyone from hearing him. “AHHH what’s that?” Shouted Jo staring into the dark night sky. Unusual lights filled the sky. “They’re NOTstars are they?” Jo cried “No that’s Z-Z-Zark” shouted the alien. The space ship landed and a mysterious figure exited. “I see we have some unexpected visitors.” Zark announced. “I don’t want you here so get going, I will end all life on Earth and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Jonny stared hard into the dark eyes of Zark; he was trying to see past the evilness on the outside, and into the soft squishy centre, but he just couldn’t find it, there wasn’t one. Press for more chapter 4 Can I Trust You?

  30. “Quick over here!” Whispered Fufa, the alien. Slyly edging sideways, the Eastdons moved towards Fufa. “I have three choices for you to use against Zark” Fufa said firmly. “You can only have one, choose wisely my friends” Jo and Jonny knew instantly which one to choose they both stretched out, looked at each other, and darted towards the… White Fluffy Tusked Rabbit Rainbow Laser One use star Grenade

  31. Chapter 5: Does Earth Survive?By Katie Corrigan and Teri Smith Covered in white fur, with two ragged tusks protruding from its mouth, the snow coloured, rabbit like alien looked up at Jo and Jonny. “What shall we do with it?” they both were wondering. As if by magic, a small white alien, who resembled a dandelion clock, appeared by the foot of the tusked alien. Jo picked up the dandelion like, fluffy alien, it crawled up to Jo’s ear “HELP, HELP. “Squeaked the white fluffy alien, “could it be, it speaks English “Jo said aghast “HELP, HELP” it squeaked again. “Why do you need help?”Jo asked desperately wanting to know. “ZARK, ZARK” squeaked the alien. “Oh NO not ZARK, um …….. Um …..Um…could you help us use this bunny thing? And we’ll help you “said Jo “Yes ok, and that’s not a bunny thing, it is a Fufa 2000,” squeaked Flufta. Flufta began demonstrating to them how it worked. Press for more chapter 5 Does Earth Survive?

  32. He told them to pull one of its long tusks out, but not to worry, the tusks grow back and you can use one after the other. He showed them the sight lens on a silver tusk bow, continuing his demonstration, he got his Zark target, picked up the bow and a long tusk and hit target directly through Zark’s heart. “Now we practise in till you get it like that!” said Flufta, Jo first shot was 3.5 cm away, her second go she was standing correctly, she was sweating, she counted down, “ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” BANG! She hit the heart bang on target. Jonny’s turn he got bull’s eye first time! Flufta told them they were ready to begin searching for Zark and to take him down or change his mind on destroying the Earth. “Mwhahahahahaha,” shouted Zark. “Over there,” said Jonny. “It’s Zark, use the tusk Jo,” screamed Jonny. Jo grabbed the tusk from the floor, she threw it at Zark and it hit him in the thigh, but Zark shot out a star grenade, which went right through Jo’s right leg. “JOOOO!” Jonny screamed as Jo fell to the floor in agony. Press for more chapter 5 Does Earth Survive?

  33. As Jonny looked over at Jo, to his astonishment he could see that her leg was missing. Although scared and alone he immediately chased after Zark in an effort to stop him from completing his EVIL plan. Zark rushed to the control panel at the front of the ship. Immediately Jonny took another of Flufta’s tusk and threw it at Zark, it hit him in the head. Zark fell to the ground then Jonny jumped up and down in excitement, Zark tried to get up but fell down again. He turned pale, and died, as soon as was possible Jonny rushed back to Jo, she was losing blood fast, and then in Jo’s hand he saw a map of the ship. There shown on the map, there was an escape pod on the side of Zark’s body, then Flufta came up to them and told them that when you press the side of the button it turns into an escape pod. Mustering up all his strength, Jonny dragged Jo to the front of the ship and took the pod button. Sadly when they got back to Earth Jo hadn’t made it. • … 2015 Jonny studied to be an astronaut, he also went to Hollywood with his dad to make a movie called Kids in Space. In 2031 Jonny Eastdon was the 1st person to set foot on Mars.

  34. Chapter 5: Come in Zark, your time is up! By Delen Worden and Abbi Conley Silent, just silent…..…….. The only sound that was heard was the panting of Jonny. “Slow down Jo,” Jonny gasped, taking deep breaths. “My thighs are aching. LOOK!!!!!!” “OH, shut up you big BABBY,” Jo shouted loudly. “It’s probably just a few steps away.” “HUMPH, Yeah right,” Jonny replied grumpily, scowling at Jo. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! Biting her lip, Jo turned, staring at a gloomy faint figure. Who was it? She thought to herself. Suddenly, as the dark figure came closer, she started to realise who it was. “J…J.J...J……..Jonny.” “WHAT?!” he replied looking like a constipated Meerkat. “HOLY MUMMA!” Press for more chapter 5 Come in Zark, your time is up!

