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Tips and Tricks PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks

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  1. Tips and Tricks 2012

  2. Tips and Tricks • Hidden Microsoft tools in MS Word • Text to Speech programs (Text Aloud) • Electronic Feedback tools (StyleWriter) • Voice Recognition (Dragon) • Collaboration tools • Gadgets and SW tools • General tips and tricks • Q&A

  3. Hidden Microsoft tools in MS Word Turn on reviewing toolbar For detailed readability explanations and writing tips go to Output

  4. Text to Speech Cost = $29.95 Free to try for 30 days

  5. Stylewriter Cost = $160.00

  6. Speech Recognition Cost (List) $199.95 Market Price $79.00 or less ABC Corporation is a small company consisting of 100 employees and 10 managers. The leaders within the organization have embarked on implementing an organization change initiative over the last 18 months that has yielded no visible change, other than 100 frustrated employees. Recent organizational assessments indicate that the organization has overlooked the key element of employee motivation that is required for change when the initiative started. "Without motivation, people won't help and the effort goes nowhere" (Kotter, 1995, p.68). Managers who understand and meet the employee's needs first, and keep focused on the future, demonstrate their shift toward leadership more than management on the leadership continuum. Within the engineering department the demonstration of this shift toward leadership is far from a reality. Visible artifacts within engineering that support the unbalanced tendency towards the management side of the management/leadership continuum include.............................. • Dragon Naturally SpeakingPREFERRED 9.5 or higher – realistic to get 120 words a minute (WPM), possibly as high as 160 WPM, with significant accuracy for papers and OLS postings! • Works with OLS and any MS software (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) • Transcribes voice recorder files to text • 20 minutes to train and begin using • Buy a hand-held recorder that has a USB connection to your PC so you can capture ideas and take notes, then plug into Dragon and it will type our all of your voice recordings.

  7. Collaboration Tools Microsoft Shared View or Meeting Space Instant Messenger Central Desktop – Conference Calling - Cost = Free Cost = Free Cost = Free Cost = Free

  8. Indexing Software Cost = Free • •

  9. Google Scholar Cost = Free • Click “Cited” To sort by highest to lowest cited “Scholarly” articles

  10. Easy Statistics Reference Cost = Free •

  11. References TextAloudMP3 – Turn all of your electronic readings into .WAV or .MP3 files Buy a SMART Phone to load all of you books and articles, so you can read at anytime. EndNote – to build your reference library for papers and your dissertation. Instant Messenger Program - Collaborate with your learning team – use an (AIM, Yahoo, MS Live, etc.) program for short communications in real-time. or or MS SharedView - to do real-time collaboration so that all team members can work on documents and share their desktops in real-time. Copernic – this is an indexing program and will allow you to instantly find data in your own file in less than 1 second Central Desktop – Archive individual and Team files. Also great for working on team papers – you can see who has a file “checked out” and is working on it so that team members are not editing different versions of the file. Free conference calling with audio recording - If you don’t have free long-distance service, long-distance rates will apply. Great for learning team calls, and if a member can’t attend they will have access to the voice recording to hear what was discussed.