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epal project portugal n.
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Epal project (Portugal) PowerPoint Presentation
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Epal project (Portugal)

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Epal project (Portugal)
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Epal project (Portugal)

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  1. Epal project (Portugal) By: Cristy G Tiffanie V

  2. Geography of Portugal • Portugal is an extension of the mountainous formations of the Iberian peninsula. • Portugal borders Spain and includes many islands in the Atlantic ocean. • Many of the rivers located here spew out into the Atlantic ocean. • The coast is approximately 586 miles long.

  3. Geography of Portugal cont. Micas, Tiffanie’s epal is sledding in the snow with her family over the winter break.

  4. Geography of Portugal Cont.

  5. Government of Portugal • Its based on the democracy of the parliament. • The government comprises the Prime minister, other ministers and the state secretary.Each minister heads a ministry. • The government has the power to negotiate with other countries, to submit bills to the Assembly of the Republic, to issue decrees and to take administrative de- cisions.

  6. Government of Portugal cont. • President: Aníbal Cavaco Silva (2006) • Prime Minister: José Sócrates (resigned March 2011) • The president, who is the head of state, is elected by popular vote to a five-year term and is eligible for a second term. • The prime minister, who is appointed by the president and must have support of the legislature, is the head of government.

  7. Education • Public schooling lasts 9 years from ages 6 to 15. • The high unemployment and low educational skill is causing the government to consider sending many young kids back to school. • The school year runs from the middle of September to the middle of June. Each year must consist of 180 days.

  8. Education cont. Claudia: “In school I have subjects like Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, History of Arts, Portuguese, Phylosophy, Physical Education and English. Three times a week I have Geometry, History of Arts and Drawing. Twice a week I have Portuguese, Phylosophy, Physical Education and English. “

  9. Education cont. • The basic education is divided into three consecutive cycles. • The first cycle of education is provided by primary schools. This lasts for four years, for pupils aged 6-10. • The second Lasts 2 years, from pupils 10-12.These pupils attend a secondary school. • Lasts 3 years, for pupils from 12-15. These pupils also attend a secondary school.

  10. FAMILY • Micas (Tiffanie’s Epal) has two sisters and one younger brother who is one. Both of her sisters are older than her. • Many Portuguese families consist of many children. • Micas had 3 turtles but as they got too big for their tank she set them free into the nearby lake. • Although she had turtles her parents wouldn’t let her get a dog.

  11. Family Cont. • The majority of the Portuguese people are Roman Catholics. • The climate goes from harsh extremes in the mountains to mild climate on the coast making Portugal ideal for a wide selction of agricultural. Examples: Vineyards, Olive groves, Almond groves, and off-season vegetables

  12. Life in Portugal

  13. Customs/ Traditions • Many traditions or Portugal consist of the regular Easter Sunday, Good Friday, Saint’s Day and New Year’s. • The most important holiday of all is Christmas. During this special day the women sit in the center of the church while the men on the outer edge.

  14. Customs/traditions cont.

  15. Customs / Traditions Cont. • In Portugal they celebrate a holiday called Carnival with masks and different costumes. • In the US it would be like a mixture of Mardi Gras and Halloween. • The holiday is called Carnival because it is almost like a huge carnival and parade throughout their streets.

  16. Customs/ traditions cont.

  17. Current Events • Prime Minister Jose Socrates resigned from his position in March 2011 saying “I am convince the country is lost.” • The country is in a large amount of debt and with the resignation of the Prime Minister the pressure to seek help from the EU has greatly increased. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/portugal-government-faces-key-austerity-vote-2011-03-23

  18. Current Events Cont. Prime Minister Jose Socrates The Country of Portugal lies in debt because of the absence of the Prime Minister Jose Socrates.