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Small Business Resource Power Point Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Small Business Resource Power Point Series

Small Business Resource Power Point Series

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Small Business Resource Power Point Series

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  1. Small Business Resource Power Point Series Bartering

  2. Why Barter? Bartering is the trading goods or services without using money. It saves your business money. You should always try to trade for something before you buy it. It can raise your profit margin.

  3. Why Barter? Contd. Bartering can attract new customers and bring in new orders for your business. You can beat your competition by using bartering. Like saving money to offer your customers lower prices.

  4. Getting Started Set up a barter message board on your web site to get more barter offers. Join a barter exchange club to meet other businesses that want to barter. Note on your web site or e-zine you are willing to barter.

  5. Getting Started. Contd. Make a list of goods and services you need or want for your business. Start a barter exchange club online. Make a list of your goods and services you could barter, so you have it on hand.

  6. What Can You Barter For? Barter for advertising. Barter for business services. Barter for computer equipment. Barter for office equipment. Barter for Web hosting. Barter for somebody's skills.

  7. Making Barter Work Search online to find people or businesses to barter with. Join newsgroups or e-mail discussion groups that are about bartering. When proposing a barter offer, tell the person the benefits of bartering, why it would be a in/win situation, and compliment them or their business. This will increase your chances for a barter deal.

  8. Making Barter Work. Contd Always make it a fair trade. Know the approximate cash value of the things you are trying to trade. Sometimes you may need money in a barter exchange to offset the value of the goods or services being traded. Some types of barter exchanges can be taxable, so get the advice of a tax professional before you start bartering.

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