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Tips and Tricks in GP PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips and Tricks in GP

Tips and Tricks in GP

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Tips and Tricks in GP

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  1. Tips and Tricks in GP • Here are tips to make your day to day daily jobs easier in GP • Slide will be available for download from our web site:

  2. Smartlist—Tips • Change Default Column order • Increase maximum record number

  3. Smartlist—Tips • Under Smartlist options change max records for all smart list in one shot!

  4. Smartlist Export Solutions • No more reformatting your favorite exports when they get to Excel!

  5. Increase speed of Smartlistexport to Excel Increase export speed by a factor of at least 10! Included with GP 10 and 2010 for free. • Modify Dex.ini – (Located in the Dynamics folder) • Set line SmartlistEnhancedExcelExport=TRUE • Save modified Dex.ini file

  6. Smartlist—Change Default Column order • Change the master setup of Smartlist once!

  7. Correct a GL Journal Entry

  8. Copy a GL Journal Entry

  9. Allow or don’t allow account entry!

  10. Customize source documents • Original Cash receipt Source document - CRJ

  11. Customize source documents • Change to something you can recognize - ARCRJ

  12. Customize source documents • See new source document now default on cash receipt entries

  13. Excel Reports GP 2010 has them ready to use!

  14. Keyboard Shortcuts • Ctrl + L - Displays the Lookup window • The cursor must be placed in a field that uses the lookup window • Enter a letter or number to seed the value of the lookup. When the lookup window appears, the cursor will have already moved to a starting position based on your entry. Use the up/down arrows or page up/down keys to move the cursor and hit “Enter” to select the item.

  15. Keyboard Shortcuts • Tab - moves the cursor to the next field, but also be mindful that Shift + Tab moves to the previous field. Tab sequences (the order that the cursor moves in) can be changed using Microsoft Dynamics GP Modifier. • Ctrl + A This keystroke selects all text, which is perhaps more useful when you need to select all text in a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.

  16. Keyboard Shortcuts • Ctrl + C - Copy • Ctrl + V - Paste • Hit “Enter” to fire repetitive mouse clicks. Open up a window such as Vendor Maintenance. At the bottom of the screen, click on the Next Record navigation arrow to bring up a record. Leave the mouse hovering over this navigation arrow. You can hit “Enter” and the next record will display. You can continue this process for as long as you like, providing a very handy way to quickly review consecutive records.

  17. Keyboard Shortcuts • Move to next field : tab • Move to previous field : shift + tab • Move from scrolling window to next field : ctrl + tab • Move from scrolling window to previous field : shift + ctrl + tab • Default button on a window : enter • Close the current window : ctrl + w • Exit application :alt + x

  18. Keyboard Shortcuts • Ctrl + L To open the look window • Some shortcuts for the home page • Navigation pane button ctrl + number of navigation pane button. For example, press ctrl + 2 to activate the second navigation pane button. • For Date Fields - if you enter it just the day, it will automatically fill in the current month and year.06 Becomes06112011 • Adding a Shortcut to Open Up a Specific WindowFor example, you can use a shortcut, say CTRL + SHIFT + C to open up the Customer Maintenance Window.

  19. Short Cuts • From your Home tab create custom shortcuts for your most used windows – user specific

  20. Reprint Posting Journals Yes, Posting Journals can be reprinted! Financial button>>Reports>>Cross Reference Choose By: • JE • Source Document • Audit Trail Code

  21. Professional Tools PSTL – Free with GP2010

  22. Professional Tools • Account/Vendor/Customer/Item changer • Account/Vendor/Customer/Item combiner • UnapplyRM • 1099 Modifier • Database Disabler • So many more!!

  23. Advanced Lookups • Administration – Company – Advanced Lookups

  24. Advanced Lookups

  25. General Ledger to Payables & Receivables reconcile report • Financial – Routines – Reconcile to GL

  26. General Ledger to Payables & Receivables reconcile report • When you click process this report is generated

  27. Remove STUCK users • We can automate it with this script select * from SY01400 WHERE USERID IN delete SY01400 where USERID IN ('FRONT','COSBORNE','CDENNIS','FRONT','LESSONUSER1','LESSONUSER2','RDIRENZO','DESTAFC','KTL','JBACINO','TCASTRO','COSBORNE1','TERESAC2') select rtrim(USERID) FROM SY01400 ORDER BY USERID

  28. Speed up the process for Receivables Aging • Sales>>Routines>>RM Aging. Don’t print the report. Simple—but it really speeds it up. • OR

  29. exec sp_Msforeachdb ' use ? /* is this ia a Great Plains company db? */ if exists ( select INTERID from DYNAMICS..SY01500 D where INTERID = ''?'' ) begin  /* does this Great Plains company db have open RM trx? */ if exists ( SELECT TOP 1 * FROM RM20101 WHERE CURTRXAM<>0 ) begin  print ''Aging database ?'' /* Insert your script below this Line, Note: Double up single quotes */ DECLARE @O_iErrorStateint, @I_dAgingDatedatetime select @I_dAgingDate = convert(varchar(10), GetDate(), 102) EXEC dbo.rmAgeCustomer 0, '''', ''þþþþþþþþþþþþþþþ'', @I_dAgingDate, 127, 0, 0, '''', @O_iErrorState OUT SELECT @O_iErrorState /* Insert your script above this Line, Note: Double up single quotes */ print ''Aging done for database ?'' end end '

  30. Shorten default doc numbers • From the setup windows in GP shorten the next #

  31. The User Preferences window enables you to set defaults associated with your userID • Microsoft Dynamics GP – User Preferences

  32. Budgeting Tip • You can use the same budget id every year. • Budget ID can be = ‘BUDGETID’ • This minimizes the maintenance for FRX or MR because you don’t need to change the budget id in the column layouts each year.

  33. MR Tip - calculate an average in the column definition • Use the new ‘Periods’ to divide by the number of periods to calculate an average • This column must have something in the Period cell

  34. MR Tip - calculate an average in the column definition • Results

  35. MR Tip - To let Management Reporter select the appropriate width for the cell content, double-click the Column Width cell, and click AutoFit.

  36. Security –Create a user with sa rights in GP • You can give a GP user administrator rights in GP add/delete users • Assign the specific Microsoft Dynamics GP administrator(s) SQL login account to the SecurityAdmin fixed server role and within the Db_AccessAdminand Db_SecurityAdmindatabase roles that exists to the DYNAMICS database. • DYNSA must be the database owner of ALL Microsoft Dynamics GP databases • Still need sa for PSTL

  37. Reporting Services (SSRS) • You own it now!If you are on GP 10 or GP 2010 • Easy to deploy • With the GP2010 install it is part of the installation now. • Includes out of the box reports when deploy through GP.

  38. SSRS Reports • Check to see if deployed –Administration – Reporting tools setup

  39. What’s New GP 2010 with R2Payroll • Exclude Inactive Employees in Lookups • Secondary Status Codes • Map amounts to multiple W-2 boxes for Pay Codes, Benefits and Deductions • Track Fiscal Year Values for Pay Codes, Benefits and Deductions • Process Concurrent Pay Runs • Increased Flexibility with multiple garnishments

  40. Exclude Inactive Employees in Lookups

  41. Secondary Status Codes

  42. Map amounts to multiple W-2 boxes for Pay Codes, Benefits and Deductions

  43. Track Fiscal Year Values for Pay Codes, Benefits and Deductions

  44. Increased Flexibility with multiple garnishments

  45. Tips and Tricks in GP Questions & Answers