  35. There he was, the most powerful, mighty alien of the entire universe- ZARK!!!!!!!!! He started to cackle in a horrible gritty voice, eyes glaring deep into Joe’s. Before Jonny could slide out his sword a load of Zark clones came crawling from a distance. “RUN!!!!” Jonny screamed acting all panicky. As fast as lightning the two twins sprinted away into the fog. When the fog finally cleared away, Jo spotted a narrow cliff at the end……. “WATCH OUT FOR THE CLIFF!!!!!” Jo cried out loudly . They skidded along the gravel, grazing their knees slightly. “PHEW, that was a close one, we could have been goner’s you know.” Jo mumbled feeling slightly faint. BOOM! A loud raucous sound came echoing along the gravel. The boom came nearer and nearer. Soon after, the sound vanished away. Within the next twenty minutes or so, another menacing sound came reverberating near the Gods fountain of CoulouseMarda. “HISSSSSSKKKK ! HISSSSSSKKKK!” A weird snake like sound came hissing from behind the fountain. “Duck,” Jonny whispered quietly. “Duck!!!” The twins scrambled behind a heap of stinky, gooey dead alien skin, which reeked the whole entire place out. “YUCK!” Jo squealed pulling a sour face at Jonny. Press for more chapter 5 Come in Zark, your time is up!

  36. “Shush, they’re right there!” Jonny replied pulling a face back at Jo. “OK, OK, OK!” Jo answered back grouchily. As the noise came closer, Jo heard the sound of Zark’s voice and listened carefully. “We shall find those tweedy toads, and kill them with the last star grenade,” he announced. “But it is so far away Master,” one of the clones insisted “ We will never reach it or even touch it Master. Master think about this carefully…….” “I AM YOU LITTLE BLUBBER!!!” Zark shouted. Once Jo heard what Zark just said, she thought to herself that she and Jonny should go straight away. “Jonny we need to go straight away.” Jo whispered as quiet as a mouse. Press for more chapter 5 Come in Zark, your time is up!

  37. “What? Go now… we can’t, they’re right there, SEE!” Jonny replied looking a bit sheepish. “I can see, it’s not like I’m blind or something, is it now.” Whispered Jo “can’t we sneak past Jonny, PLEASE I’m your sister.” “HMMMM,” Jonny thought “Ok. BUT on one condition.” “NO!” Jo screeched. “BUT I’m your brother!” “OH FINE, WHAT IS THAT ONE STUPID CONDITION!” “Well,” Jonny thought “When we get home you’re my slave.” “OK!” Jo replied looking a bit pink in the face. “We have to throw it at him” demanded Jonny. “But how,” complained Jo “he'll find us Jonny “If we do he’ll be dead stupid” said Jonny Slowly Jonny crept up behind Zark and threw the grenade. BANG!!!!! The grenade went off, Zark and his clones were killed “YES!!” the twins shouted.

  38. Chapter 5: The End of Everything By Daniel Patch and Caitlin Johnston. Jonny and Jo both scrambled to the Rainbow laser desperately wanting to know how to use it. They both grabbed the rainbow laser and…FLASH!! Disappearing into a shimmering orb of rainbow coloured light, AAGGHH!! CRASH!! They fell to the ground; suddenly realising they were in a different place. Questions swirled around their dizzy heads, like where were they? Was anyone else there? Did anyone else know they were there? Eyes becoming accustomed to the gloom, Jonny turned to Jo “Where are we?” said Jonny with the look of confusion on his face. “I don’t know, but at least the Earths fine” Replied Jo, “but that’s not fine”, as a BOOM! BOOM!! Came from a corner without hesitation, Jonny and Jo headed towards the noise. When they got there they realised it was the almighty King Zark and a group of monstrous looking aliens, “Ha, Ha, Ha you’re too late, I’ve sent my men to destroy the Earth Ha, Ha, Ha!!” “NO!!” yelled Jonny”. Jonny grabbed the Rainbow laser shooting at everything he saw!! “Jonny calm down!” Press for more chapter 5 The End of Everything

  39. “NEVER!!” Jonny Replied. Bang, the bullet went flying at one of the aliens; blood spurted out all over Jonny. “Jonny stop!!” Jo yelled, Jonny ignored Jo and kept going, Bang, Bang!! He was killing everyone; King Zark had to stop him. BOOM!! A bullet sailed straight into Jo’s chest; Jonny stopped “NO!!” Jonny dropped the rainbow laser and charged towards Jo, “I killed you!! I, I killed you!” Jonny grabbed a knife from one of the aliens and ran towards king Zark, before the horrid creature could reach for his weapon Jonny stabbed him in the heart. King Zark fell to the ground. Jonny ran to Jo. “It’s too late Jonny, look you tried your best Jonny but … UHHH” “Jo, Jo you’ve gone cold, you’re not breathing, no Jo, no!” Tears dripped from Jonny’s eyes on to Jo’s dead cold face. In the distance Jonny could see a ball of fire which was once the earth, it dissolved into nothing! Jonny was left alone by himself. Jonny was left alone with nothing, he had lost everything!