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Small Business Resource Power Point Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Small Business Resource Power Point Series

Small Business Resource Power Point Series

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Small Business Resource Power Point Series

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  1. Small Business Resource Power Point Series Offline Marketing

  2. Co-ordinate Offline Marketing With Your Online Marketing By advertising in your Web site URL, e-mail address, autoresponder addresses, and e-zine offline you can increase your traffic, value and revenue by increasing brand awareness. This can be done at a local, regional or national level depending on your target market and available budget.

  3. Print Media Places ads in national daily and Sunday newspapers. Place ads in weekly newspapers. Place ads in “free” newspapers. Place ads in national magazines Place ads in regional magazines Place ads in special interest magazines

  4. Print Media Cont. Place ads in college newspapers. Place ads in industry newsletters. Place ads in television guides. Write articles for print publications. Send press releases to the media.

  5. TV and Radio Advertise on television. Advertise on cable channels. Advertise on national radio stations. Advertise on local radio stations. Advertise with an infomercial. Advertise on television shopping networks. Be a guest on a television/radio talk show.

  6. Use Fliers Place insert ads or fliers in print publications. Place ads in coupon mailers. Post fliers at local businesses. Pass out fliers in town, at exhibitions, via third parties, by hiring distributors. Advertise on counter displays.

  7. Poster Advertising Put up billboard ads. Hang poster ads at shopping malls. Hang poster ads at colleges. Hang poster ads at local businesses. Hang postcard ads on local bulletin boards.

  8. Use Your Own PRINT Opportunities Print your ads on your bill statements. Print your ads on your media kit. Print your ads on all your fax broadcasts. Print your ads on all your shipping labels. Print your ads on your invoices.

  9. Network and Present Do speaking engagements at seminars. Do speaking engagements at local clubs. Pass out small information booklets with your ad printed on them. Hand out business cards.

  10. Other Advertising Advertise on store signs. Advertise on taxi cabs or buses. Advertise in yellow pages. Advertise in card decks. Advertise at tradeshows. Advertise on local restaurant placemats

  11. Direct Selling Do door to door selling. Do co-op mailings. Rent opt-in mailing lists to send direct mail advertisements and send out : brochure ads. sales letters. catalogs. on postcards.

  12. More Ways Of Direct Selling Sell by phone. Send out video ads. Send out cassette ads. Send out diskette ads. Send out CD-ROM ads.

  13. Use Promotional Items Advertise on bumper stickers. Advertise on coffee mugs. Advertise on clothing. Advertise on pens and pencils. Advertise on hats. Advertise on playing cards.

  14. More Promotional Items Advertise on calendars. Advertise on banners. Advertise on license plate frames. Advertise on mouse pads. Advertise on magnets. Advertise on certificates. Advertise on letter openers. Advertise on key chains.

  15. Consider Also … Advertise on store signs. Advertise on taxi cabs or buses. Advertise in yellow pages. Advertise on local restaurant placemats Sponsor a tradeshow. Sponsor a sporting event. Sponsor a charity event or local club

  16. Don’t Forget ….. To Budget To write good copy – A.I.D.A. – get attention, interest, desire, action. To plan the promotional strategies! Measure effectiveness

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