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Delivering Change Through Quality Improvement PowerPoint Presentation
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Delivering Change Through Quality Improvement

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Delivering Change Through Quality Improvement
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Delivering Change Through Quality Improvement

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  1. Delivering Change Through Quality Improvement David Mitchell VS Audit Chair & AAAQIP Project Director

  2. Act Plan Study Do Implementing change Spreading a change to other locations Make part of routine operations Implementing a change Test under a variety of conditions Testing a change Theory and Prediction Developing a change

  3. How to improve • Form the Team • Set Aims • Establish Measures • Select Changes • Test Changes • Implement Changes • Spread Changes

  4. Forming the Team Including the right people is crucial Consider what group of patients/people the aim relates to Include members familiar with all the different parts of the process

  5. Set aims SMART Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & timeline defined (ie. How much and by when?) Define who is involved The aim must be agreed by all to succeed Getting the right people and resources is crucial

  6. Establish Measures… Critical for knowing whether or not changes introduced are leading to improvement Measurement for learning Three types of measures: Outcome measures Process measures Balancing measures Need baseline measures (i.e.. What is happening now).

  7. Outcome Measure(s): Directly related to the aim of the project (mortality, LOS) Process Measures: Measuring the activities/processes you have introduced to achieve your aim (care bundles, data contribution) Balancing Measures: Looking at a system from different directions/dimensions (e.g. unanticipated consequences- turn down rates) Three Types of Measures

  8. Use a PDSA form to organise, standardise and document your interventions!

  9. Group sessions

  10. What can we do to help? Home About us Evidence base News Data Patient Involvement Regional Action Plans Quality Improvement FAQs External links Contact us • Post up region’s newly developed documents and protocols. • Highlight reports of each region’s progress. • Provide documents from other regions for local use • QI support and expert input if required