teaching order of the tenses backshift n.
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Teaching Order of the Tenses; Backshift PowerPoint Presentation
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Teaching Order of the Tenses; Backshift

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Teaching Order of the Tenses; Backshift - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching Order of the Tenses; Backshift
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  1. Teaching Order of the Tenses; Backshift Anett Fellner 9 May 2014

  2. Beginner: Past Simple (Unit 7,8 – Past, Places) Present Simple (Unit 4 ,5 – Life, Routines): 3A Read the article again and find the past form of the verbs below. start started – dance, move, cry, laugh, walk, arrive, stop, talk, listen, wait, play 1. He/She/It + verb + ___ 2. With have: use he/she/it + ______ 3. With verbs ending –chand –o: use verb + ___ 2A Write the past forms of the verbs. Use the text in exercise 1B to help. Check the meaning of any new words. meet met – come, take, think, become, break, go, have, sit, say 4A Complete the sentences with a verb in the positive or negative. • I live with a friend. (+) • I __________ two sisters. (+) • I __________ a camera. (-) • I __________ English five hours a week. (+) • I __________ in an office. (-)

  3. Elementary: Present Perfect (Unit 12– Experiences) Present Continuous (Unit 8– Now): 3A Look at the sentence and underline the correct alternative to complete the rule. I’ve been to Guatemala and I’ve climbed that volcano. Practice A Have you ever met a famous person? B Yes, I have. I met a famous actor last year. A Really? Who did you meet?

  4. Pre-Intermediate: Future Simple (Unit 3) Present Perfect Continuous (Unit 7 – Success) Past Continuous (Unit 5 – Travel) 7A Make sentences with the prompts. • I/run/start to snow. So.... I was running when it started to snow. So I went home. • 1.I/wait for a bus/meet my boss. • 2.I/watch TV/recognise my best friend. Intermediate: 6A Read the sentences below. Underline examples of the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous.

  5. Upper-Intermediate: Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continues (Unit 6 – Age) Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous (Unit 4– Stories): 4A Look at the sentences from Laura’s letter. Which one talks about. • things that will be completed before she opens the letter? • things that will be in progress around the time that she opens the letter? a, I’ll have changed a lot. b, I bet when I get this, it’ll be raining 3A Read the first paragraph of Starfish again and underline examples of the past simple; the past continuous; the past perfect and the past perfect continuous.

  6. Practice 7 Put the paragraph below into reported speech. Begin each sentence with He told me or He said. Backshift: Pre-Intermediate 6 Compare the words spoken to the reported sentences and answer questions 1-2 below.