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Robotics. A New Generation of Learning. Hands On Learning. Students learn best when they’re given the opportunity to explore. Actively constructing things deepens their knowledge and gives them the power to create solutions to difficult situations.

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A New Generation of Learning

Hands on learning
Hands On Learning

  • Students learn best when they’re given the opportunity to explore.

  • Actively constructing things deepens their knowledge and gives them the power to create solutions to difficult situations.

  • These students who create their own solutions have that unique thrill of genuine achievement.


  • Students love being challenged, and when they are challenged and enthused in what they are doing, learning becomes a natural easy process.

  • The highest learning is reached when a student solves a challenging problem matched to the student’s knowledge and skill level.

Lego mindstorms
Lego Mindstorms

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS provides this challenge for students – it delivers optimal challenges for all knowledge and skill levels.

  • “The brain learns best and retains most when the organism is actively involved in exploring physical sites and materials and asking questions to which it actually craves answers. Merely passive experiences tend to attenuate and have little lasting impact.”

    • - Professor Howard Gardner

    • Harvard Graduate School of Education


  • Lego MINDSTORMS is an excellent tool to teach the fundamentals of math and science, plus it meets many national science, math and technology standards.


  • Scientific Method

  • Researching

  • Predicting

  • Collecting and recording data

  • Interpreting results


  • Number Operations

  • Algebra

  • Measuring

  • Calculating

  • Timing

  • Graphing

  • Problem Solving

  • Reasoning and Proof

Cooperative learning
Cooperative Learning

  • Another feature of this program is enhancing cooperative learning. Students work together to solve challenging problems. This helps strengthen problem solving skills along with their social skills. Creative thinking, communication, and knowledge building are all sharpened in this process.


  • Using LEGO MINDSTORMS in the classroom provides a constructionism (learning by making something) rather than an instructionism (someone tells someone what they should know) way of learning.


  • A classroom providing LEGO MINDSTORMS instruction focuses on the 4 C’s






  • Students will increase their knowledge when they connect a new experience to a previous experience or when they are exposed to a stimulating first experience. Real life examples and informational background help students connect.


  • Constructing through explorations is a hands on experience of LEGO MINDSTORMS. The students use guided step-by-step instructions and construct through open-ended problem solving to create their own investigations of unique situations.


  • The students take time to think about what they will build. After they have constructed something, they continue thinking deepening their experience. Together with their peers and their teacher they discuss the project, reflect, and see if they make things better or just different.


  • Students are naturally engulfed in this learning. They want to know more and are eager to continue. As they proceed with their challenges they will learn more and continue with increasingly difficult situations.

Learning opportunity
Learning Opportunity

  • This unique learning opportunity has come to our Marysville Elementary.

  • The gifted program will begin using LEGO MINDSTORMS this fall.

  • Basic instruction into the program will begin and students will have the opportunity to explore and use their creative minds to unlimited lengths.


  • A goal of this year is to host a regional tournament.

  • First we will begin small with a connection between the elementary and high school.

  • Next we will collaborate with the high school to invite other schools to experience the excitement of a competition.

  • Finally we will prepare for the Open House at K-State in the spring.


  • LEGO MINDSTORMS are a wonderful resource to provide math, science, critical and creative thinking to the curriculum. Although it does come at a high price.

  • Sets run around $200 a piece. For best results groups should only be about 3 to 4.

  • Additional resources such as supplies to build sensors, relays and such are also expensive.


  • I encourage any support you can provide to this venture, whether it be a contribution of funds or talent of any volunteers.

  • Hopefully if we have a success of this first year, we will be able to provide this opportunity to far more in coming years.

  • A future hope is starting a robotic club, students may join and participate in after school.


  • Thanks for your time and interest into this project.

Thanks for your time and interest into this project.

To be continued
To Be Continued

  • Be listening for future events and excitement from our new ROBOTIC VENTURE!